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Chapter 9 - Running Naked

Chapter 9: Running Naked

10 minutes later...

Felix held a broken phone in his hands with frowned eyebrows.

"It's all those rascals fault, how dare they be this vicious and shun me out like this. I only played a couple of pranks on them. Did they have to take things this far?"

He threw the phone in the trash and headed towards the door of the suite.

"Jack bring me another phone, mine is broken. I will be back in the evening like usual, give it to me then" He ordered Jack who was guarding the door.

"As you command, young master."

Felix nodded and went towards the stairs.


Half an hour later...

Felix was sunbathing on the beach with a glass of watermelon juice while thinking of his future.

He realized that he needs to make a large number of amends to his bloodline path. After all, the methods Asna offered are game-changing on so many levels.

Starting off by the ability to help him reach the peak affinity of any element he wished for.

People would kill to have it since everyone was born with a random affinity to a random element. It's all about luck for the human race.

In his previous life, during the Family assessment day, Felix was scanned by the AP Bracelet and found that he had an affinity to an uncommon grade element of Poison, in addition to a small affinity to a rare grade element of illusion.

He sighed. 'For such a kind and lovable person to have those vicious and tricky elements truly surprised everyone during the assessment.'

Asna sneered, "Who are you trying to fool. During that day no one was surprised when they saw your elements, only you were."

She added more salt to his wound. "They probably thought in their minds. As expected only those elements can complement his vile nature."

He ignored her and thought of the two elements that managed to help him get some approval from the family board.

Poison and Illusion.

Because of them He did not get straightway disqualified from participating in the training camp, which was a blissful thing, since he got rewarded by uncommon Tier 1 Great Anaconda bloodline that he used to awaken with later on.

This time as well, he would receive the same shitty bloodline that gave him the worse head start ever. Because only rare ranked beasts or above provide the host with three passives and three active abilities.

Meanwhile, the Anaconda only gave him 2 passives and 2 active abilities that were not even that good.

One he awakened at 30% lesser purity called *poison bite*, and the other at 99% origin purity called *strangle*, which was also the strongest ability of the Anaconda.

But this time things were going to be different when the family sees his grand plan of turning the island into a paradise that would host only the elites of the world.

They would be pleased and gift him a rare rank beast instead of the trashy anaconda.

Felix suddenly asked Asna, "How much time and resources do you think you will need to raise my poison and illusion affinity to peak?"

"With your poison affinity being at 59% and Illusion at 12%, I would say for the poison it will take at least from 6 months to a year if you keep constantly providing me with resources that have the same element. And of course the higher their quality, the lower period needed."

"As for your illusion element, I can only make a guess since this is the first time I am doing something like this. I will need 10 years using the lowest quality of elements, and this is just because you have some affinity to it, as for other elements that you have absolutely no affinity with. It will take forever to just awake it, that's why you need the Elemental potion to kick start the process."

Felix was not surprised by the difficulty of raising elements affinity, since he knew that when a human is born with an element, he is stuck with it for his entire life.

Only some peak resources can help one get another element or raise the affinity of it.

And those resources were extremely hard for humans to obtain since they were highly contested by stronger races.

Felix quickly made a decision to focus only on his poison element first to raise it to 100%.

So he could get a huge boost of power when using his abilities and during integration.

After Felix made his decision on the affinity enhancement method, he moved into the next method, which would allow him to choose any bloodline Tier to integrate with, without worrying about the smoothness of replacement that would follow after.

Asna's social status within the universe was extremely high. To the point, even Tier 7 beast bloodline could only be replaced without raising a fart in her presence.

Thus, allowing him to awaken even with Tier 7 bloodline, instead of building a good foundation like the others gradually from Tier 1 to Tier 7.

But even though he had the freedom to choose any beast Tier, he would still be forced to use Tier 1 at the start, since the bloodline was being given by the family.

And if he didn't choose to use it, he would not be able to Integrate like his cousins and join the family training camp.

Even if he wanted something better and knew 100 ways to obtain it. He still needed the AP bracelet first to connect him to The UVR.

But to obtain the bracelet he must join the camp because the winner gets one as a reward.

In the end of the day, it did not matter that he could use any tier he wanted, since he had no strength or network to obtain better. So he could only use the one they give him obediently.

Only when he obtains the AP bracelet and enter UVR would he have the freedom to act as he wished. So getting it is the most important step in his future.

As for his human bloodline having the capacity to hold 9 abilities, for now, it's quite useless.

When he reaches the peak of the 6th stage of replacement, only then would he start thinking about ways to use it properly.

Amused, he raised an eyebrow after realizing that all of the three methods were completely useless to him now. He could only integrate his bloodline like the rest.

"Alright, this is the plan, for now, shock the Elder board with my Hotel, earn well-ranked bloodline, join the family training camp, beat the shit out of my cousins for hanging up on me, and win the AP bracelet that will open up my path."

He took his clothes off and went for a swim while taking jabs at Asna that she could only watch and not swim like him.

Furious at his teasing, Asna promised him that he wouldn't be sleeping tonight in peace.

Felix immediately closed his mouth shut and dove deeper in the sea.

Asna smirked at his surrender.


Back at the hotel.

Felix was dialing a number on his new phone that jack handed to him.

Ring ring ring...Cluck

A furious voice resounded in the room.

"What do you want rascal?! You still have the nerve to call me after taking the family tradition as a joke!! You are lucky you are in the middle of nowhere, If not I would have beaten the shit out of you."

Felix kept the phone away from his ear, and replied with a joyful tone, "Aiyo, Old geezer, I missed you as well. And stop getting angry on me damn it, your fragile heart can't handle it."

His grandfather coughed as he tried to yell at him. "Who are you calling old geezer, Cough, I see you have grown some balls after staying in that Island for a year. Just you wait I am coming, and I will bring my belt with me."

Felix was overjoyed when he heard this since he was expecting a fierce rejection when he requests him to travel here.

"Haha I dare you to come here and whip me, I Felix am already an adult, I don't fear you anymore."

"Good, good, good, Boy I hope you will have the same courage when I arrive tomorrow."

Felix then heard his grandpa call out loud, "JAYCE, CANCEL ALL MY PLANS TOMORROW I'M HEADING TO SKY PEARL ISLAND."

"Wait for me boy, for my belt, thirst for some blood."

Felix realized he overdid it bit, as his grandfather whipping techniques, which were deeply etched in his memory started to resurface.

He gulped and said with a shaky voice, "Grandpa, don't you think it's unnecessarily to bring your whip when visiting your dearest grandson."

"Hehehe, it's too late for regret now boy. I will see you tomorrow afternoon. Goodbye, I'm hanging up, got paperwork to do."

Felix would have believed him if he did not hear the elders at the background singing and drinking to their heart content, knowingly their sick bodies couldn't handle it.

Felix said warmly. "Alright take care of yourself, see you tomorrow."


On the American soil, in New York suburbs, in well-furnished bar…

An old man with a white beard, bald head, wrinkles all over his face, and muddy brown eyes, had a frown on his face while staring at the dark screen of his phone.

'Why is this bastard acting all soft, did the island really change him? Just last year he was the thug of the family. It seems I really need to go visit him tomorrow to check on him, he really worries me to death.'

Just as he wanted to reminisce on the times he spent together with his grandson, a slap was heard loud and clear in the bar, as a hand smacked his bald head.


The moment the slap was resounded, the entire bar went quiet for a second, then exploded with mocking laughter.


Felix's grandfather woke up from his shock by their laughter.

"Benjamin you degenerate sub-human. If I don't kill you today, I Will run naked around the bar. I swear on it." He drunk an entire bottle a bear within a blink of an eye and threw it at Benjamin, who was hiding under the bar counter, expecting such a retaliation.

That night at 02:00 AM

People swore they saw from their windows, an old man running naked with pervert drunken face around the bar.

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