The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 2172 Moderate Reaction

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Chapter 2172 Moderate Reaction

After leaving the Black Plain Army headquarters, Minos quickly made his way to his faith-gathering items, heading for the first of the four points in his territory where the faith-gathering idols were located.

His first destination was the capital, Dry City, where the seat of government was still located.

He arrived at his capital within seconds of leaving his army headquarters through one of the state's wormhole ports.

As he made his way to the seat of government, Minos felt the auras of his wives, who had left their seclusion a month and a half ago and were currently in Dry City.

They had all advanced to level 90 in the last seclusion, having taken a few days away from the Spatial Kingdom to attend to some state affairs while Minos prepared to return to his seclusion.

Either way, he was the only one who had a chance to advance between now and the arrival of the enemies in the Spiritual World. So even if they didn't return to their seclusion, it wouldn't make any difference to them.

But they would soon return to the Spatial Kingdom with Minos, as they wanted to train their new characteristics from the changes brought about by their husband.

Minos had made them go through the evolution of talent with immortal energy and start practicing techniques based on immortal cultivation.

In addition, they had to train with their new armor and weapons based on alien technologies.

Anyway, he ignored his wives, who were between the temple of the Spiritual Church and the imperial palace, and then went to the place where he could gather the faith around the Dry City.

He met his grandfather, Oswald, who was on guard duty there that day. free(w)

"Minos." Oswald, currently at level 88, said as he looked at his grandson.

He was very proud of Minos, so he smiled whenever he met the brown-haired young man, even now in such a difficult time.

"Old man, it looks like you'll have a chance to reach level 89 by the time we leave. Take the opportunity to go to the Spatial Kingdom as soon as possible." Minos said as he walked past his grandfather.

"I was already planning to do that..."

"How are you doing with your armor?" Minos asked as Oswald looked at the armor he was wearing, something very similar to what the aliens wore when Emperor Stuart first went to the North Sea decades ago.

"I'm fine. In another four months or so, I'll have mastered it... Don't worry. This old man here will cause a lot of trouble for the enemy low-level Demigods." Dressed in this armor and with the immortal energy he had absorbed over the past few years, Oswald was confident that he could fight Demigods up to level 92 without much risk to his life.

If he could advance to level 89, his chances against such opponents would be even better, and he felt that he could even face level 93 cultivators.

"Very good. Keep working on it. We will win this war!" Minos said before he began to absorb the power of faith accumulated in this place over the last few years.


While Minos pursued his goals, Maximillian was at the headquarters of the Spiritual Church, receiving news from the man who had freed him decades ago.

"Another God? Is Willow the one who stepped forward this time?" Maximillian asked the level 99 whale, who had informed him of the latest progress of one of Minos' allies.

"Yes. She left the Black Plain Empire and was seen flying to Sista a few moments ago." The level 99 said, sweating, wondering if Minos would someday try to deal with him somehow.

It certainly wouldn't happen amid the current chaos. But if the Spiritual World survived the war against the aliens and the Ice Age, he might have problems with that vengeful guy!

Maximilian laughed as he closed his eyes, seeing that Minos was more mysterious and difficult to deal with than anyone had expected.

'He played well. Not only does he have powerful allies, but now he can't even be considered the Spiritual World's biggest problem after the war.' Maximilian thought as he saw that even considering Minos, he or anyone else in this world would have to worry about the other 7 Gods.

There was a possibility that all or almost all of the Gods would die, but if that happened, the Spiritual World would hardly win the war. When Maximilian considered the victory of his world in his main plans, he imagined that even if several Gods died, he would still have competitors besides Minos.

Minos might never reach level 100, so he could no longer be considered the greatest competitor for the victorious survivors of the war.

That was what Minos wanted to do with the promotion of four new Gods!

Maximilian then said. "Send my congratulations to Willow Sista and strengthen our friendship with the Black Plain Empire. Tell them that I look forward to meeting the majesties of these two states on the battlefield to face the invaders."

The whale left, leaving the level 100 black-haired man alone.

'The beginning of the war may be different from what we all imagined. I will investigate the enemy forces in the first battle and try to eliminate as many targets as possible. But if the Spiritual World can't win, I'll have to follow a better strategy for me...' He imagined the possible conspiracies that could take place in the next few years.

He wanted to fight however he could to beat the aliens, if that was possible. After all, winning the war and eventually invading the Mechanic Empire could be very valuable for him, one of the eight strongest individuals in the Spiritual World.

The spoils of war would be divided among the surviving Gods, which made winning the war very attractive to any level 100 cultivator in the Spiritual World.

But if it wasn't possible to win, Maximilian already had alternative plans in mind!


The other Gods of the Spiritual World reacted to the appearance of a new God in more or less the same way as Maximilian, sending their congratulations and wishing to fight side by side with the new level 100 cultivator.

No one wanted to move to Willow or Minos. At present, there was no way for anyone to start cultivating to reach level 100, and the chances of anyone else cultivating in Emperor Stuart's Spatial Kingdom were very slim.

Even if there were, it wouldn't change anything, so all the powers in the world were just waiting for the war to start, and they didn't think about pressuring Minos for his wealth.

Thus, even after two level 99 Demigods had advanced to level 100 within a few weeks, Minos wouldn't have to deal with any external pressure in his way.

He would quickly gather all the power of faith and then return to his Spatial Kingdom to cultivate until he leveled up!

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