The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1524 - Chapter 1524: You Made Me

Chapter 1524: You Made Me

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Shui Dongliu and Shui Moning could both see Shui Dongyou’s killing intent towards them. Facing such a desperate situation, they could only fight to the death. Although their chances of winning were really very, very low, if they gave up struggling, they would also die.

“Moning, I’ll block them. When you find an opportunity, escape quickly. It’s much better for one person to die than two.” Shui Dongyou had already decided to sacrifice himself to find a chance for his daughter.

Shui Moning was unwilling. “Father, you can’t even defeat me. How can you stop them? Don’t worry. There might be some turnaround.”

“What turnaround?”

“I don’t know how to tell you.”

When she left the Five Elements Academy, Xue Fanxin had given her quite a few things, especially pills. There were all kinds of them, and there were also poisons used to kill people to protect their lives.

Although she did not know if those poisons could deal with Shui Dongyou, this was the only killing move she could use to resist him now.

Shui Dongyou had chased Shui Dongliu and Shui Moning for so long, and his killing intent towards them was extremely intense. Because of this, he did not hesitate to take the risk to barge into the depths of the Forest of No Return. Now that he had finally caught up to this father and daughter pair, how could he miss the chance to kill them?

“Enough nonsense. Give me your life.” Shui Dongyou was a cautious person, so he did not waste any more time and attacked directly.

The people who had followed Shui Dongyou also attacked.

Facing four enemies whose strength and cultivation levels were higher than theirs, Shui Dongliu and Shui Moning did not have the ability to resist at all. They quickly lost. Just as they were about to be killed by the other party, the people moved to kill suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“Why is my body a little itchy?”

“It’s not only itchy outside, but it’s also itchy inside. Something seems to be crawling in my dantian.”

“Oh no, the spirit energy in my body is dissipating.”

“Spirit energy can’t be gathered.”

Shui Dongyou and the others had no idea what was going on. Because there was a huge problem with their bodies, how could they have the mood to kill now? Even if they wanted to kill, they could not. Spiritual energy could not be gathered, which meant that they would not be able to use spirit energy. In such a situation, if they wanted to kill, they could only rely on brute force.

However, with Shui Dongliu and Shui Moning’s current ability, escaping from them was easy. Even killing them was not difficult.

“What did you do?” Shui Dongyou questioned coldly. At this moment, he was furious.

He had clearly almost killed this father and daughter pair. Why had something happened at the critical moment?

“Uncle, I didn’t want this either. You forced me to do all of this.” In a rage, Shui Moning took out a sword from her interspatial ring and killed Shui Dongyou with her strongest strike.

This was the first time she had killed someone. She had killed her family, her uncle.

“Moning, you…” Shui Dongliu had never expected his daughter to kill someone. This matter had already completely exceeded his expectations, so he was very shocked. However, no matter how shocked he was, he knew the seriousness of the matter.

Since he had already been killed, they had to wipe their tails clean.

Shui Dongliu’s personality was the same as Shui Moning’s. He was usually as gentle as water. If he was really forced into a corner, they would not drag it out. Shui Moning did not know why she had suddenly killed Shui Dongyou. At that time, she had been too angry and resentful, so she had attacked when she had the chance.

She did not know how long the poison Fanxin had given her would last. If it was only for a while, the only people who would die in the end would be her and her father.

Hence, for her father, she had to kill even her own uncle..

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