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Chapter 8 - The Three Methods

Chapter 8: The Three Methods

Felix's heart was moved a bit from her speech. So he replied back coldly for the first time in three days.

"You said you have ways to improve our system what do you mean by that?"

Asna, who was expecting Felix to give her the cold shoulder again, rejoiced.

She answered back bashfully. "Not going to lie to you, I have ways that will help you advance further than your race. But managing to improve the entire system where everyone could use it, that's for you to discover. Not me"

Felix softened his cold expression slightly after seeing her be honest with him for once.

"Alright tell me what kind of benefits you will provide me if I agreed to this cooperation."

Asna replied with the speed of light as she was waiting for him to ask this for a long time. "After reading your memories and seeing how your bloodline system operates. I found multiple ways to remove some limitations for you."

"The first one is that, due to my race social status being at the peak of the universe. We can pressure any beast or creature that is beneath us with ease. This means that you don't need to limit yourself to your tier choices. You can pick tier 7 beast to awaken with smoothly."

"The second way I could assist you is by helping you reach the peak affinity of any element you desire since I am The Origin of Laws. Elements are but mere plaything to me, but I am extremely weak currently so I would need a huge amount of elemental resources, to help you advance your affinity."

"Lastly, while others can only hold 6 abilities in their 1% bloodline thus stopping them from reaching more stages of replacement, you won't need to worry about this, as with me merged together with you. Your bloodline is already stronger than other humans by a mile. So you can hold probably more than 9 abilities. This is just my estimate it could be lower or higher, time will tell."

She exhaled softly and added one last time. "Those are currently, the ways I found from your memories, I don't know if this is my limit or there is more. I need other information to find out."

Felix just listened stiffly without interrupting her, not knowing how to express his shock and disbelief.

He knew that just a single one of those methods could already make him one of the strongest humans if not the strongest if he reached the peak.

Soon he relaxed his facial muscles and slowed his heartbeat with difficulty. He coughed to clear his dry throat.

"You are right those methods are quite useful to my bloodline path but so what?! If the price I am going to pay to help you split our souls is big enough to harm me, I would not cooperate with you."

"Using your methods or not, I will still manage myself well using only the memories of my past life."

"Now tell me, what do you require for me?" He asked.

Asna answered unworried about his rejection. "I simply need to meet an old friend from my race. He controls the Laws of spirits and souls, so if anyone can help me, it can only be him."

She then shook her head, "but you don't need to worry about any of this now, since you are too weak to even kill a chicken, just raise your strength properly, and when I see that you are ready. I will tell you then where to find him."

Felix relaxed his tense shoulders, as he honestly did want to cooperate with her for her methods. But if the price was too large to pay, he could only refuse.

"Alright deal, I promise you now if you helped me in my plans wholeheartedly I will not forsake my promise when I am strong enough to help." He added with a solemn tone, "You have my word."

Asna thought to herself, 'with your shameless personality, your word means jack shit to me.'

Felix who can read her thoughts, cursed her, "You witch, don't you dare defame my good character. We the Maxwell family treats our words like gold."

"maybe other members of the family but you, I doubt it." She sneered.

"Whatever lets head back, it's about to get dark." He stopped bickering with her after noticing that the sun was setting.

'Speaking of family, I should really give a call to grandpa, that geezer must be alive now.'

He walked while thinking of ways to help his grandfather avoid getting a heart attack during the upcoming transmission just like in his past life, without alerting him or the family.

He only needs to survive it, as Felix had hundreds of ways to remove his cardio disease forever.


15 minutes later...

Felix was taking a shower from all the sweat that resulted from his stairs climb. Yet, his grandfather's problem was still on his mind.

Felix quickly figured out that the only way to save his grandfather was by bringing him to the Island and preparing a medical team.

But, he soon shook his head in refusal, as he knew that the medical team would not be much of a help. Since the transmission will scare them to death as well, thus they wouldn't be able to do their jobs properly.

Hell, they could even make it worse. And Felix did not want to risk this opportunity by relying on others.

This left him with only one option, and that was to ease the arrival of transmission by dropping low key hints to his grandfather.

So on the day of transmission, his emotional instability will be mitigated, thus, in turn, lowering the blood pressure that would cause him a severe heart attack.

There were many other ways he could use to lower the risk, such as feeding him sleeping pills or knocking him unconscious. But he understood that he wouldn't be able to do so without explaining to his grandfather the real reason.

'This time I won't let you die, grandpa. How can you not watch your grandson rise to greatness?' He smiled gently while remembering the hidden care he received when he was young.

Every time the elders wanted to punish him when he was throwing tantrums and disgracing the family name.

His grandfather begged them for leniency towards him while being well aware that only by trading something of value that could outset the punishment would the board agree to his request.

If not for his cousin Olivia informing him of the things his grandfather traded for his well being in the family. He would have never found out the huge amount of assets, his grandfather lost for him.

He then picked his phone and dialed his grandfather's number. 'Grandpa, This time it's my turn to take care of you.'

Ring ring ring...


5 minutes later, Felix called him over 10 times yet no answer.

He tightens his grip on his phone. "This old bastard never changed, He probably at the bar with the other elders of the family."

He stopped calling him and called Olivia his cousin, planning to greet her.

Ring ring ring...

Unfortunately, she hung up on him 5 times. Now Felix was really livid. But he did not put his phone down; as he kept calling the numbers of each of his cousins. Yet all of them hang upon him.

Enraged, he smashed the phone on the ground, not able to hold it in anymore.

"I see you bastards are still following the Anti Felix Alliance guidance book."

'If I don't prank you to death during the family assessment day, I will eat shit." He swore while heading towards the bed with clenched fists under Asna's mocking laughter.


Next morning, 10:00 AM...

Felix woke up while stretching his aching limbs. He then went to the bathroom to take care of his hygiene.

As he took off his clothes and entered the shower, He froze for a second as he noticed something he never did.

'Can Asna see my naked body? I have showered and changed my clothes too many times, yet she never said anything about it. But she mentioned before that she can see everything. Doesn't that mean I am completely naked like a piece of cheap flesh to her now?!!'

Asna rolled her eyes after this idiot finally realized it. But she still didn't want to admit it.

"What is there to see, you moron? I feel no attraction to your body."

"Don't forget we belong to different races, thus our sense of beauty is unlike each other. It's not like you get horny when you see two dogs going at it, now do you?" She asked jokingly.

Unfortunately, her half baked retort did not fool Felix as he knew what she said was complete bullshit. Except for the last part of course.

He held tightly a towel around himself, like he was being assaulted by her eyes, and said with a fake angry tone, "Don't bullshit me; I am not three years old. I know for a fact that the majority of people are attracted to different races even more, as everyone wants to try new flavors."

"I don't mind you seeing me naked. But just remember for each time you see my naked body, you own me a look at your naked body as well, it's only fair this way." He scratched his cheek while saying his true goal from all of this without an ounce of shame.

Asna who realized she was busted blushed at his aggressive offer, but she didn't decline it. "I don't mind letting you see me naked, but boy can you even handle it?"

Felix felt his manly pride wounded at her jeer, "Just you wait; when I awaken my bloodline I would be able to enter my consciousness. At that time let's see who is not going to handle who."

After saying his piece he entered the shower fully nude with a smirk, uncaring anymore about her peering eyes.

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