The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 2197 - 2197 Second Ancestor Golden Feather

Chapter 2197 - 2197 Second Ancestor Golden Feather

2197 Second Ancestor Golden Feather

After Chu Liuyue and the rest left, the remaining Song Qing and the others all went their own ways and found their own residences.

The figures on the Star Path quickly disappeared, and it fell silent again.

Xiao Ran looked at the Star Path and seemed to be in a daze. After a long while, he turned around and returned to the house.

As he walked, he muttered, “A good one finally came, yet she’s someone without a totem… Sigh, let’s just wait and see!”


The houses and courtyards here were all independent and rather far away from each other. From a certain point of view, it was also to make it more convenient for everyone to cultivate on their own and not disturb each other.

When they passed by the sides of the courtyards, they would sometimes still see some people cultivating.

In the beginning, some people were still rather curious about them and wanted to go up and greet them. But after they saw the tokens around their waists, they all became cold, and many of them didn’t conceal the contempt and mockery in their eyes.

Others focused on their cultivation and did not bother with them.

Hence, during this whole journey, nobody cared about them.

Finally, Chu Liuyue found a rather big courtyard that could fit the six of them at once.

After entering the courtyard and closing the door, Xiao Ba finally could not help but stomp her feet in anger. “These people are too much! I’ve received more people rolling their eyes today than in my entire life! Isn’t it just missing a bloodline totem? Is there a need to do this?!”

“Of course.” Hua Shuangshuang shook his head and sighed. “Did you forget what the Seventh Deity said earlier? People like us are destined not to break through and become deities. That also means that no matter how we cultivate, we won’t be able to cross the barrier above legendary warriors. In this way, we have nothing for them to fear.”

He grabbed the token at his waist and looked at it. “We even have to constantly worry about the word disappearing, and we always have the risk of being chased out.”

Xiao Ba grunted. Actually, she knew all of this, but she just found it hard to bear.

They just came over, yet they were already trampled all over. How could they spend their remaining days?

“All these are unimportant. You staying behind means completing the first step.” Chu Liuyue squeezed Xiao Ba’s cheeks in comfort. “Okay, don’t be angry. Your wrinkles are showing.”

“Master—” Xiao Ba held her arm and leaned over in grievance. “It’s all because I’m useless. Not only did I not fight for you, Master, but I even implicated you, causing you to be mocked by them.”

Chu Liuyue laughed. “This has nothing to do with you. They look down on all of those without totems—that’s the foundational problem. As for whether you’re a legendary warrior or not… it’s just an excuse.”

Everyone could see this point clearly.

“Today is your first day here. Everyone, let’s go back and rest. If you need anything, we can talk about it after you calm yourself down.”

Chu Liuyue found a room and walked in.

The moment she sat down, Tuan Zi could not help but call, “A’Yue! A’Yue!”

To be safe, Chu Liuyue set up a barrier in the surroundings before calling Tuan Zi out.

Tuan Zi jumped into her arms and asked concernedly, “A’Yue, did you see clearly if it’s Clan Leader Grandpa’s feather?”

Chu Liuyue comfortingly patted her back and lightly said, “Don’t worry. I don’t think it is.”

She was considered to be familiar with Yi Zhao, so she could still differentiate this.

When Jin Yunlai used that feather to brush across her brows, she specifically took a closer look at it and could basically confirm that it was unrelated to Yi Zhao.

Tuan Zi first heaved a sigh of relief, then became nervous. “But if it’s not Clan Leader Grandpa’s, who else could it be?”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat

Actually, this was also what she was considering.

Red-gold heavenly phoenixes were ancient legendary fiends and had a distinguished status. Normal people couldn’t even see them once, not to mention using their feathers as a brush.

No matter how amazing the people in Fantasy Divine Palace were, this was overboard.

Chu Liuyue thought for a long while before looking at Tuan Zi with uncertainty. “Tuan Zi, I actually think… that feather’s aura is a little familiar.”

Tuan Zi’s blackberry-like eyes widened as she stammered and asked, “W-what does that mean?”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath. “That feather’s aura… is extremely similar to the Ancestral Golden Feather.”

Jin Yunlai followed the Star Path and walked forward, finally arriving at the black square before the Fantasy Divine Hall.

The centermost position of the large and magnificent square was missing a piece.

In front of the black square, someone stood with his hands behind his back and looked at it closely.

Hearing the sound, he turned around.

It was a man who looked like he was 28 or 29 years old. His five features were handsome, and his aura elegant. Only his pair of deep eyes showed that he was not as young as he looked.

“Did you bring all of them in?”

Jin Yunlai looked down respectfully. “They’re all here. I’ve registered their names.”

As he spoke, he passed the booklet and the golden feather forward with both hands.

That man took the items and flipped open the booklet to take a look. As he looked, he asked, “I heard that there are six people without bloodline totems?”

Jin Yunlai said, “Yeah. Three legendary warriors and three true gods. Those three true gods were brought by a woman called Shangguan Yue.”

“Shangguan… Yue?” That person laughed. “Interesting.”

Jin Yunlai’s expression did not change. “If there’s no accident, the word on the tokens will disappear in a month. At that time, they will also leave.”

“What a pity… That Shangguan Yue should be quite capable.”

“It’s useless to have the best talent in the world if one doesn’t have a bloodline totem. It’s impossible for them to stay here for long.”

“That’s true. Originally I wanted to take a look—forget it.” That man closed the booklet. “What a pity. Wasted a good name.”

“Ancestral Golden Feather?”

Hearing Chu Liuyue’s words, Tuan Zi was instantly dazed. “But… that’s not right! There’s only one Ancestral Golden Feather in the clan, and it’s with me!”

In the beginning, as she had the purest bloodline, she obtained this Ancestral Golden Feather.

She had never heard of another one in the world.

Chu Liuyue stared at Tuan Zi. “Are you sure there’s only one?”

“Yeah!” Tuan Zi pointed at her brows. “Everyone uses this when they open their meridian. Why would there be two?”

Chu Liuyue frowned slightly. It isn’t that I haven’t thought about it before, but the one in Jin Yunlai’s hand has a very similar aura…

“There might be something amiss here, but let’s not come to conclusions so quickly. The most important thing now is to ensure that Big Baby and the rest are here—Clan Leader Yi Zhao as well.” She stretched out her hand as she spoke, and a purple scale lay in her hands quietly.

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