The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 8 - Sure, See You in Three Months

Chapter 8: Sure, See You in Three Months

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As expected, Ye Qiu had guessed from the start that they were here for the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting. After all, this was the Heaven Mending Sect’s number one distinguished meeting. It was extremely important.

In his memory, Violet Cloud Peak hadn’t participated in the Martial Meeting for almost two years. Because of Perfected Xuantian, Violet Cloud Peak didn’t have any disciples attending the Martial Meeting.

This year, Ye Qiu was already the peak master, so he naturally wouldn’t participate. The only person who could participate was Lin Qingzhu. Turning his head to look at his disciple behind him, Ye Qiu said indifferently, “Sect Master, my Violet Cloud Peak will participate!”

“Hmph…” Qi Wuhui laughed with disdain.

Among the seven factions, only Violet Cloud Peak had a small number of people. The participants of the other factions are selected through careful selection and elimination rounds. Of course, they weren’t weak. It could be said to be a gathering of geniuses.

As for Violet Cloud Peak, they only had one disciple, so there was no need to pick. They didn’t even have a choice. Furthermore, she was a new disciple. Even if she participated, what good ranking could she have?

According to Qi Wuhui’s expectations, the weakest participating disciple was at least at the Black Finger realm. Those with higher talent had probably already reached the Celestial realm.

What was Lin Qingzhu’s current cultivation level? She was only at level four of Qi Mastery. He didn’t believe that Lin Qingzhu would be able to break through to the Black Finger realm within the next three months. Even if she could, she would only rank at the bottom.

If Violet Cloud Peak dared to participate, he would make them lose their reputation.

At this moment, Qi Wuhui was secretly delighted in his heart. He was starting to look forward to the martial meeting three months later. At that time, he would secretly make his disciples eliminate Lin Qingzhu. Then, he could ruthlessly mock Ye Qiu and take revenge for what had just happened.

Hearing this cold snort, Ye Qiu glanced at him and said meaningfully, “Senior Apprentice Brother Qi doesn’t seem to think very highly of my Violet Cloud Peak, right? How about we make a bet?”

“What bet?” Upon hearing that Ye Qiu was going to walk right into his trap, Qi Wuhui’s interest was piqued.

“We’ll bet on whose disciple will be ranked higher in this Martial Meeting. We’ll use a supreme-grade treasure as the gambling stake and have the Sect Master testify. How about it?”

When Qi Wuhui heard up to this point, he was secretly delighted. Has this kid gone mad? Wasn’t this purely giving him a magic treasure? Afraid that Ye Qiu would go back on his words, Qi Wuhui readily agreed. “Alright, since Junior Brother is so interested, how can I reject you?”

“Senior Brother Sect Master, I’ll have to trouble you to be a witness to prevent some people from going back on their word.” He then spoke to Meng Tianzheng. When Meng Tianzheng saw this scene, he shook his head, agreeing.

He didn’t know where Ye Qiu got the confidence to bet with Qi Wuhui. One had to know that this old fellow would definitely send out his own son in order to win.

Qi Hao was a level one Celestial realm expert. In the entire Heaven Mending Sect, other than Liu Qingfeng, he was the strongest presence among the disciples. Liu Qingfeng wasn’t participating in this year’s Martial Meeting. So, he could be said to be the internally decided champion.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you this time. My Hidden Sword Peak is determined to win this Martial Meeting championship…” Qi Wuhui immediately revealed his true appearance with a smug look after having succeeded in his scheme.

Ye Qiu glanced at him and turned around to look at Lin Qingzhu. “Qingzhu, your Uncle Master Qi doesn’t seem to have much confidence in you. You have to cultivate properly. You can’t disappoint your Martial Uncle Qi.”

“Ah…” Lin Qingzhu suddenly became nervous after being called out by her master. She knew that Ye Qiu had placed all his hopes on her. The pressure on her instantly multiplied. If she lost, wouldn’t her master be shamed?

“Master, don’t worry. I will definitely work hard to not disappoint Martial Uncle Qi.” Lin Qingzhu said firmly. This time, Ye Qiu was opposing Qi Wuhui because of her. She couldn’t embarrass Ye Qiu at this crucial moment. The reputation of her master was her reputation. She would do anything to get back the honor that belonged to Violet Cloud Peak.

“Haha, then let’s see who’s better in three months?” Qi Wuhui didn’t take it to heart at all. From beginning to end, he didn’t believe that Lin Qingzhu would be able to obtain any good rankings in the tournament.

“Sure, see you in three months.” Ye Qiu replied confidently. Meng Tianzheng didn’t say anything either. After giving his instructions, he and Qi Wuhui flew towards another mountain range.

After they left, Lin Qingzhu finally couldn’t sit still anymore and walked behind Ye Qiu. At this moment, she was extremely touched. She didn’t expect Ye Qiu to offend Qi Wuhui for her and even make a bet with him. Her heart was filled with sorrow and regret. Why did she have to offend Qi Wuhui previously and cause her master to stand up for her?

“Master, it’s my fault that you have to stand up for me. You even made a bet with Martial Uncle Qi and lost your treasure. I swear that I will never do this again.”

Ye Qiu turned his head to look at the beautiful woman who was weeping beautifully and laughed, “Damn girl, who stood up for you? Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Ah…” Lin Qingzhu was dumbfounded. Aren’t you standing up for me? I was so touched that I cried for nothing.

She felt wronged, but on second thought, Lin Qingzhu revealed a meaningful smile. “No, Master must have said that on purpose so that I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Well, it must be. He’s a man who is stubborn but has a soft heart.” Lin Qingzhu thought in her heart. She didn’t believe Ye Qiu’s nonsense. He was clearly standing up for her just now, which was why he fell out with Qi Wuhui.

However, on second thought, she suddenly felt warm in her heart. Was this the feeling of being cared for? Actually, it was quite a beautiful thing to have such a young, handsome, and capable master. Cultivation was boring. When she had nothing to do, she could still stare blankly at her handsome master.

“Master, I am well aware that with your way of handling things, you would absolutely not pay attention to someone like Martial Uncle Qi. The reason why you did this was entirely for me. I was indeed wrong this time, causing you to stand up for me. I will remember Master’s kindness to me. Don’t worry, Master. I will work hard to get a good ranking so that Master won’t lose so badly.”

Hearing this, Ye Qiu’s face darkened. Was this girl crazy? I’ve already put all my reputation on you. You’re saying that you lost before we even fought?

“Stop it. Remember this! The tradition of our Violet Cloud Peak is to not admit your mistakes even if you know they are wrong. Even if you are dead, you should stay stubborn. You just can’t admit your mistakes…”

Lin Qingzhu : “…” Violet Cloud Peak had this kind of tradition? So stubborn! However, this tradition seemed pretty good.

Ye Qiu found it funny after looking at the confused Lin Qingzhu in front of him.

This tradition was actually passed down from Perfected Xuantian. This old man was originally an unreasonable person. What kind of good words could he have passed down?

“Alright! Don’t feel burdened. Just do your best. “It doesn’t matter if I’m being embarrassed. I don’t have any reputation to lose anyway.”

Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched when he thought of his ten years of experience. How could he have any reputation left in the Heaven Mending Sect? Everyone knew that there was a useless master on Violet Cloud Peak.

However, there was still hope.

There were still three months left until the meeting, and it just so happened that these three months could be used properly.

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