The Eternal Supreme

Chapter 2162 - Chapter 2162: Battle of the Redmoon city (4)

Chapter 2162: Battle of the Redmoon city (4)

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Other than Wan Xuan ‘ang, who was still rather calm, the other three people’s faces were ashen as they directly flew towards the red moon City.

The barrier protecting the city finally could not withstand the demonic Qi and collapsed. The demonic Qi collapsed like snow on a mountain.

Li Yi and the other three hurried toward the teleportation circle. This was the only way to leave the blue barrier.

Yunxiao frowned, then teleported down from the void and landed in front of the teleportation array.

He casually threw out thirty-six Northern heaven frigid star swords, which transformed into a huge sword shape. They stabbed into the ground and connected to the sword realm, guarding the teleportation formation.


If the teleportation formation was destroyed, it would be troublesome for the heavenly martial Union to come over.


The moment Yunxiao appeared, MO Lan’s face was filled with surprise, as if she could not believe that someone was still hiding under his watch.

li Yunxiao!

Li Yi and ding Shan cried out in shock, their faces filled with shock and disbelief.

“Brother Feiyang!”

Wan Yiqian was immediately overjoyed, as if she had seen her Savior. She was so excited that she could not control herself.

how have you been? ” Yunxiao smiled. I hope you are all well.

“Li Yunxiao!” Li Yi roared. It was indeed your scheme! Damn it, you just can’t see me, alright? How dare you collude with the demons! You are not worthy of being the heavenly martial Alliance’s Alliance master!”

don’t waste time, ” Yunxiao said with a smile. The Fiend supremacy’s clones are coming.

Li Yi turned around to look and was instantly scared half to death. He hurriedly said, ” open the teleportation array’s boundary and let us leave!

Wan Yiqian was also extremely anxious and said, ” “That’s right, Feiyang, quickly open the sword World. This is our only escape route.”


you are all the elites of the heavenly martial realm, ” Yunxiao said in surprise.

you are the pillars of this realm. How can you escape at this time? ” You should be courageous and kill the enemy.”

cut the crap, li Yunxiao! Li Yi said angrily. don’t talk nonsense with me! Hurry up and remove the barrier, or don’t blame us for being impolite!”

“Everyone, let’s kill him together, or it’ll be too late!” Ding Shan said in a deep voice.

The dozen Blue Devil figures stopped in the distance and did not attack. They watched them talk with interest and sneered.

“Good! Make your move!”

In Li Yi’s rage, his aura instantly rose to its peak.

He knew Yunxiao very well, and he knew that the latter would not move away unless he forced his way through, and the only escape route was right in front of him!

“Brother Feiyang, what are you doing? get out of the way!”

If he panicked and watched the other three attack, he would just stand there, not knowing what to do.

Wan Xuan ‘ang glared at him and shouted, ” “Attack!”

“Brother Feiyang, please forgive me!” Wan Yiqian stomped in the air and sighed.

He immediately formed a seal with his hands and slapped forward with the other three.

The four forces gathered in the air like four flying dragons, chasing each other. In his surprise, Yunxiao hurriedly thrust his wind and cloud Palm forward!


When the four forces hit him, they exploded, and Yunxiao and the barrier disappeared in an instant.

The thirty-six Northern heaven cold star swords were sent flying from the ground with a clang.

haha, he’s dead?!

Li Yi laughed out loud in ecstasy and rushed forward. He flew into the teleportation circle and quickly cast a seal.

Wan Xuan ‘ang followed closely behind and flew down.

Wan Yiqian was stunned for a long time and found it hard to believe. He blinked his eyes and said in a daze, ” “Yingluo is really dead? How could it be?”

Wan Xuan ‘ang furrowed his brows. what are you waiting for? hurry up and leave! Do you want to die? ”

When Wan Yiqian saw the light of teleportation rising up, she suddenly had an idea. Afraid that she would be left behind, she hurriedly flew over.

Only ding Shan was left standing outside the teleportation array, his face full of solemness and suspicion.

Li Yi looked at him coldly and sneered, ” “Lord ding Shan has such a heavy heart, could it be that you’re afraid of a trap? Even if there’s a trap, we just need to leave this place and ignore the rest!”

Ding Shan didn’t say a word. He stared at the transfer array until the light of the array bloomed to its brightest. Then, he instantly rushed into it.

Following which, the light of teleportation flashed, and the four people inside disappeared.

MO Lan looked down coldly. Even the ten-odd clones did not move.

In the next moment, there was a flash of light in the sky, and the four of them suddenly appeared in front of MO Lan. They were only over thirty meters away.

The four of them cried out in alarm, their faces ashen.

Li Yi suddenly turned his head and looked down, only to see that Yunxiao was still standing there, and the teleportation array was firmly guarded by thirty-six Northern heavens cold star swords, not moving at all!

“Yingluo is so ruthless!”

Li Yi cried out in bitter despair.

‘What’s so cruel?’ Yunxiao played dumb. Aren’t you guys leaving? I’m just giving you a lift.”

Wan Yiqian cried. brother Feiyang, we are friends. How can you treat me like this?!

I don’t think so, ” Yunxiao said faintly. the moment brother Yiqian made his move, we no longer had any friendship. Besides, it’s our duty to exterminate evil and protect the Dao. You’d better contribute some strength to the realm of heavenly martial arts.”

MO Lan looked at Yunxiao and suddenly said, ” it seems that the realm of heavenly martial arts is quite interesting. No wonder barbarian was defeated last time. I’ll take care of these minions first, then I’ll play with you. I just don’t know how many rats are hiding inside this barrier.”

As soon as he finished speaking, another dozen or so clones flashed and surrounded Li Yi’s group of four.

The four people’s faces all had no color, knowing that this time it was impossible to escape.


More than ten clones attacked at the same time. The four people’s resistance was like a Mantis trying to stop a car, and their defenses were broken in an instant.

However, the clones did not kill them. Instead, four of them flew into their bodies and occupied them.

“Yi, this body is so strong.”

‘Li Yi’s’ face suddenly changed. He looked at his body and seemed to be in deep Graduallv, his expression turned solemn.

who is the master of my body? ” he turned to Yunxiao and asked.

Looking at his solemn look, Yunxiao also seemed to find it a little strange.

you’ve already occupied his body. Can’t you just search his memories directly? ‘ Li Yi grunted and looked at ding Shan.

‘Ding Shan’ nodded slightly and raised his hand. He formed a hand seal and pointed at his head. Immediately, a devil seal was sent into his head.

Soon after, the devil blue clone that had been possessed separated and also slapped a seal on ding Shan’s head.

Ding Shan’s body trembled violently, as if he was screening rice chaff.

Yunxiao watched quietly. He knew that MO Lan was afraid of hurting Li Yi’s body and wanted Li Yi’s information, so she had directly searched ding Shan’s soul.

The doppelganger suddenly cried out in surprise, and a strange look flashed in its eyes.

Immediately after, he smacked ding Shan’s body with his left hand, instantly blasting a hole with a “bang,” and then his five fingers clawed.


Ding Shan’s entire body directly exploded into minced meat, dissipating in the sky.

The clone had a shining sword in its hand.

The clone passed the sword to MO Lan. MO Lan carefully observed it for a while before she suddenly laughed and said, ” “Haha, it is indeed a fragment of the battlefield of the ancient gods! Tsk, tsk, this piece of trash actually refined a fragment of the ancient gods ‘battlefield into a sword. How creative. I didn’t expect that I would get such a lucky chance after entering the realm of heavenly martial arts. This is a good sign.”

Yunxiao stared at the sword and thought of the broken battlefield of the ancient gods in the outer realm. He did not expect that ding Shan would also obtain a part of it. He was quite lucky.

However, many unjust acts led to self-destruction.

If it weren’t for the fact that they had sneakily set up the hegemony Alliance in the red moon City and wanted to take advantage of the demons ‘invasion, they wouldn’t have gotten into today’s situation. It could be considered a kind of divine retribution.

After MO Lan obtained the ancient gods ‘battlefield fragment, she was in a good mood. She laughed and said,”lt’s a great start. Not only did we get a Saint artifact fragment, but we also got a body like this. The heavens are really helping our race. It seems that this holy war will definitely succeed!”

Yunxiao looked at him coldly and said with a sneer, ” “You’re so happy just because you got a sword. Are the demons so pitiful? If you want a sword, I can give you a thousand of them, and you can immediately get the hell back to the demon Realm after you take them, okay?”

“Brat, you’re quite arrogant,” MO Lan said while looking at him.

if I wasn’t arrogant, ” Yunxiao said, ” and if I was honest and respectful, would you have returned to the devil realm and never come back? ‘

“Of course not, ” MO Lan said.

that’s it, ” Yunxiao said. that’s it.

MO Lan said dejectedly, “you’re quite talkative, but I wonder if you have the strength to do so!” You’re protecting the teleportation formation, but you’re not leaving. I’m sure reinforcements are coming, right?”

mind your own business, ” Yunxiao said. why do you have to care about my business? ”

“Haha, interesting. But I don’t like interesting things, so you should just die!” MO Lan said with a sneer. More than ten clones immediately surrounded her.

Yunxiao raised his hand, and a beam of sword Qi shot out, piercing through one of the clones and exploding in an instant, splitting into countless fiends that cried out.


MO Lan’s true body and the dozen or so clones were all shocked.

While he was still in shock, Yunxiao made another move and killed two of his clones in an instant.

MO Lan was greatly alarmed and immediately sent over thirty more avatars while her true body also flew over.

However, it suddenly twisted in the air, and a streak of silver light flickered from within, striking directly at MO Lan’s main body.


MO Lan grabbed the silver light with both her hands. However, with a shake of her sword, it turned into a soft whip that was like a snake. It wrapped around his hands and then wrapped around his entire body.

“As expected, there’s still someone else.”

MO Lan looked at lingmu di coldly. She did not panic, but her eyes were filled with coldness.”Are there any more? they came out together.” li Yunxiao was right, ” lingmu di said. it’s none of your business. Mind your own business.

“You’re courting death!” MO Lan said angrily.

If he were in the devil realm, Yunxiao and lingmu di would never have been able to hide under his nose. Unfortunately, he was in the heavenly martial arts realm, and his five senses and six Senses were suppressed along with his strength, which made him very depressed.

The clones in the surroundings all attacked furiously, bombarding the lingmu di.


Lingmu di snorted coldly. With a roll of his reverse soul whip, layers of sword light cut into MO Lan’s body, and a large number of demonic fiends were sent flying.

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