The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 937 We’ll Be Peers in the Future

Chapter 937 We’ll Be Peers in the Future

937 We'll Be Peers in the Future

After recognizing his face and knowing his workplace, with the power of Ji Corporation, they could easily find out everything about him with just a flick of their fingers. Wasn't that scary enough? The man in the peaked cap felt bitter and regretful. He shouldn't have been attracted by the benefits represented by this major news and hurriedly rushed over. If he couldn't suppress Shen Hanxing this time, his future would be completely ruined!

Ji Yan, who had remained silent, took a step forward and pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket. He carefully wiped the fingers that had touched the man in the peaked cap. His expression turned cold, and his gaze swept over the man in the peaked cap. "Bingxin Evening News?" His tone carried a hint of disdain. "With a journalist like you, who casually defames others, I don't consider Bingxin Evening News a reputable newspaper. In my opinion, this kind of tabloid that disrespects the truth and thrives on sensationalism should disappear sooner rather than later."

Ji Yan's words were spoken with ease. It was as easy as stepping on an ant to ruin an evening newspaper. However, he indeed possessed such power. Since his legs had recovered, Ji Corporation had soared to new heights. It used to compete evenly with Wei Corporation and Zhuang Group, but now Ji Corporation had surpassed them and become the dominant force in S City. Bingxin Evening News was just a small publication under Bingxin Entertainment. Ji Yan didn't need to lift a finger himself, he could make Bingxin Evening News vanish from S City overnight.

The man in the peaked cap turned pale. He went out for an interview, and he ended up destroying his company. By offending Ji Yan, finding a job in the future would be incredibly difficult! Which company wouldn't be afraid when Ji Yan, the CEO, could simply make their company disappear with a wave of his hand?

The man in the peaked cap felt his future grow dim, wishing he could just faint right there. The other journalists present fell silent as well, none daring to meet Ji Yan's gaze. How could they dare? No one wanted to become Ji Yan's target and have their entire company destroyed.

"Since you're all insiders, I assume you have some understanding of me," Shen Hanxing said, breaking the silence. She cleaned her hands and casually tossed the handkerchief into a nearby trash can, a smile playing on her lips. "I advise everyone to speak cautiously until the truth is revealed. I'm not short of money, so I don't mind suing everyone. And among those present, there shouldn't be anyone from the previously defunct gossip companies, right?"

This was a blatant threat! Ever since Shen Hanxing had married into the Ji family, she had sparked numerous controversies online. Previously, people on the internet would casually spread rumors, throwing dirt on others without any consequences. But Shen Hanxing wasn't one to tolerate such behavior. Additionally, Ji Corporation had a team of top-notch lawyers, and the Ji family had no shortage of funds. If anyone spread rumors, they would be sued without hesitation. Many small companies that relied on gossip for survival were forced to shut down, and some individuals even ended up in prison.

Shen Hanxing's question made the journalists present unable to help but feel a chill, causing a shudder. Not to mention, there were indeed people present who had switched to another company because of their company's closure, making the atmosphere even more awkward. Journalists who were usually annoyed and feared by celebrities were being threatened so impolitely for the first time. However, the person threatening them was Shen Hanxing, who not only had Ji Corporation as her backing but was also not someone to be trifled with...

The journalists felt bitter and quickly forced a smile as they said, "No, no. The reason we are here is to seek the truth and report it accurately."

"Yes, until the police make an official announcement, we won't make any random claims."

"We are journalists, and we always respect the facts. We won't engage in false reporting."

All the journalists voiced their stance, afraid that if they spoke out, their own companies would be jeopardized. In this day and age, finding a new job was not easy.

Seeing the fear in the journalists, Shen Hanxing spoke in a calm tone, "That's good. I believe you all know that we may become colleagues in the future. As seniors, please set a good example for me as a junior."

The journalists were speechless. Oh yes, Shen Hanxing studied journalism major!

The journalists felt even more bitter. They were genuinely afraid of Shen Hanxing, who didn't play by the rules. If she entered the news industry, who knew what kind of storm she would cause?

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