The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 24 - Who Hasn't Met a B*stard or Two?

Chapter 24: Who Hasn’t Met a B*stard or Two?

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Lu Qi’s face instantly changed. What she hated the most was Lu Man talking about her identity as a step-daughter.

As soon as she had started understanding things and even before Xia Qingyang had married into the Lu family, she already knew that Lu Qiyuan was her father.

Yet Lu Man always wanted to remind her that she was just a step-daughter and had no relation with Lu Qiyuan at all.

Thus Lu Qi felt that life was unfair. Even though she and Lu Man were of the same status, why was it that she had to be looked down on, why couldn’t she let everyone know that she was also a legitimate Lu family daughter?

Yet Lu Man would pierce her heart again and again.

Lu Man saw Lu Qi’s face and knew that she was very angry.

But she would not say that in front of Lu Qiyuan.

As now, she knew that the more she said that, the more Lu Qiyuan would feel pity for Lu Qi.

But as long as Lu Qiyuan was not present, Lu Man did not mind purposely stabbing at Lu Qi’s weak spot.

Thus the more Lu Qi cared for something, the more Lu Man will talk about it.

“Lu Man, don’t say it like that. Qi Qi did not do anything wrong. It was just that we weren’t suitable,” He Zhengbai frowned and said.

“What I have said may not have sounded nice, but I am much better than you. You say nice things but your actions are disgusting,” Lu Man smiled widely at Lu Qi, “You probably don’t know right? When He Zhengbai was together with me, he used to say that you did not know your place, even though you’re just a step-daughter, yet you keep competing with me in every way, who do you think you are? I guess that when he’s with you, he probably talks badly of me? He probably says that I can’t compete with you in any way, also besides for the fact that I’m a daughter of the Lu family, I have no other positive traits?”

“Stop talking nonsense!” He Zhengbai hurriedly told Lu Qi, “Qi Qi, don’t listen to her nonsense.”

However, Lu Man smiled without care and continued speaking, “Valentine’s Day last year, you said that you were busy with work and couldn’t spend it with me. But the truth is that you had gone to spend it with Lu Qi and even bought a pair of bracelets from the C brand, giving her one and keeping one for yourself. Carved on the inside of the bracelet are your shortened names and the day you professed your love to each other. Do you want to know how I know? It’s because I’ve seen the inside of your bracelet.”

In reality, Lu Man had actually never seen it before. She had not known about it even till she had been imprisoned.

It was only after she had been released that Lu Qi had purposely come to her to boast about it.

“I just don’t understand, why won’t the two of you learn? Why must both of you purposely leave some evidence on such things? Does it mean that if you don’t engrave such words, you don’t love each other?” Lu Man mocked them.

Seeing Lu Qi’s face darken, Lu Man said, “You don’t need to deny it. Lu Qi has worn the bracelet many times in public. All we need to do is just find a photo to confirm it. We can even go to the shop to check, there’s even the number code of the bracelet, and a record of your purchase and carving.”

“At that time, He Zhengbai, you were yet to break up with me. You were even discussing our marriage with me. You had even visited the Lu family house many times as my boyfriend. So I’m rather curious, during which visit to the house did you fall in love with Lu Qi?”

“Lu Man, just stop refusing to let go of this incident,” He Zhengbai said, voice deepening.

“Alright, I won’t talk about it anymore. After all, who hasn’t met a b*stard or two?” Lu Man smiled, “You even saw Lu Qi’s message to me too. The messages clearly indicated that had gone on her own accord to the director’s room late at night. Why do female stars choose late nights to visit someone? He Zhengbai, you’re also training to become a director. This kind of dirty stuff in the entertainment circle is something you should know very clearly. I don’t need to say more.”

Lu Man moved her gaze from Lu Qi to He Zhengbai, a faint smile on her face. “You’re totally being cuckolded.”

After she had finished speaking, without waiting to see their reactions, Lu Man left quickly.

Seeing that He Zhengbai was still stunned, Lu Qi grabbed his arm, shook it. “Zhengbai, stop staring blankly, quickly go and stop her from leaving!”

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