The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 17 - Is It Alright for You to Take Advantage of Lu Qi?

Chapter 17: Is It Alright for You to Take Advantage of Lu Qi?

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Lu Man walked out of the hotel and hailed a cab.

After getting into the back-seat of the cab, she made a call.

“Tang Zi, it’s me,” Lu Man said. Tang Zi was paparazzi. He had followed the news on Lu Qi before and had even gotten into a conflict with Lu Qi’s bodyguard.

Back then, the bodyguard had easily hit Tang Zi’s scrawny figure onto the ground and his camera was almost smashed to smithereens.

Back then, Tang Zi had just entered the industry and his seniors took advantage of him.

On watching a young boy like him being ignored by others, and even bullied by his seniors, Lu Man empathised deeply with him and felt the same way as he did. Hence, she went up and helped him.

However, she did not expect this incident to spark a friendship between them and she became good friends with Tang Zi.

“Hey, Xiao Man.” It sounded really noisy and chaotic where Tang Zi was at. Lu Man could even hear someone saying, “come on, move quickly.”

“What’s going on… Where are you?” Lu Man asked.

“You don’t know?” Tang Zi asked incredulously. “I was just about to ask you about it. Apparently, Director Lu Hanli got injured and was sent to the hospital. This incident seems to involve some female celebrity, but until now, nobody knows who it is. However, somehow I found out from my friend that Lu Qi is currently being held at the police station for questioning. It got me wondering, could Lu Qi be involved in this? Hey, tell me, do you know what’s going on?”

Actually, Lu Man had called him just to let him know about this incident. So upon hearing his question, she smiled. “Yes, Lu Qi is indeed involved.”

“Sh*t! This is huge news! Xiao Man, you are an amazing friend!” Tang Zi was extremely happy, beaming with joy that he started jumping about on the spot. His mind was already racing with ideas and working up a story on the secrets and sleazy happenings.

Lu Man laughed. “Don’t bother with staking out at the hospital already. Lu Hanli is gravely injured and unconscious. He won’t wake up anytime soon. Come and wait at my house, soon there will be a good show for you to watch.”

“Don’t I have to wait at the police station? Maybe I can even catch Lu Qi,” Tang Zi said.

“Are you dumb?” Lu Man said. “Lu Qi went to the police station for questioning, but once she isn’t charged, she will eventually have to come home, right? You guys can’t meet Lu Hanli, and all of you know that Lu Qi is at the police station so everyone will rush to the police station to find her. You might as well come to my house earlier and reserve yourself a good spot first.”

“Right! Right! Right!” Seeing the crowd in front of him, Tang Zi quietly moved to the back and ran away stealthily.

While walking, he asked, “But, is it alright for you to take advantage of Lu Qi?”

“How is this considered ‘taking advantage’? Do you not know how to watch your words? To think that I was still concerned about you.” Lu Man rolled her eyes.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Tang Zi slapped his mouth and said, “It was a slip of the tongue.”

Tang Zi knew a little about the strained relationship between Lu Man and Lu Qi.

As Tang Zi and Lu Man’s friendship became deeper, Tang Zi could tell that there was something wrong between Lu Qi and Lu Man even without Lu Man mentioning it.

As the two started trusting each other more, Lu Man told him a little more about herself.

“She even tried to frame me! If I had not run away quickly, I would have become her scapegoat. Anyway I’m not hurting her, I’m just trying to shed light on reality, that’s all. So just wait there, soon there will be a big scoop.”

“Big scoop or whatnot, it really doesn’t matter to me. I can dig out more news by running about a bit more. But you, considering how biased your father is towards Lu Qi, you should be a little more careful,” Tang Zi advised, worried for her.

Tang Zi’s words warmed Lu Man’s heart. “Got it, I understand.”

Hanging up the phone, she let out a deep sigh.

In her previous life, when she was in jail, she did not dare to tell her mother.

However, she had asked Tang Zi to visit her mother every now and then.

All those years, Tang Zi had helped her tremendously.

Being stuck in jail, how could she have had any income?

It was Tang Zi who had single-handedly taken care of all of these from paying her mother’s medical expenses to buying medicine and tonic. He had even helped out with maintenance in the house.

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