The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler

Chapter 2198 - 2198 Sky Shining Fantasy Formation

Chapter 2198 - 2198 Sky Shining Fantasy Formation

2198 Sky Shining Fantasy Formation

The light flickered faintly on the scale. Then, a strong ripple came from inside!

There was faintly something summoning it from afar!

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled as she looked in the direction of the summon, and she immediately knitted her brows. This summon is actually coming from the Fantasy Divine Hall!

At the same time, Dugu Mobao—who was trapped in the cage without day or night—suddenly opened his eyes! Yue’er Girlie actually came?


He waved his palm lightly, and there seemed to be lights surging in his sinisterly purple eyes.

That connection was instantly broken!

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue looked at the purple scale in her hand strangely. At that moment, I clearly felt Big Baby’s aura. Why did it suddenly break?

Chu Liuyue locked up hesitantly and knitted her brows slightly. This seems… to be done by Big Baby on purpose?

“A’Yue, what’s wrong?” Tuan Zi ran over and hugged her thigh, looking up concernedly as she asked, “Can we not find Big Baby and Grandpa?”

“Sort of, but not really.” Chu Liuyue put away that purple scale. I can now confirm that Big Baby is indeed in the Fantasy Divine Hall. But due to certain reasons, he can’t come out and specifically cut off the connection with me. It seems like his situation isn’t optimistic.

As for Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze, there is no news at all.

The Fantasy Divine Hall is very big. It is probably very hard to ascertain where they specifically are. After all, I don’t even have the right to enter the Fantasy Divine Hall.

The Fantasy Divine Hall had an extremely holy and distinguished status here. On the Star Path, that person just raised his hand to point at it and had to face a severe punishment.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how dangerous it would be if one recklessly went forward.

With her current abilities, she would probably be killed before she reached the door!

Tuan Zi knitted her small brows and had a face filled with worry. “T-then… are they also locked up now? Will they suffer a lot?”

Chu Liuyue rubbed her brows and sighed lightly and helplessly. That should be the only answer. To be more accurate, the three of them were already locked up tens of thousands of years ago. During this long period, they’ve been suppressed underneath the Red Moon Desert and can’t come out at all.

This is already the strictest punishment on its own. But for some reason, the three of them were brought here this time and locked up continuously.

Chu Liuyue faintly felt that the matter was much more complicated than she had predicted.

“We can only silently observe the changes,” said Chu Liuyue as she looked at Tuan Zi. “Tuan Zi, can you feel Senior Yi Zhao’s aura? Or your other clansmen?”

Tuan Zi closed her eyes and meticulously sensed for a while before she shook her head in defeat. “No, nothing at all.”

Tuan Zi pressed her lips against each other.

After reassuring Tuan Zi, Chu Liuyue started to cultivate inside the room.

The Heaven and Earth Force here was very rich and pure. Even Peach Blossom Dock could not compare to this place.

Not to mention other things, but this place was indeed a holy ground for cultivation.


An explosion suddenly sounded from outside.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes and stood rather strangely before walking to the window.

She pushed open the window and looked outside. She then saw a ray of light rush to the sky, and it bloomed in the sky, turning into silver fireworks.

It dazzled brightly.

Chu Liuyue took a close look and realized that she had seen wrongly. That wasn’t an ordinary firework—it was a Xuan formation!

“That’s… the Xuan formation on the Star Path?” muttered Chu Liuyue softly.


Many ear-piercing sounds were heard as people jumped up into the air from the neighboring few courtyards.

Their gazes were all gathered on the Xuan formation that suddenly bloomed.

“That’s actually the Sky Shining Fantasy Formation?”

“That’s a Grandmaster-level Xuan formation, and it’s very complicated. I just stared at it for 15 minutes last time, and I almost fainted. Who went to study the Xuan formation? Seems a little familiar—”

“Who else can it be? Mu Yafeng!”

“Hiss… I recall that she had just studied the Great King Xuan Master-level Xuan formations. When did she suddenly break through to become a Grandmaster?”

“Her aim is to study all the Xuan formations on the Star Path and enter the Fantasy Divine Hall! Do you think she has no goals like you? Her talent as a Xuan Master is extremely high, and ordinary people can’t compare to her. We can only envy her.”

Hearing these words, Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled as she pushed open the door to walk in.

Standing in the courtyard, one could clearly see the Xuan formation blooming in midair. It was complicated, beautiful, dazzling, and charming.

A Grandmaster-level Xuan formation was indeed different.

Thinking of what those people said earlier, Chu Liuyue cupped her fists to a middle-aged man not far away and asked, “Senior, may I ask whether we can enter the Fantasy Divine Hall if we study and understand all the Xuan formations on the Star Path?”

That man heard Chu Liuyue’s voice, turned around, and looked over. Then, he lightly snorted. “That’s right. The Xuan formations on the Star Path are split into different regions based on their standard. The closer they are to the Fantasy Divine Hall, the higher the level of the Xuan formation, and the harder it would be to understand it. As long as one can study all the Xuan formations on it, they can have the right to enter the Fantasy Divine Hall.”

As he spoke, his gaze twirled around the token on Chu Liuyue’s waist with a few hints of contempt. “However, you don’t have to think about it. It’s impossible for you.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed.

At this point, another rather familiar flippant voice came from the side. “She just came here. You have to be more polite, right?”

Chu Liuyue turned around. “Senior Xiao Ran?”

Xiao Ran lazily leaned against the door frame. “I told you that you don’t have to call me senior. You can just call me Xiao Ran.”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly.

Although Xiao Ran said that he didn’t mind these things, Chu Liuyue had quite a decent impression of him, so she had to call him ‘senior.’

“Xiao Ran, what does this have to do with you? If you have this time, why don’t you think about breaking through yourself!?” The scolded middle-aged man grunted coldly. “Besides, am I not speaking the truth? She doesn’t have a bloodline totem and will be chased out of here in the next month or so. She’s dreaming if she wants to study all the Xuan formations on the Star Path!”

Xiao Ran nodded. “That’s right, but she’s not even twenty and can walk around Fantasy Divine Palace. She’s more capable than many who relied on their bloodline power to forcefully come here, yet are unable to break through, right?”

“You!” That middle-aged man couldn’t refute Xiao Ran, so he swiftly stopped arguing, whipped his sleeves, and returned to the house.

If he had the time, he should cultivate himself!

Seeing this, the others did not say much. Clearly, they were fearful of Xiao Ran.

Chu Liuyue smiled at Xiao Ran. “Thank you, Senior Xiao Ran.”

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