The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 938 Prepare to Change Classes

Chapter 938 Prepare to Change Classes

"We don't dare, we don't dare. It's our honor for Mrs. Ji to enter the news industry." No matter what the reporters thought, they still had to put on a good front. The reporters were polite, wearing smiles on their faces as they accompanied Shen Hanxing to the police station. It was hard to believe that just a few minutes ago, they were hoping to extract some big news from Shen Hanxing.

Shen Hanxing calmly walked towards the police station, with Ji Yan following behind. Just as they were about to enter the police station's entrance, Ji Yan suddenly turned around and silently stared at the man wearing a peaked cap. "Go back and inform your boss to pack up and prepare for a career change." His gaze was icy, and his thin lips curled into a cruel smile. "And you should do the same."

In an instant, the man in the peaked cap's face turned pale. He knew that this was Ji Yan's judgment upon him. There would no longer be a place for him in the field of journalism. He might even consider himself fortunate that Ji Yan didn't annihilate him. If only his boss wouldn't take out his frustration on him for ruining the company...

Ji Yan paid no attention to the man's reaction and swept a cold glance over the others.

At that moment, Shen Hanxing noticed that Ji Yan hadn't followed her. She turned back and called out to him. Ji Yan, who had just exuded a cruel and bloody aura, softened his expression in an instant. He responded gently and quickly caught up with Shen Hanxing, disappearing through the doors of the police station.

The reporters exchanged glances and kept quiet out of fear. They dared not speculate about the meaning behind Ji Yan's final glance, nor did they harbor any illusions. They glanced sympathetically at the man in the peaked cap before quickly dispersing and squatting outside the police station, eagerly awaiting further developments in the case.

Meanwhile, online users who were also waiting for the truth noticed that the language used by gossip accounts became notably cautious and polite.

"Mrs. Ji and President Ji have arrived at the police station. We will continue to follow the progress of the matter."

"Mrs. Ji visited Han Yin, let's patiently wait for the results."

These repetitive phrases, accompanied by a photo of Shen Hanxing and Ji Yan exiting the car and entering the police station, were the only content shared. They didn't dare to say anything else. Even the previously sensational bloggers who claimed Han Yin committed murder had cleared their Weibo posts. Some even added a sentence, "Waiting for the truth to be revealed."

Netizens were left puzzled. "Are these the same marketing accounts that used to be so eager for sensationalism?"

"What's going on? Why do the marketing accounts suddenly sound so serious? I feel like I'm not reading a marketing account, but an official account."

"Hahaha, the marketing accounts suddenly have a conscience? Respecting the facts?"

"As expected of Ji Corporation. It's good to have power and influence! Could it be that they will also suppress the news about Han Yin's murder?"

"Murder must be punished! No matter how powerful Ji Corporation is, they cannot disregard human lives!"

"Yes! The murderer must not be allowed to go free!"

"Before, we all said in unison that Han Yin was the murderer, and I didn't dare to speak. But now, let me say this, Han Yin would never commit murder!"

"Fans, don't defend her. Lives have been lost, and you're still trying to whitewash Han Yin? It's a fact that Han Yin committed murder! A life for a life! Let Han Yin face the consequences!"

The online community was in chaos, with faint traces of manipulation attempting to firmly label Han Yin as a murderer. This incident gained significant attention. The marketing accounts, who would usually seize the opportunity to capitalize on the situation, were strangely silent as if genuinely waiting for the outcome.

Hence, the situation became a bit awkward. Netizens argued fiercely online, while the usually influential marketing accounts remained silent.

Regardless of the online turmoil, the people at the police station were not concerned about the internet. Han Yin was a prime suspect and was currently being questioned. She couldn't be seen for the time being. Chu Feng anxiously waited on a bench. He was young and had just become an adult. It was inevitable that he would be at a loss when encountering such a thing.

When Chu Feng saw Shen Hanxing, he immediately jumped up, his eyes slightly red. He anxiously called out, "Sister Hanxing..." His voice choked, "Han Yin has been inside for a long time and hasn't come out... Sister Hanxing, you have to believe in Han Yin. She would never do such a thing."

"Don't be anxious." Shen Hanxing's expression turned slightly serious, but her tone remained firm and resolute. She placed her hand on Chu Feng's shoulder, urging him to sit down. "I've watched Han Yin grow up, and I know her personality. It's useless to be anxious in a situation like this. We must trust the police and the law."

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