The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 7 - My Disciple Is Not Up To You To Boss Around  1

Chapter 7: My Disciple Is Not Up To You To Boss Around

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Facing Ye Qiu’s question, Qi Wuhui felt a bit guilty, but he quickly reacted. “Junior Brother Ye, this disciple of yours is arrogant and has no respect for her elders. If you don’t teach her properly, she will definitely cause a huge calamity in the future. I saw that you were in seclusion and did not have the time to discipline your disciple. I did it out of good intentions. Junior Brother, please don’t take offense.”

“Oh? Is that so…” Ye Qiu smiled and said, “This disciple of mine, no matter how wrong she is, it’s my Violet Cloud Peak’s matter. I’ll discipline her myself. It’s not up to Senior Martial Brother to boss around here, right?

“The people of Violet Cloud Peak are still alive.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a powerful aura spread out instantly.

The faces of the three people instantly changed.


“Master is actually so powerful?” Lin Qingzhu was greatly alarmed. In the beginning, she had truly thought that her master was truly as the rumors said, and only possessed the strength of a level two Black Finger.

Now, she was extremely shocked when she felt this terrifying aura. What made her even more moved was that Ye Qiu actually went head-on against Qi Wuhui just to support her. One had to understand that this old fella was the most powerful individual in the entire Heaven Mending Sect apart from Meng Tianzheng.

“Master!” Lin Qingzhu was very touched as she looked at the figure in white who somehow became bigger. She thought that after experiencing the destruction of her family, there would be no one in the world that will treat her sincerely. She never thought that she would meet a master who was willing to protect her and uphold justice for her.

Lin Qingzhu opened her mouth and wanted to persuade Ye Qiu. The grievances she suffered just now were nothing. There was no need for him to offend Qi Wuhui. But when she opened her mouth, she couldn’t say it.

Meanwhile, at this time, Meng Tianzheng shot him a look of shock the moment Ye Qiu erupted with his aura. “This aura! It faintly contains a trace of immortal energy. Just what is his current cultivation? I can’t believe it. He’s obviously not as weak as the rumors say, but he endured ten years of humiliation and never explained anything. This person’s personality is too terrifying. If it weren’t for his disciple, he would continue to hide, right?” 

Meng Tianzheng didn’t say anything to stop him after giving Ye Qiu a deep look.

This was the conflict between the Hidden Sword Peak and Violet Cloud Peak for generations. As the Sect Master, he was caught between them and could not side with either side.

As for Qi Wuhui, his face was ashen as he expressionlessly looked at Ye Qiu.

He now understood. Ye Qiu’s strength wasn’t as rumored. That he was only a level two Black Finger. His strength was at least above the Infinite Distance realm from the aura he was emitting now. However, this did not mean that he would be afraid.

“Humph! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! This disciple of yours has no respect for elders and doesn’t respect the sect rules at all. As the Disciplinary Elder, can’t I interfere?” Qi Wuhui let out a cold snort. The aura on his body gradually exploded, countering the power that Ye Qiu was emitting.

“Haha, sect rules?” Ye Qiu dispersed his aura and walked leisurely to the edge of the cliff. He looked in the direction of Hidden Sword Peak. “Since Senior Apprentice Brother Qi mentioned the sect rules to me, then let’s talk about them.”

“What do you mean?” Qi Wuhui’s expression was gloomy. He didn’t know what Ye Qiu was up to.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Qi, as the Disciplinary Elder, you must be familiar with the sect rules. I wonder, according to our sect rules, how do we punish those disciples who bully the common people, rob commoners, and kill innocent commoners?”

Qi Wuhui didn’t even think and said, “According to the rules, their cultivation shall be abolished and expelled from the sect.”

Hearing this, the corners of Ye Qiu’s mouth curved upwards, revealing a meaningful smile.

Qi Wuhui suddenly had an ominous premonition after seeing this scene.

Indeed… after hearing his words.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “It seems like Senior Brother Qi knows the sect rules very well. If I remember correctly, your Hidden Sword Peak has a disciple. By relying on his strength, he bullied the commoners and snatched women from the foot of the mountain to play with them to death. He can be said to be ruthless. According to the sect rules, shouldn’t we abolish his cultivation and expel him from the sect?

“Oh, I remember now! This disciple seems to be Senior Apprentice Brother Qi’s son, right? No wonder this boy was able to escape the law on the mountain. That’s not surprising.”

Ye Qiu had a look of sudden realization.

Lin Qingzhu looked at Ye Qiu in surprise. She did not expect her master to be so cunning. It was obvious that he had set up a trap for Qi Wuhui so that he could dig a hole for himself before jumping down.

How could Qi Wuhui not guess that Ye Qiu was intentionally tricking him after hearing these words? But what he couldn’t refute was that everything Ye Qiu said was true. He had a son when he was old. He loved him dearly and had always been very indulgent towards his son.

As for Qi Hao, he relied on the fact that his father was the Disciplinary Elder and that he was the successor of the Hidden Sword Peak. Under Qi Wuhui’s indulgence, his mental state became increasingly twisted.

In just a few short months, he had already snatched several well-bred young ladies from various families and played them to death on the mountain.

In this world where the strong were respected, this sort of thing was really too normal. Usually, everyone would turn a blind eye. After all, his father was Qi Wuhui, and no one dared to criticize him. This indirectly fueled his arrogance, and his mentality became even more perverse.

“You…” When Qi Wuhui saw that the fuse had been drawn to his most beloved son, he was instantly flustered. “Junior Martial Brother Ye, you need to have evidence. Although our two branches have never gotten along, you don’t need to frame us, right?”

“Evidence?” Ye Qiu sneered when she saw the other party’s sinister face. “Then what if I find evidence? As the Disciplinary Elder, Senior Apprentice Brother Qi wouldn’t cover up for him, right?”

When these words were spoken, Qi Wuhui immediately broke out in a cold sweat, looking towards Meng Tianzheng for help.

Meng Tianzheng shook his head in disappointment when he saw that his mind was in chaos. He didn’t expect that Qi Wuhui, as the Disciplinary Elder, wouldn’t be able to win against a young man in terms of scheming. He couldn’t help but admire Ye Qiu. On the surface, he looked very honest, but he didn’t expect him to be so cunning.

Meng Tianzheng clearly knew about Qi Hao’s matters. However, because of his special status, Meng Tianzheng also turned a blind eye. After all, in the eyes of cultivators, the death of a mortal was nothing to them.

This was a world where myriad clans fought for supremacy. Only the strong had the right to speak.

His gaze looked towards the purple multicolored clouds in the sky. Meng Tianzheng suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Junior Brother Ye, your Violet Cloud Peak has beautiful scenery and abundant spiritual essence. There must be a spirit meridian beneath the mountain, right? No wonder Martial Uncle Xuantian never left Violet Cloud Peak for so many years. I see…”

Ye Qiu looked at him deeply. He knew that he was intentionally changing the topic to suppress this matter. Sneering inwardly, he felt that it was about time. At this moment, angering Qi Wuhui wouldn’t do him any good. After all, the other party was as strong as the Sect Master. If they were to really fight, he wouldn’t be a match for the other party. It was better to do Meng Tianzheng a favor and give him some respect.

Moreover, as long as this weakness was still present, Ye Qiu would be able to seize Qi Wuhui’s life.

“As expected of Senior Brother Sect Master. You saw through the mystery of our Violet Cloud Peak with a single glance. I’m impressed…” Ye Qiu laughed and continued after his words.

Meng Tianzheng gave him a satisfied look, continuing, “It’s getting late, let’s get back to the main topic. Junior Brother Ye, we are here for the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting three months later. I wonder if Junior Brother’s Violet Cloud Peak will participate in this Martial Meeting?”

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