The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 2161 - Chapter 2161: Battle of the Redmoon city (3)

Chapter 2161: Battle of the Redmoon city (3)

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Wan Xuan ‘ang also took the opportunity. since my Lord wants to leave, I can’t insist on it. Let’s go.

The leaders of the three major forces had spoken. Immediately, everyone’s face revealed a happy expression. They were all extremely happy. Some were so excited that they were about to cry.

“Tsk, tsk, you want to leave now?”

A black demonic shadow suddenly appeared in the sky and floated like a cloud. A voice came from it, “The few immortal State Warriors stay, the rest can leave.”

“Who are you?”


Everyone was shocked and looked up. The sky had long been covered with dark clouds, and they could not tell where the sound came from.

“The more powerful the devil descends, the more the carrier is needed. Otherwise, if the world’s power is too strong, it really won’t be able to withstand it.”

“However, you goons below the God Realm don’t even have the qualifications to become carriers,” the voice said. That’s why I’ve only sealed the energy of my finger in their bodies. Even so, there were still some who couldn’t take it and directly exploded.”

The voice was ethereal, sometimes East and sometimes West. There was not even an exact location.

Everyone was bewildered, but the martial artists below godly state were secretly delighted.

Forcing them to join the alliance, and just now, he had randomly sent people to their deaths, completely not treating them as humans. He had long been resentful.

Li Yi was shocked. I’ve only reached godhood a few days ago. There’s no point in me being a host, right? ”

Everyone,”hehe.” no, no, your body is very special. Not only is it meaningful, but I also value it the most.

The voice from within the black cloud carried a teasing smile.

Li Yi was instantly enraged, “damn demon, what do you think the powerhouses of the heavenly martial realm are!?” I originally wanted to give you the red moon City, but now it seems that you are seeking death!”

none of us will leave! Wan Yiqian also rebuked angrily. we will definitely fight to the death with you, demon!

Li Yi said righteously,”that’s right!” All the members of the hegemony Alliance are here, and we will not retreat!” He coldly glanced at the people around him. Those who were under his gaze felt a chill in their hearts. They all secretly prayed that the demon would quickly make his move and kill Li Yi and the other godly state people.

“Haha, since that’s the case, then no one should leave. All of you can stay!”

Laughter came from the black cloud. Then, the demonic Qi rolled and condensed into human figures in the sky.

“This is a Kasaya!”

Yunxiao’s eyes flickered with surprise. In an instant, hundreds of figures appeared, all of whom looked exactly the same.

Not only that, but these hundreds of people were actually all existences like ten directions fierce spirit fiends!

Everyone was dumbfounded. As the hundreds of divine realm auras pressed down, many Martial Emperor powerhouses were severely injured and spat out blood on the spot.

how did this happen?!

Li Yi panicked as well.’A hundred godly state experts who look the same? Isn’t this too absurd?”

Ding Shan, the myriad Treasure Tower, and the others were also dumbfounded, petrified on the spot.

“Hehe! Hehe!”

“Hehehehe hehe hehe hehe”

The sky was filled with the sinister laughter of that face.

Yunxiao scanned them with his divine sense and found that there were a hundred and one people in total. The extra person was stronger, at least at the level of a Demon Lord.

As expected, the strongest person stood out and grinned. “Let me introduce myself. After all, it’s my first time visiting your world, and I feel very honored.

My name is LAN. You can call me MO Lan, or LAN Jun.


Yunxiao and lingmu di exchanged a look, and both shook their heads slightly. Obviously, they had never heard of it.

Li Yi was already scared out of his wits. Lord LAN Jun, ” he said, ” then what are the names of the hundred Lords in Wufu? ‘

“These are all my clones,” laughed LAN.

a clone?!

The crowd gasped. One hundred godly state experts ‘clones?

Blue squinted and nodded, “that’s right.” Because the rift is still too weak, it’ll be difficult for my true body to pass through it. He had no choice but to pass through the rift in this manner, but after coming over, he discovered that he didn’t have enough devilish Qi, and the suppression was even more powerful than he had imagined, so he was unable to condense his true body. We can only wait until we return to the demonic realm, or when this city is completely demonized, before we can condense our true bodies.”

Li Yi’s face turned pale. Lord LAN Jun, you should hurry back to the demon Realm and condense your true body. After all, the realm power of the heaven martial realm is suppressing us. It would be bad if something goes wrong. We are just some small fries with no strength or background. We did not participate in the previous two demon Wars. Lord, please don’t waste your time on US Small fries.

“Hehe, why don’t you have any backbone? I was planning to refine you into my main body, don’t you find it embarrassing?” MO Lan smiled faintly.

please, ” Li Yi pleaded, ” as long as you let me go, my Lord, I know where in the realm of heavenly martial arts there’s a better vessel for you.

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

Although most of them wanted to survive by any means possible, they couldn’t say such shameless words.

Even Wan Yiqian, who cherished his life, found it hard to speak.

Finally, someone shouted in anger, “Li Yi!” To think that you’re the master of Red Moon City, and even established the hegemony Alliance. You actually have no backbone and grovel to the demon race! No matter how strong he is, he’s just a parasite in the realm of heavenly martial arts!”

Li Yi replied coldly,”so what if I’m a parasite?” If you have the ability, then go! Lord LAN Jun is standing here, so who has the ability? Let me tell you, although this is the first time I’ve met Lord LAN Jun, we feel like old friends at first sight! Whoever wants to harm my Lord is harming me, Li Yi. I will be the first to not let him off!”

MO Lan was stunned. The members of the devil race were usually filled with killing intent. They were not very calculative, so there were very few shameless people. She had never seen such a shameless person before. She was stunned and didn’t know what to say.


Ding Shan clenched his right fist, coughed a few times, and said, ” “Li Yi’s words aren’t completely without reason. Furthermore, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Those people from the previous two demon Wars were all from the heavenly martial Union. The Tianyuan trading company and the heavenly martial Union have always been irreconcilable. In that case, Tianyuan trading company and the demon race should have a common goal and interest, which means they should be friends.”

Wan Xuan ‘ang’s eyes were wide open. Although he wanted to surrender and beg for mercy, he really couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Wan Yiqian couldn’t bear it anymore. He said, ” since the hegemony Alliance has been established, everyone should advance and retreat together. Myriad treasures store should also stand with the two of you!

Yunxiao was speechless. Although he knew that these people had no moral integrity, he did not expect them to change sides so quickly.

His heart also became extremely heavy. This LAN could actually split himself into 100 return to reality realm experts and a true body of the void realm. This was too terrifying.

Even Qiu and the Misty Rock Master might not have such strength, so the person in front of him was very likely one of the eight demon Venerables of the demon world.

“From what you’ve said, are you planning to rely on me?” MO Lan asked.

“If my Lord doesn’t mind that we’re too weak, we’re willing to serve you,” Li Yi quickly said.

The rest of the people also expressed their opinions, but a few people couldn’t bring themselves to say it, their faces turning red.

MO Lan said,”it’s good if that’s the case. It’ll save me some trouble.” I originally didn’t want these dregs below the God Realm, but since you have the intention, I’ll let those fierce fiends stay. As for the few of you who are above the immortal state, you can host my clone.”


what( ” Li Yi was shocked. His voice trembled as he asked, ” is it the so-called ‘carrier’, just like the ten or so people before? ”

“Yes,” MO Lan nodded. I really don’t care about your little strength, and this is the only way I can make use of your remaining strength. It won’t be a waste of your loyalty, and I’ll grant you Supreme glory.”

“F * Ck off, you bastard! I won’t let you off even if I die!”

Li Yi knew that there was no hope of survival, so he immediately regained his dignity and roared, ” “You alien races have offended the realm of heavenly martial arts, and everyone has the right to kill you! Everyone, let’s kill him together! ”

The rest of the people also exploded with powerful auras. They were about to die, and everyone wanted to drag a few of them down with them. They glared at MO Lan, but no one dared to rush forward.

“Aiyo, what’s going on? why are you all so angry?”

MO Lan smiled and said, “since you’re not willing, then forget it. There’s no need to be angry.” Let’s clean up these dregs first, then test out your bodies and see how effective the world resistance is.”

Immediately, twenty clones flew down. Ten of them headed toward Li Yi and the others, while the other ten attacked mercilessly, killing the martial arts powerhouses.

“Demons, you’ll all die a horrible death!”

A large number of martial artists exploded in the sky. They were all killed in seconds.

Even Tang Xin couldn’t withstand a casual blow from a clone and instantly exploded into a meat paste.

In the entire hegemony Alliance, there were only Li Yi, ding Shan, Wan Yiqian, and Wan Xuan ‘ang who were godly state experts.

The four of them saw that they had lost the battle and turned to run away before the ten godly state experts landed.

They had already calculated in their hearts. MO Lan had a large number of people, so they would definitely die if they fought her head on. However, these one hundred people were only at the true God Realm. If they wanted to escape, it would be difficult for her to catch up.

“Hehe, if I had fled from the start, I might have had a chance. But right now, the area within a hundred miles is filled with demonic Qi. The reason why I only came out now was because I was setting up a formation. All the living beings in this space can’t escape.”

MO Lan watched the four of them fly away in all directions and disappear from her sight. She did not care and only smiled faintly.

Sure enough, the four of them flew in different directions and soon encountered a huge barrier that blocked their path. Their faces instantly turned ashen.

MO Lan smiled. this barrier is not only used to prevent you from escaping. It also has an extremely important function. It can resist the power of the world to a certain extent.

More than a dozen figures among the clones immediately moved and flew in the direction of the four..

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