The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Chapter 1525 - Chapter 1525: There’s Still a Turnaround

Chapter 1525: There’s Still a Turnaround

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Just as Shui Moning was panicking after killing someone, Shui Dongliu had already attacked and killed everyone else. Then, he quickly escaped with his daughter. “Moning, don’t be in a daze. Leave quickly.”

“Father, we killed Uncle and there are so many experts in the family. I’m afraid the Shui family won’t let us off.” Shui Moning was not stupid. She was only angry when she killed him. Now that she calmed down, she felt afraid.

However, she did not regret it.

If she did not kill her uncle, he would definitely kill them.

“At this point, we have no way back. Let’s go. From now on, we have nothing to do with the Shui family,” Shui Dongliu said bitterly and disappointedly.

Shui Dongyou had brought the four experts of the family to chase after them. How could those old fellows in the family not know about such a thing?

Those old fellows knew, but they did not stop him. This was equivalent to tacitly agreeing to Shui Dongyou’s actions.

In other words, those old fellows did not care about the lives of the father and daughter at all. They even agreed to Shui Dongyou killing them.

Since the family was so heartless to the father and daughter, don’t blame him for being heartless.

Although Shui Moning did not know the logic behind this, she knew very well that they and the Shui family were no longer family, but enemies.

“Father, where are we going now?”

“Let’s leave the Forest of No Return first.” Shui Dongliu ran out of the Forest of No Return with Shui Moning, but before they could run far, many demonic beasts suddenly appeared in the surroundings. They gathered from all directions and surrounded the father and daughter pair.

The grades of those demonic beasts were different. The lowest was Rank Five, and the highest was Rank Nine. Furthermore, there were a lot of them, at least a few hundred.

This was equivalent to an extremely powerful team.

Facing such an enemy and predicament, Shui Dongliu was in extreme despair. “Moning, it looks like we’re really going to die in this Forest of No Return this time.”

“Father, perhaps there’s a chance for things to turn around.” This was not the first time Shui Moning had been surrounded by beasts. She had encountered the same thing in the secret realm. Furthermore, the demonic beasts that time were even more powerful, including holy beasts.

Although she did not know why these demonic beasts had gathered, they looked very similar to the situation back in the Spirit Inheriting secret realm. She could vaguely sense that these demonic beasts had no ill will towards them.

How could Shui Dongliu have the mood to observe the demonic beasts now? The moment he was surrounded by the demonic beasts, he had already fallen into despair. He had even given up on resisting. Before he died, he turned all his attention to his daughter, filled with guilt.

“Moning, I let you down. I harmed you. If I wasn’t useless, you would have been the most noble heiress of the Shui family now. I was useless and couldn’t give your mother a happy life, making her leave the world early. Now, I can’t protect you either. I’m really useless.”

“Father, what nonsense are you talking about? I don’t think these demonic beasts will hurt us.” Shui Moning was not certain previously, but after observing carefully for a while, she was already certain that these demonic beasts would not hurt them.

“How is this possible?”

“Father, have you forgotten what I told you about in the secret realm? Back in the secret realm, I was also surrounded by demonic beasts. Furthermore, the situation at that time was even more complicated than now.”

“You mean it?”

“Really.” Shui Moning was actually still a little worried, but she had no choice now. Hence, she looked around and found a kind-looking demonic beast. She tried to talk to it.. “May I ask why you’re looking for us?”

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