The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 6 - I Heard You Want to Teach My Disciple For Me?

Chapter 6: I Heard You Want to Teach My Disciple For Me?

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“Martial Uncle Qi, is there a problem?” Lin Qingzhu was expressionless as she looked at Qi Wuhui thoughtfully. For some reason, she felt like she had gotten her revenge when she saw his expression. It was comfortable. She was secretly delighted.

“How could you possibly know what my master has done for me? Fortunately, you all didn’t choose me back then. Otherwise, how could I have become my master’s disciple and obtained this miraculous elixir that countless people dream of obtaining?

“Master’s ability is not something ordinary people like you can see through. Now, I finally understand why my Master was still able to maintain a calm appearance when facing the humiliation of so many people when he left the hall.

“This is the mentality of a true expert.”

She knew very well in her heart that the reason she cultivated so quickly was entirely due to the effects of the Divine Marrow Pill. She had not fully absorbed the medicinal effects fully after awakening the divine bones. After all, it was a supreme-grade spirit pill and only an immortal-grade spirit pill could compare to it.

Even a formidable martial artist, a peak master, like Qi Wuhui couldn’t take out a single pill, let alone give it to his own disciple. As for Ye Qiu, he has it and was willing to give it to her.

This was the difference between them.

At this moment, Qi Wuhui was extremely furious, but when he saw Meng Tianzheng, he didn’t dare to flare up. He looked at Lin Qingzhu coldly, as if he was saying, “Just you wait! You two trash master and disciple, even if you get some dog shit luck, it still won’t change your status in the Heaven Mending Sect.”

Compared to Qi Wuhui’s anger, Meng Tianzheng was even more shocked. “What in the world is going on? Could it be that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye isn’t as the rumors say, a mediocre talent? Hmm… This is debatable.”

Apart from doubt, Meng Tianzheng was even more happy, turning around to look at Qi Wuhui. He knew very well that Qi Wuhui had always had a huge opinion on Violet Cloud Peak.

This was because Hidden Sword Peak and Violet Cloud Peak had a feud with each other from the previous generation. Back then, when Perfected Xuantian was around, he didn’t dare to brazenly deal with Violet Cloud Peak.

After Perfected Xuantian passed away, Qi Wuhui gradually started to reveal his hostility towards Violet Cloud Peak and had been targeting Ye Qiu. Fortunately, Ye Qiu didn’t respond, so he didn’t have a chance.

Meng Tianzheng understood clearly that the struggle between Violet Cloud Peak and Hidden Sword Peak was about to begin again now that Lin Qingzhu unleashed such astonishing talent. After all, Lin Qingzhu was the eldest disciple of Violet Cloud Peak.

If nothing unexpected happened, she would definitely be the future successor of Violet Cloud Peak.

Coupled with this astonishing talent, how could Qi Wuhui sit still? How could he suppress Violet Cloud Peak if the Violet Cloud Peak had another strong martial artist like the Perfected Xuantian?

Meng Tianzheng immediately saw all of this. However, he was very happy to see such a scene. Only in a fight would there be pressure. The sect would definitely reap the benefits in the competition between the two peaks.

“Child, how many days has your master been in seclusion? Has he told you when he will come out?” Meng Tianzheng asked. The reason he came to Violet Cloud Peak this time wasn’t for Lin Qingzhu’s cultivation.

Lin Qingzhu hesitated for a moment, then said, “Master didn’t say. May I ask what matter Sect Master has? You can tell me and I will report to my Master when the time comes.”

“Alright, there’s nothing particularly important. It’s about the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting in three months. I wanted to ask your master whether Violet Cloud Peak wants to participate this time?”

At present, Violet Cloud Peak only had one disciple, but there were seven participation spots, so their number was indeed insufficient. However, as a branch of the Heaven Mending Sect, even if there was only one disciple, he still had to ask if the other party wanted to participate. This was his responsibility as the Sect Master, he could not leave out any faction.

“Seven Peaks Martial Meeting…” Upon hearing this, Lin Qingzhu’s eyes lit up. Ye Qiu had already told her about this before he went into seclusion. She immediately replied, “Sect Master, my master told me about this before. Violet Cloud Peak will participate in it.”

“Okay, very good!” Meng Tianzheng nodded, expressing his satisfaction. He was also looking forward to seeing how far Lin Qingzhu could improve after three months.

Qi Wuhui said with disdain, “It seems like your master is very confident in this Martial Meeting.”

“Martial Uncle Qi, please don’t worry. During this Martial Meeting, I will definitely show mercy if I meet a disciple of the Hidden Sword Peak.” Lin Qingzhu smiled and said calmly.

Qi Wuhui was instantly enraged when he heard this. “Hmph, little girl, you speak so arrogantly. Indeed, the disciple and the master are the same. You couldn’t possibly really think that you would be able to learn anything by following that trashy master of yours, right?”

Lin Qingzhu frowned and continued, “You don’t have to worry about that, Martial Uncle Qi. You should worry about yourself first. If your disciple loses to a disciple taught by a useless master like me during the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting, that would be a slap to your face.”


Pftt… Qi Wuhui almost spat out a mouthful of blood. This lass looked rather quiet. But why did she speak so harshly? Just like her master. He almost died from anger.

“Humph, little girl, you’re disrespecting your elders and offending your superiors. Today, I’ll teach you on behalf of your master and let you know what respect is.” With rage burning in his heart, Qi Wuhui was just about to make a move when… a loud sound echoed from the back mountain.

“Mm? This is…” Meng Tianzheng was shocked. He could vaguely sense a powerful aura coming from behind the mountain. This power was extremely shocking. “Could it be that the other seniors of Violet Cloud Peak haven’t passed away?”

Meng Tianzheng was shocked, and so was Qi Wuhui. His face was ashen.

“Master is out of seclusion!” Lin Qingzhu was pleasantly surprised.

She was frightened just now and didn’t expect that a single sentence from her would actually make Qi Wuhui break his cool and want to hit her. How could the current her be a match for Qi Wuhui? Unexpectedly, at this crucial moment, Ye Qiu actually came out of seclusion.

She could sense that the powerful aura was very familiar. It was her master, who had been in seclusion for a long time.

“What? Ye Qiu…” The two of them frowned and were in shock when they heard Lin Qingzhu’s surprised voice.

Impossible. This is the aura of an Infinite Distance realm expert. Wasn’t Ye Qiu only a level two Black Finger realm?

Just as the two of them were wondering, a cloud flashed across the sky. In a moment, a white figure appeared beside them.

His white clothes fluttered in the wind as he strolled leisurely. His entire body emanated an immortal aura, and he imperceptibly gave others the feeling that they couldn’t see through him.

“Hiss…” Meng Tianzheng was shocked. It was Ye Qiu. If they weren’t mistaken, Ye Qiu teleported over, right? This mystique could only be possessed by those at the Infinite Distance realm. It was at least ten thousand meters away from the back mountain to here. He actually arrived in a single step? From this, it could be seen that his cultivation was most definitely not as simple as Infinite Distance.

Compared to Meng Tianzheng’s shock, Qi Wuhui’s face was already completely pale.

He really could not believe that Ye Qiu had already broken through to the Infinite Distance realm. Moreover, his cultivation was probably close to the Hidden Life realm judging from the distance of teleportation. No, he didn’t believe that was true.

Four days ago, he was only a level two Black Finger cultivator. How did he break through to the Infinite Distance realm in just four days? Could it be that he had been hiding his strength all along? Thinking of this, Qi Wuhui’s face turned pale.

That had to be it. He had been hiding his strength this entire time. If he really was just a piece of trash like the rumors, how could an expert like Grandmaster Xuan take him as a disciple?

“Disciple welcomes Master from seclusion.” When she saw Ye Qiu again, Lin Qingzhu felt like she had found her backbone and immediately greeted him.

“Alright, get up.” Ye Qiu smiled faintly and helped her up. He already knew what had happened here. He turned around and glanced at Qi Wuhui with a meaningful smile. “Senior Brother Qi, I heard that you want to help me teach my disciple?”

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