The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 16 - I Will Let You Go Today, but You Still Can't Get Away, Understood?

Chapter 16: I Will Let You Go Today, but You Still Can’t Get Away, Understood?

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After using me, do you think you can leave?

He had said it as if she had taken some huge advantage of him and even bullied him.

Forcing herself, Lu Man nodded her head and explained. “Yes, just now was really… really all thanks to Mr Han. However, it’s just that my family has some differing opinions regarding this matter, I have to leave immediately to settle it.”

She did not dare to hesitate to leave as Han Zhuoli’s gaze was already too dangerous. He was only silently looking at her, yet it felt like he could swallow her alive with just his eyes.

Before Han Zhuoli could speak, she quickly turned around and walked out. She did not plan to give Han Zhuoli any chance to make her stay.

On reaching the door, he placed her hand on the doorknob and turned it slightly.

However, just when she had opened the door a little, a hand suddenly went past her ear and slammed the door shut.

“Bam!” The door was closed again.

Before Lu Man could start appreciating how beautiful that hand was or how long and slender those fingers were, she was spun around. Her entire body was pressed to the door with her back stuck close to the door.

Just as Lu Man was about to open her mouth and speak, Han Zhuoli kissed her forcefully on her mouth, sealing her lips with his. He kissed her fiercely, sucking all the breath out of her.

It was pointless for Lu Man to try to push him away Since Both her hands were trapped and she was stuck between his arms.

Once again, Lu Man realized how tall Han Zhuoli was. He completely towered over her sealing away any air.

Han Zhuoli sucked firmly and then released her. However, his lips still clung onto hers. “It’s not that easy to make use of me. You have to pay a huge price and this was just the interest. I will let you go today, but you still can’t get away, understood?

“What do you want?” Lu Man frowned slightly.

It was true that she did make use of him, but he had only helped her a little.

He could have chosen not to help, or to expose her back then.

Yet, he did help, and neither did he lose out in any way.

Thus she couldn’t exactly understand why he refused to let her off.

“I want you.” The corner of Han Zhouli’s mouth quirked up. His lips still held onto hers and his black eyes stared straight into hers.

At this distance, Lu Man could see her reflection in his eyes.

His gaze was confident and insistent on winning. However, there was a hint of laziness in them, like a big catch teasing its prey.

There was no need for him to make a move so soon as he knew that she can not run away.

Suddenly Lu Man felt a sense of danger.

Raising her eyebrows, she asked “I don’t understand. You can have any woman you want, Mr Han. So why bother with someone as insignificant as me?”

“I’m glad to do so.” Han Zhouli told her and suddenly pulled down her shirt collar.

Thus Lu Man’s slender collarbone and a half of her shoulder were bared right in front of him. Her skin was so fair and dazzling.

However, he had seen a lot more before, much more than what was on display now.

He already knew that her skin was extremely fair. Yet now, contrasting with her clothes, it looked even whiter.

Her skin looked like cream, tasty and delicious.

Lowering his head, Han Zhouli sucked firmly on her collarbone.

Even though he had only sucked briefly a bright red hickey suddenly bloomed on her creamy white skin. It was extremely seductive.

As if he could not get enough of it, Han Zhuoli bit on her collarbone once again.

“If you aren’t going to leave, then don’t bother leaving,” Han Zhuoli said softly.

Hearing him speak, Lu Man finally came back to her senses. She pulled her shirt collar back on and pushing Han Zhuoli away dashed out.

Watching her flustered figure run away, Han Zhuoli licked his lips.

The scent of her skin still lingered on his thin lips.

He thought that this little minx was very bold and afraid of nothing.

Waiting until Lu Man was out of his sight, he closed the door and made a phone call. “Check on someone for me. Her name is Lu Man. I want to know every single thing about her.”

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