Chapter 642 - 642 The Wheel of Fortune

642 The Wheel of Fortune

When female celebrities attended galas and walked the red carpet, they were always competing for beauty.

As for male celebrities, they only needed to wear a suit.

Pei Jie had wanted to borrow a suit from a brand, but he was too low in popularity and the brand ignored him.

In the end, it was Li Jinfan who saw that Pei Jie’s mood was not right. After asking, he lent his suit to Pei Jie.

“You’re going to walk the red carpet with Sister Xi?” Li Jinfan could not hide the jealousy in his tone.

“Yes.” Pei Jie tried on the suit and said solemnly, “Thank you for lending me your clothes.”

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“It’s fine. I don’t have many chances to wear it anyway.” Li Jinfan was not invited, so he turned sour.

What was there to be envious of? Wouldn’t he still be alive without it?


Pei Jie could not borrow clothes.

Shi Xi was dazzled by the clothes she was picking.

Zhu Lin placed the tablet in front of Shi Xi and swiped it left and right. She asked excitedly, “How about this one? Not a single female celebrity, both at home and abroad, has worn this super-season’s new LV model!”

“This is a new custom-made item by GU. The designer has just finished it and the model has never worn it before!”

“Take a look at this one…”

“I’ll take this.” Shi Xi randomly picked one.

“I think the flower petal dress from GU looks better.” Zhu Lin was having difficulty choosing.

“The petal dress, then,” Shi Xi said.

Zhu Lin was even more conflicted. “But that’s the Star Light series from LV! Are we going to reject LV?”

“Then let’s go with the Star Light series.”

“But GU’s petal dress is beautiful and elegant. You’ll definitely look great in it!”

Shi Xi couldn’t speak.

Zhu Lin continued to struggle with happiness. “The tables have really turned! We were even stood up by the brand before, but now we can pick and choose.”

Shi Xi leaned back on the sofa, hoping that she could be quiet for a while.

“Eh?” Zhu Lin received a message and said, “Chu Tang Workshop heard that you’re going to attend the Time Awards and wanted to give you a gown.”

Chu Tang Workshop?

Chu Hua?

“No need,” Shi Xi said with a slight frown.

Zhu Lin rejected Chu Tang Workshop.

After a while, Zhu Lin said, “Chu Tang Workshop said that the gown is ready and insisted on letting you try it on.”

“Just say that we’ve already decided,” Shi Xi replied.

Zhu Lin’s eyes lit up. “Have you decided which one you want to wear?”

“Sister Wendy said that she made a dress for me.” Shi Xi handed her phone to Zhu Lin. “Here, this is the one.”

Shi Xi had previously added Hua Wenyin on WeChat and would occasionally chat with her.

Knowing that Shi Xi was going to a gala, Hua Wenyin took a picture of the clothes she had just designed and showed them to her.

When Zhu Lin saw the clothes in the photo, she was instantly convinced. “This one then!”

The dress in the photo was a light green long dress with a little flower embellishment. It was dignified and elegant, but it also did not lose its playfulness and liveliness.

Compared to the haute couture clothes of other brands, the clothes that Hua Wenyin had tailored for Shi Xi were fresher and could highlight her beauty.

Zhu Lin was very satisfied. “Xi Xi, don’t eat too much these few days. You can’t walk the red carpet with a double chin.”

Shi Xi: I hate red carpets.

Finally, it was time for the Time Awards.

All the female celebrities were dressed in gaudy clothes, with hundreds of flowers blooming.

On the day of the time award, Nan Wan posted a set of photos early in the morning.

[@Nan Wan: “I’m going shopping [picture].]

In the photo, Nan Wan was dressed in luxury goods from head to toe, and the bag in her hand was a classic model that cost hundreds of thousands.

In the comments section, the fans were very happy.

[The fair, rich, and beautiful Wan Zi is in business again ~ the bags are so pretty.]

[Other female celebrities, it’s time to borrow clothes for the red carpet.]

[Wan Zi, “A random set of clothes is worth a million.”]


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