The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 43 - The Nasty Person Is Here  

Chapter 43: The Nasty Person Is Here

“You… How dare you hurt my son.” Yang He was furious when he saw his son being beaten up. He instantly drew his spear and attacked.

But just like before, Ye Qiu only waved his hand lightly and sent him flying.

In the face of absolute strength, any gorgeous move was like showing off in front of an expert.

“Pfft…” After suffering a heavy blow, Yang He was in complete despair. He was filled with regret.

A single mistake had brought irreparable destruction to the family. He was a sinner of the family.

“This is the great clan of Guangling? A frog at the bottom of a well, what a joke…”

Ye Qiu calmly glanced at Yang He and was about to execute him when…

“Junior Brother Ye, show mercy.”

“Hmm?” Ye Qiu looked at the sky in confusion and saw a flash of light. A middle-aged man in a Daoist robe walked over.

“Who is this person?”

Everyone present looked over curiously.

Han Shengyi’s eyes were very sharp and he immediately recognized the identity of the person above. “Heaven Mending Sect, Qi Wuhui! Why is he here…”

“What? Qi Wuhui. Is it that Heaven Mending Sect’s Hidden Sword Peak’s master, a Cardinal expert, Qi Wuhui?” Fuyao asked curiously. She did not expect the two Cardinals of the Heaven Mending Sect to appear here today.

Han Shengyi nodded and said, “Yes, it’s him. This person is very powerful and has a strange temperament. He will seek revenge for the smallest grievance.”

Fuyao nodded.

“Qi Wuhui?” Ye Qiu frowned and slowly lowered his hand. Why was he here?

“Senior Brother Qi, what’s the matter?” Ye Qiu said unhappily. He and Qi Wuhui weren’t on good terms to begin with, but outside, they represented the Heaven Mending Sect, so he still had to show some respect to him.

It was normal for the seven peak masters to compete with each other. However, they were still united when it came to the reputation of the Heaven Mending Sect.

Qi Wuhui landed steadily beside Ye Qiu and Yang He.

Yang He was overjoyed to see Qi Wuhui. “Master Qi, save me…”

Qi Wuhui did not have a good expression and glanced at him in disdain.

At this moment, Qi Wuhui wanted to curse.

Of all people, Yang He had to provoke Ye Qiu. Ye Qiu didn’t get along with him to begin with. If Ye Qiu made an issue out of this, wouldn’t he be at a disadvantage?

Although he was very unhappy, Qi Wuhui had no choice but to interfere. After all, he still had to rely on the Yang family’s businesses to profit.

The seven peaks were related to the various large families in the Eastern Wasteland. Most of the resources and wealth needed for the operation of the peaks came from these families.

Other than Violet Cloud Peak, which did not spend any money because there were few people.

“Junior Brother Ye! This person has been my good friend for many years. I wonder how he offended you. Why don’t you spare his life for the sake of me?” Qi Wuhui said sincerely.

It was only today that he realized that Ye Qiu was already on par with him. The more Qi Wuhui watched the battle from the sky, the more shocked he became.

This junior brother whom he had always looked down on had already broken through to the Cardinal realm without anyone knowing.

Qi Wuhui felt a deep sense of nervousness in his heart. If he was given a little more time, would he surpass him? Could it be that the Hidden Sword Peak was destined to be stepped on by Violet Cloud Peak?

He originally thought that after Daoist Xuantian died, he could finally hold his head high on the Hidden Sword Peak. However, Ye Qiu’s rise gave him another slap.

Ye Qiu’s face turned cold and he said, “For you? I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for Senior Brother to send me away with just a few words, right? How can any Tom, Dick, or Harry bully a disciple of Violet Cloud Peak?”

Qi Wuhui’s face was ashen. He knew that Ye Qiu wasn’t so easy to talk to.

Damn it, it seemed like if he didn’t put in some effort today, the Yang family wouldn’t be able to survive.

Damn it, this idiot. Why did he provoke this guy for no reason? Wasn’t he deliberately poking my waist?

“Junior Brother is right! After I understand the ins and outs of this matter, I will definitely give you a perfect explanation.”

Qi Wuhui gritted his teeth and turned around to understand the situation with Yang He.

Ye Qiu wasn’t in a hurry. He calmly returned to his disciple’s side. He wanted to see what Qi Wuhui wanted to say.

“Isn’t this Young Master Xiao? I’ve seen you in a different light after not seeing you for a few days.”

As soon as he returned to his disciple’s side, he saw Xiao Yi trembling beside them. Ye Qiu couldn’t help but tease him.

“Hehe…” Xiao Yi shuddered when Ye Qiu called out his name. He hurriedly chuckled and said, “Senior, you must be joking. This is what I should do.”

Ye Qiu smiled and didn’t say anything. Just now, Lin Qingzhu had already explained what had happened to him. Ye Qiu was really surprised by Xiao Yi’s righteousness. However, he understood after thinking about it carefully. He wanted to atone for his sins.

Hmm… He had not committed any heinous crimes in the first place. Since he had performed so well, I would forgive him first and wait and see.

“I am the head of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Zhan! Greetings, Perfected Ye.” At this moment, Xiao Zhan walked over and said respectfully.

Just now, he had already seen Yang He being sent flying by Ye Qiu with a light slap. He only had reverence for his strength. Even a fool knew what to do in the face of such an expert.

This time, he had made the right choice.

“Yes, you’re not bad! It’s all thanks to you for protecting my two useless disciples just now. I’ll remember the Xiao Clan…”

Xiao Zhan was delighted when he heard this. Ye Qiu’s words had indirectly acknowledged that their Xiao Clan had already latched onto Violet Cloud Peak.

“It’s fine, this is what I should do. My son was ignorant and offended you. I hope you won’t take it to heart.”

Ye Qiu smiled and looked at Xiao Yi, making him nervous. “Yes, I heard that your kid is very filial. I wonder if it’s true?”

Xiao Yi’s heart tightened when he heard this. It was as if he was going to the execution ground. He hurriedly looked at his father.

Father, please don’t trick me at this time.

I’m so filial.

“Haha, I already know Perfected’s intentions. My son has become much more sensible after your teachings.”

How could Xiao Zhan not understand what Ye Qiu meant? He laughed loudly.

“Okay, that’s good…” Ye Qiu nodded in relief. After chatting for a while, a few figures slowly flew over from the roof.

“Heaven Lake Holy Land, He Wushuang! Greetings, Perfected Ye…”

“Jade-Lake Holy Land, Fuyao, greets Perfected Ye.”

“Zhulu Academy, Gu Haitang, greets Perfected Ye…”

Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment. He looked at the handsome men and beautiful women opposite him and was a little confused.

Lin Qingzhu whispered into his ear, “Master, He Wushuang helped us earlier.”

“Oh?” Ye Qiu looked at He Wushuang in surprise and his heart trembled. “Natural Saint Body!”

Ye Qiu was surprised. He had heard of the best of the younger generation. Especially He Wushuang. He was young and promising. He was carefree, easy-going, and had the bearing of a Martial Monarch.

If this was in other novels, he would definitely be the male lead.

This was a true descendant of a large clan. He had the bearing, talent, and morals. He could be said to be perfect.

Looking at Fuyao, Ye Qiu let out another cold breath. Damn! She is comparable to Ming Yue…

Fuyao’s beauty was not inferior to Zhao Wan’er’s. If she was more mature, she would probably be able to challenge Ming Yue’s status.

Yeah… Ye Qiu enjoyed the sight and secretly admired it. However, he hid it very well and wasn’t discovered by the other party.

Then, he looked at Gu Haitang beside her. His talent was not bad either, so he ignored him for now…

“You’re the Heavenly Saint, He Wushuang, right?” Ye Qiu’s gaze returned to He Wushuang and he continued, “I’ve heard of you before. You’re indeed young and promising.”

“Haha, you must be joking! How would I dare to show off in front of you?” He Wushuang smiled humbly. The sword technique that Ye Qiu displayed just now was too amazing.

This was the sword technique he really wanted to learn. Unfortunately, the Heaven Lake Holy Land did not have such a sword technique.

To a sword genius who was obsessed with swords, this kind of sword technique was extremely tempting to him.

Therefore, as soon as the matter ended, he couldn’t wait to come down and communicate with Ye Qiu to see if he could learn anything.

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