Chapter 644 - 644 Surprise

644 Surprise

Pei Jie held the microphone at the side and felt even more uneasy.

He just introduced himself and the host didn’t even ask him a question.

However, Shi Xi had already returned the microphone to the emcee.

Pei Jie could only return the microphone and say in a low voice, “Thank you.”


The host didn’t mind. He just felt that this little boy was quite polite.

Pei Jie was not on the invitation list, so the host was not prepared to ask him any questions.

After showing their faces, promoting the movie, and taking a photo, they could enter.

Pei Jie’s fans were extremely frustrated. [There wasn’t even a question. Did the host just ignore Jie Jie?]

What was even more frustrating was that no one responded to this reply.


There were sofas in the front row. Lou Ruicong had originally been sitting in the same seat as Shi Xi, so Pei Jie sat next to her.

As Shi Xi was a rising star of the new generation, many artistes took the initiative to greet her.

Even Chu Yuan came over and praised, “Today’s clothes look very nice.”

Chu Yuan was dressed in a haute couture suit. His figure was straight and there was a faint smile on his handsome face.

Shi Xi’s eyes curved into crescents. “Are only the clothes nice?”

Chu Yuan sat beside Shi Xi and said helplessly, “You’re good-looking too.”

Only then did Shi Xi nod in satisfaction. “Mr. Chu Yuan is also very handsome today!”

There were still people entering the venue, so everyone was casually chatting.

When Wen Yao saw Shi Xi, she lifted her dress and walked over with a big smile on her face. “Xi Xi, long time no see!”

“Elder Sister Yao Yao.” Shi Xi looked at Wen Yao, whom she had not seen for a long time. “Elder Sister Yao Yao, you look even prettier today!”

Wen Yao’s appearance was more like a little white flower. Today, her long hair was tied up, and she was wearing a big red dress, looking like a royal big sister.

“What a sweet little mouth.” Wen Yao looked over. “You’re here too, Teacher Chu.”

Chu Yuan nodded slightly. “Hello, Miss Wen.”

Wen Yao’s eyes swept over the sofa.

Pei Jie consciously sat at the edge of the table so that Wen Yao could sit next to Shi Xi.

Wen Yao’s eyes were smiling. “Thank you, little friend. Little friends nowadays are so polite.”

Pei Jie smiled politely.

Shi Xi took the opportunity to introduce Pei Jie. “His name is Pei Jie. He’s from a boy band. He’s pretty good at singing, dancing, and acting. If you have any suitable jobs, you can help introduce him.”

Chu Yuan + Wen Yao: “Sure! Sure!”

If it was Li Jinfan, he would have already called them brother and sister and added them on WeChat to get close to them.

If it was Bai Cangyang, he would have at least added them on WeChat so that they could contact each other in the future.

But this was Pei Jie.

“Thank you,” Pei Jie said.

And that was it.

Shi Xi changed the topic. “Sis Yao Yao, didn’t you just film a drama?”

“Yeah, I just finished filming. I’m going to join the next production team.” Wen Yao asked, “Are you going to join the crew soon? Do you want to come to my set for a visit?”

“No, I’m just taking a break. I’ll probably join the crew after the New Year.” Shi Xi smiled.

Wen Yao leaned close to Shi Xi’s ear and whispered, “I have a surprise for you today.”

“What surprise?” Shi Xi quickly thought about things that were related to her.

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It wasn’t her birthday, and it wasn’t any anniversary either.

“You just wait and see.” Wen Yao smiled mysteriously.

Shi Xi didn’t quite understand.

Wen Yao stood up. “I’m going back now. See you next time.”

Even after Wen Yao left, Shi Xi still didn’t understand what she meant.

“I heard that Wen Yao knows a friend from the TV station,” Chu Yuan said slowly. “It’s good to be friends with her.”

“I see.” Shi Xi chimed in and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Chu Yuan was speechless when he saw that Shi Xi did not take it to heart.

Had Shi Xi never heard of the gossip about Wen Yao?


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