Chapter 643 - 643 You Didn’t Expect This, Right? There’s Still Another Chapter, Hahaha

643 You Didn’t Expect This, Right? There’s Still Another Chapter, Hahaha

[Our Wan Wan never needs to borrow clothes to walk the red carpet.]

[Yeah, Nan Wan doesn’t even have a red carpet. Of course, she doesn’t need to borrow clothes.]

[Gowns are all one-time use. Which spendthrift would spend millions just to wear one? Is it because you can’t borrow clothes, so you can only buy them?]

[The way Nan Wan fans are trying to save their dignity is really funny. Are they afraid that their master will walk the red carpet?]

[Then Nan Wan should stop borrowing clothes in the future. Every time she walks the red carpet, she should draw a few million to buy clothes! Cupped my fists and smile.]

[Our Nan Wan movie’s box office has broken a hundred million!]

Nan Wan’s fans were anxious and would only bring up the film’s results.

[Nan Wan, ugly.]


At the start of the red carpet event, the artistes were all wearing all kinds of haute couture gowns.

Among them, Mu Zhao wore a dress decorated with rose petals. Her makeup was different from her usual innocent and cute look. She had heavy makeup on and was stunning. She immediately went on the hot search.

On the other hand, Shi Xi was dressed in a light green, elegant long dress. Her long hair was let down in front of her chest and she wore a green headdress on her head. She looked extremely exquisite and grand.

Her skin was white as snow, her hair was long and wavy, and her red lips were like a red glow. Her long eyelashes covered her lower eyelids, like the wings of a butterfly.

The moment Shi Xi stepped onto the red carpet, the media began snapping away at her.

The girl’s eyes were light, and there seemed to be a stream of light in her eyes. The smile on her lips was just right.

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Pei Jie, who was walking the red carpet with Shi Xi, was a little stiff.

It was his first time walking the red carpet, and he was wearing a suit that didn’t fit him well. He felt out of place.

Fortunately, Pei Jie had always been silent and had no expression on his face, so he did not show any fear.

The live comments read: [Pei Jie’s cold face and Shi Xi’s smiling face. They actually look quite compatible!]

[Indeed, handsome men and beautiful women are the best match!]

[Oh my JieShi in regular script! It’s been a long time since they’ve given out candy, and they’re actually walking the red carpet together. I’m so excited!]

[With sincerity, JieShi becomes regular script! This scene is like a cold and bright lady and her cold butler. It’s so sweet!]

[Why did Xi Xi and Pei Jie walk the red carpet together? Shouldn’t you be walking with Lou Lou?]

[Lou Lou didn’t seem to have participated in the Time Awards…]

The bullet comments were quite tolerant of the two. After all, the two of them didn’t have much opposition.

On the other hand, Pei Jie’s fan count was far less than that of Shi Xi’s. His fans did not dare to say anything when he was called a ‘cold butler’.

They could only silently endure it.

At the end of the red carpet, the two of them picked up a pen and signed in front of the camera.

Shi Xi walked forward and the camera pounced on her face.

However, the closer the camera got, the more it captured Shi Xi’s beauty.

Her makeup was exquisite and flawless. Her eyebrows were curved, and her almond-shaped eyes were watery. Her eyes seemed to contain a planet, making people unable to help but stare at them.

The hot search #Shi Xi mei is crazy# was immediately arranged.

The video of her walking on the red carpet was edited out with the caption ‘The closer the camera, the more beautiful I am’ and was forwarded by netizens.

In less than ten minutes, there were more than 10,000 shares.

[Ah, I’m dead! Xi Xi Zi’s beauty is killing me!]

[Although I don’t like this sister, her beauty is unquestionable.]

[Fans of heaven!]

[I really want to experience living with this face for a day!]

[Wifey, wifey, kiss, wifey, kiss.]

There were the scenes of the fans going crazy.

After signing her name, the emcee asked Shi Xi two questions as usual.

Shi Xi’s eyes curved. “The new movie, [Energetic Girl], is about to be released in the theaters. I hope that everyone can give us your support!”

Pei Jie nodded at the side, agreeing with Shi Xi.

The host said, “Congratulations, Xi Xi! We hope your movie becomes a hit! Xi Xi, please come in.”


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