The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 41 - Domineering Return  

Chapter 41: Domineering Return

“For the weak, they rely more on the power of treasured weapons. However, to a true sword expert, even an ordinary iron sword can be invincible in the world.

“When I was young, I once heard that the Heaven Mending Sect’s Perfected Xuantian entered the no man’s land alone and swept across 6,000 miles with a sword, blocking the myriad clans outside the natural chasm. How stunning was that…

“This sword has too many legends, even though it’s only a supreme-grade treasure and can’t even be considered a spirit artifact.”

After hearing He Wushuang’s explanation, Lin Qingzhu immediately understood why Perfected Ming Yue would have that expression when Ye Qiu gave this sword to her.

So… There was such a legend about this sword. Lin Qingzhu was very happy at the thought of this. So I’m actually so important to Master. He was even willing to give me such a treasure.

Lin Qingzhu was very touched. She could feel her master’s love for her. He was the only person who truly treated her well after her parents died.

“Take it.” Lin Qingzhu was not stingy either. She threw the Violet Cloud Sword up.

He Wushuang took the Violet Cloud Sword with a smile and looked at it carefully. When he calmed down, he could still feel the shocking sword intent left behind by Perfected Xuantian. He was a genius in the Sword Dao, and he loved swords very much. Every time he encountered a good sword, he wanted to admire it.

“Young Master Wushuang has so much free time. You actually came to Guangling City to observe the sword…”

Suddenly, he heard a cold voice. He Wushuang glanced over.

“Hmm? Gu Haitang! Are you here to join in the fun?” He Wushuang said casually as he played with the sword in his hand.

Gu Haitang ignored him. When he saw Fuyao, he immediately flew over with a smile. “Hehe, Fairy Fuyao, I didn’t expect us to be so fated to meet here again.”

Fuyao’s mouth twitched. She wished she could slap this fellow. What fate? He had chased after her for a month. Did he think she didn’t know?

“Young Master Gu, please respect yourself.” Fuyao only replied coldly and turned her face away. She did not want to see this annoying fellow.

On the other side, He Wushuang carefully appraised the Violet Cloud Sword and returned it to Lin Qingzhu. “Good sword! As expected of the sword that Perfected Xuantian used back then. Miss… please protect this sword’s former reputation and not let it be buried.”

Lin Qingzhu did not answer and only nodded.

After saying that, He Wushuang looked coldly at Yang He. He could not stand people who relied on their seniority.

Just as he was about to attack, a few gray-robed elders suddenly descended from the sky and landed beside Yang Xiao.

Yang Xiao was delighted to see them and said, “Greeting, Master and Martial Uncles.”

At that moment, he thought that he was dead for sure. He did not expect Li Changkong and the two Martial Uncles of Immortal Mountain to arrive at the critical moment.

Li Changkong looked at his precious disciple and then at He Wushuang above him. He said, “Young Master Wushuang, my disciple was insensible today and angered you. I hope you can forgive him on my account.”

“Haha, you seem to be mistaken. He didn’t provoke me.” He Wushuang smiled. If Li Changkong hadn’t suddenly appeared, he wouldn’t have minded helping Lin Qingzhu vent her anger. However, there was no need for him to fight to the death with them since the people from the Immortal Mountain were already here.

Li Changkong was stunned. He had just arrived and realized that He Wushuang seemed to be attacking the Yang family, so he couldn’t wait to come down. He wondered what had happened.

“Disciple, what’s going on?” Li Changkong’s face darkened as he asked.

Yang Xiao stammered and still explained everything to him.

After hearing this, Li Changkong’s expression turned cold. He looked at Lin Qingzhu in the crowd and his heart trembled.

“Traitor…” Li Changkong immediately slapped him and Yang Xiao was instantly knocked to the ground.

On the other hand, Yang He was dumbfounded. Why was even Li Changkong afraid of Ye Qiu? Could it be that this person was really very fierce?

Yang He did not dare to make a sound when he saw his son being beaten up. After all, the other party was Li Changkong.

After dealing with Yang Xiao, Li Changkong hurriedly walked up and apologized, “Ladies, I didn’t discipline them well enough, causing this traitor to offend you. I hope that you can forgive him for his rashness on my account. I will definitely discipline him strictly when we get back. This will not happen again.”

Lin Qingzhu didn’t say anything. She didn’t want to blow things up.

Zhao Wan’er smiled playfully and said, “Elder Li, it’s a little inappropriate to send us away with just a few words, right?”

Li Changkong’s heart sank when he heard this. He didn’t want to escalate the matter because of the pressure Ye Qiu gave him earlier.

However, the two old men behind him were not in a good mood.

“Hmph, an ignorant child. Just go with the flow.”

“What else do you want?”

“Do you think my Immortal Mountain is really afraid of your Heaven Mending Sect?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere instantly froze.

“Interesting! Is he declaring war on the Heaven Mending Sect?”

The surrounding crowd looked like they were watching a good show.

“What if I don’t?” At this moment, even Zhao Wan’er, who had a good temper, could no longer hold it in.

Even when she was insulted by Yang Xiao, she did not say anything. Now, the other party actually said that the Heaven Mending Sect was wrong. Wasn’t that equivalent to saying that Ye Qiu was wrong?

That was her master who treated her like family. She could not tolerate anyone saying anything.

“Hah, little girl, youth knows no fear!”

“Not to mention you, even your Heaven Mending Sect’s Sect Master Meng has to be polite to me.”

Zhao Wan’er’s expression changed when she heard this. She silently took out a communication talisman and prepared to send a signal to the Grand General’s residence in Guangling City.

She had always been carrying a special royal communication talisman. This communication talisman could send messages to all the military commanders in Liyang and ask them to come and help.

Previously, she didn’t want to expose her identity, but it was useless. Now, looking at the situation, she had no choice but to use it.

Just as she was about to activate it, suddenly…

“What arrogance…”


Everyone was shocked. That voice seemed to be coming from miles away.

It was like the sound of the Great Dao, echoing in everyone’s ears.

As soon as this voice sounded, the heart of the gray-robed old man, Li Daoyuan, trembled. He could feel the shocking power of a Cardinal on the other party.

“He’s actually a Cardinal expert!”

On the roof, the old man behind He Wushuang and the two old men behind Fuyao also revealed looks of surprise.

“Uncle Han, is this person very strong?” Fuyao asked softly, feeling very puzzled. At that moment, she felt her heart tremble.

That voice struck straight at the soul.

Han Shengyi said with a solemn expression, “Yes, very strong! His aura is surging like a sharp sword, piercing straight through the soul.”

In an instant, a white light arrived from the horizon. It was like a sharp sword that pierced through the crowd and charged towards Li Daoyuan.

“Senior Brother, be careful!” Li Changkong was shocked and quickly helped Li Sansi. The three of them blocked the sword together.


With a loud bang, the sword energy wreaked havoc. The bricks on the ground were sent flying and the pavilions were destroyed.

The three of them worked together to block this strike. Their gazes landed on a person stepping on a sword in the sky.

“It’s Master! Master is back…”

Zhao Wan’er and Lin Qingzhu were extremely excited when they saw the figure in the sky. That was really their master.

Ye Qiu…

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