The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 23 - It Turns Out Being a Mistress is Hereditary

Chapter 23: It Turns Out Being a Mistress is Hereditary

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Lu Qiyuan looked embarrassed.

“However, when I was 14, my father became someone else’s father and was no longer my father. He worries that Lu Qi will feel aggrieved, but has never cared about how I have to compromise in so many ways. To let Lu Qi enter the entertainment circle you did not care that I wanted to be a fashion designer and not an assistant. Even though I had made it into a good school, you forced me to pull out and slave away for Lu Qi. Even though you know that I am being wrongly accused, you still want me to be the scapegoat. Ruining my future is not enough, you must also ruin my entire life.”

Lu Man’s tears started falling, and she wiped them away, unable to mask her vulnerability. “Lu Qi has a father, but I don’t have one. Since she has harmed someone, let her take responsibility herself, I won’t help her take the blame. If she didn’t harm anyone, then why is she so scared? After the police have finished investigating, they won’t let the actual culprit go. If she was right, and it was me who was the culprit, then let the police come and apprehend me. It’s not me who did it, and I’m not guilty, so I’m not afraid!”

Upon hearing Lu Man say that Lu Qi has a father, but she does not have one, Lu Qiyuan had already become furious.

Saying that in front of him, what did she take him as?

Saying that she had no father, is she implying he’s dead?

Lu Qiyuan did not even think about what he had done to Lu Man, so how could he still expect Lu Man to be grateful to him?

After Lu Man had finished talking, she turned and ran outside.

None of them expected Lu Man to suddenly run away and thus they were not prepared at all. They were all feeling muddled for a moment.

Finally, when Lu Qiyuan had managed to recover, he hurriedly said, “Chase after her now! Don’t let her tell any lies to outsiders!”

He Zhengbai was the one who reacted swiftly and quickly chased after her. Taking a glance, Lu Qi immediately followed him.

Upon leaving from there Lu Man wiped away her tears, smiling coldly.

Just now, she had just been acting. Her heart had long turned cold when she had died. Why would she care about what those people said or did?

However, she did not immediately rush out and instead slowed down outside the house.

Suddenly, she heard a whistle that sounded like the cry of a bird and turned towards the source of the sound. She saw that Tang Zi was carefully peeking out from the left-side bush that was in front of her. Then, Tang Zi blinked twice at Lu Man.

Lu Man nodded, signaling to him to hide quickly,

Immediately after that, she heard He Zhengbai call her from behind, “Lu Man!”

Lu Man smiled coldly seeing that He Zhengbai had followed her out. Previously she had been worried that they would not follow her out.

However, on turning around, she saw He Zhengbai and Lu Qi come running after her.

Lu Man pretended like she was about to run, but He Zhengbai caught up to her with a few steps and stopped her.

“Lu Man, let’s bring the discussion back inside,” He Zhengbai requested.

“What else is there to say? All of you tried to push the blame onto me, none of you cared about your face and just tried to make me take the blame for Lu Qi,” Lu Man said loudly.

Lu Qi’s face changed, “Elder sister, don’t speak so loudly. The situation isn’t like you have said.”

“Yeah, Lu Man let’s go back in to talk,” He Zhengbai tolerantly tried convincing her, reaching out to grab Lu Man’s arm.

Having already anticipated it, Lu Man took a step back and avoided his hand.

“I won’t go back. That isn’t my home, it has long been taken over by Lu Qi. Although I’m the biological daughter, I can’t compare with the step-daughter that followed her mother into the Lu family. I’ve been forced to have no home to return to and no path to follow. No one would believe it if I told others,” Lu Man laughed coldly, “She took over my house, and along with her mother even forced my mother out. Her mother is a mistress, destroying my parents’ marriage and now Lu Qi has seduced my boyfriend. It turns out that being a mistress is hereditary.”

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