The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 42 - So There's No Room For Negotiations?  

Chapter 42: So There’s No Room For Negotiations?

The crowd gasped. The three experts of the Immortal Mountain were directly forced back under that sword.

One had to know that among these three people, there was a Cardinal.

“Is this the famous peak master of Heaven Mending Sect, Ye Qiu? He’s indeed as young as the rumors say…”

Fuyao praised. She had heard of Ye Qiu’s deeds before. At first, she didn’t believe it. Now that she saw Ye Qiu easily defeat Li Daoyuan with a single strike, she was extremely shocked.

“However, didn’t they say that he was only at Hidden Life Five Realms? Why did he suddenly become a Cardinal?”

Han Shengyi also shook his head. He didn’t know Ye Qiu very well and only sighed. “The Heaven Mending Sect has produced another Cardinal expert. Their luck is flourishing and they have a chance to rise again. This person’s swordsmanship is extraordinary. I find it difficult to match him.”

Hearing this, Fu Yao looked at him in surprise and said, “No way, Uncle Han. Could it be that he, an early-stage Cardinal, can match your mid-stage Cardinal?”

“I think it’s far more than that. His sword intent is too terrifying. Not to mention me, look at those old fellows opposite. All of them look afraid.”

Fu Yao looked over curiously after hearing Han Shengyi’s reminder. Just as he said, He Wushuang and the experts behind Gu Haitang also revealed fear.

Clearly, they were all shocked by Ye Qiu’s sword just now.

At this moment, Ye Qiu looked like a sword immortal from the heavens, a peerless existence.

That shocking pressure made it difficult for everyone to raise their heads. Suddenly, it pulled everyone back to the fear of being dominated by Perfected Xuantian back then.

“Oh my god, as expected of God Ye! My idol is awesome…” Xiao Yi immediately flattered him. When he saw Ye Qiu appear, he felt relieved. “This is a true expert. Look at his demeanor, his temperament, and his pressure. Haha, who dares to provoke us?”

Why did it feel like after Ye Qiu arrived, the happiest wasn’t Zhao Wan’er and Lin Qingzhu, but him?

Zhao Wan’er covered her mouth and giggled. Lin Qingzhu glanced at him in disdain and immediately bowed. “Greetings, Master!”

Ye Qiu nodded. “Okay, get up!”

Ye Qiu stared coldly at Li Changkong and the other two, anger rising in his heart. He had only left for a short while, but he did not expect his disciples to be bullied like this. Moreover, the other party actually dared to boast shamelessly and not even take Meng Tianzheng seriously.

“Just now, you said that even if my Heaven Mending Sect’s Sect Master was here, he would have to show you some respect, right? Can I treat this as a provocation from your Immortal Mountain Holy Land to our Heaven Mending Sect?” Ye Qiu said expressionlessly. Li Changkong knew that the situation was bad.

On the other hand, Li Daoyuan’s face was ashen. He had just been pretending to be impressive, but he did not expect to be busted. It was a little embarrassing now.

How could he dare to let Meng Tianzheng treat him with respect? Who was Meng Tianzheng? That was a peak-level Cardinal expert, an existence that could be considered top-notch below the Paragon realm.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, this is all a misunderstanding. My senior brother didn’t mean that. He was just saying it casually. Don’t take it to heart.” Li Changkong hurriedly explained, cursing Li Daoyuan in his heart.

He could have resolved this. Who would have thought that Li Daoyuan would suddenly say this? Who knew if Meng Tianzheng would kill his way to Immortal Mountain and kill the three of them if he heard about this?

One had to know that when Meng Tianzheng was young, he had a bad temper and would fight whoever he saw. However, after taking over the Heaven Mending Sect, his temper had become a little more restrained, but he was still not a good person.

“Misunderstanding?” Ye Qiu sneered and slowly descended from above. “I don’t think so. If I didn’t come today, wouldn’t my two disciples be killed by you? You three old fellows are really shameless. You bully the young and act recklessly.”

In just a few words, Li Changkong felt extremely ashamed. He really wasn’t bullying the weak. Li Daoyuan must have gone crazy to insist on pretending.

Li Changkong was still thinking about how to end this. Unexpectedly, Li Daoyuan said bluntly, “So what if I bullied them today?”

As a Cardinal, he had his own pride. He didn’t believe that he would lose to Ye Qiu who was also in the Cardinal realm.

“Good, very good… So there’s no room for negotiation, right?”

Ye Qiu spread out his hands. Since there was no room for negotiation, he could only fight. His disciples were bullied, as a master, if he couldn’t even get back at them, how could he be a master?

As soon as he finished speaking, in an instant, all the vegetation within a radius of dozens of kilometers moved.

A shocking sword intent suddenly appeared. The air in the surroundings froze. Under this pressure, everyone was drenched in sweat.

As a sword fanatic, He Wushuang immediately stood up from the roof after sensing this sword intent.

“This person’s attainments in the Sword Dao have actually reached such a level. He’s not inferior to Perfected Xuantian back then at all.

“This is getting more and more interesting! Do you guys feel that there’s an astonishing sword intent emanating from the surrounding vegetation? It’s as if his sword is everywhere in this domain.”

The old man behind He Wushuang explained with a smile. He couldn’t help but want to go up and compete with such an expert.

However, after a short period of psychological simulation combat, he gave up because he couldn’t beat him.

Li Changkong and the other two turned pale in the face of this sword. The two of them had already cursed Li Daoyuan hundreds of times in their hearts. However, there was no turning back now. So they resisted with all their might.

“Get into formation!”

The three of them had an extremely strong tacit understanding. With just a look, they reached a consensus.

In an instant, a Heaven, Earth, and Genius array formation was formed. A shocking force spread out and angrily blocked Ye Qiu’s sword energy.

Ye Qiu didn’t move in the violent wind. He was even a little careless. From beginning to end, he did not use any weapons. He only relied on plants to control the battle.

Such control shocked everyone present.

Ye Qiu placed his right hand across his chest and instantly attacked.

In an instant, thousands of sword energy slashed down. In the sky, a huge sword smashed down.

“Hold on!” Li Daoyuan let out a furious roar and unleashed his full strength. With Li Changkong and Li Sansi supporting him, he blocked the sword with all his might.

Under the power of this sword, everyone stood up, their eyes filled with reverence.

“Heavens, this is the true supreme sword technique.”


A deafening sound rang out and dust billowed. Ye Qiu fell from the sky.

When the dust dissipated, three sorry figures fell to the ground.

“Pfft…” Li Daoyuan spat out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, there was only fear in his heart. He was no longer as arrogant as before. He actually couldn’t even withstand a single strike from his opponent. His confidence was damaged, and his Dao heart was unstable. There was a faint risk of his realm falling.

“Master…” Seeing Li Changkong fall to the ground, Yang Xiao was burning with anxiety as he glared at Ye Qiu. “I’ll fight it out with you…”

He instantly drew his sword and charged towards Ye Qiu. The sword stabbed straight at Ye Qiu’s chest, but it unexpectedly stopped an inch away.

Ye Qiu glanced at him coldly and waved his hand, sending him flying.

“Haha, this kid really doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. That’s a Cardinal! He’s just a small cultivator who hasn’t even reached the Celestial realm, yet he actually dares to brainlessly attack a Cardinal cultivator. It seems to be an inch away, but it’s like the ends of the earth. You can’t catch up.

“This is the spatial domain after the Infinite Distance realm.”

On the roof, He Wushuang explained with a mocking smile.

He was already close to the Infinite Distance realm, so he was very sensitive to this domain.

It could be said that the distance between the Celestial realm and the Infinite Distance realm were a very large watershed.

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