The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 2173 The Remaining Time of the Spiritual World

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Chapter 2173 The Remaining Time of the Spiritual World

More than a year passed since Willow's level-up.

It was a period without much action in the Spiritual World, with everyone focusing almost entirely on the North Sea.

The thirty years the aliens had promised were practically over, and now the aliens could arrive on the planet at any moment.

As such, the most powerful forces on the planet had already stationed their key specialists near the North Sea, and the eight Gods had already moved to the site of the enemies' arrival.

While the strongest watched the North Sea, waiting for the war to begin, the weakest around the Spiritual World waited for news from that area. Everyone was waiting for the war to begin and to see how the forces of this planet would fare against the Mechanic Empire. Most people no longer had the spirit to meditate in seclusion, so each day, everyone focused on the methods they had to discover the situation.

Since there were forces in the spirit world that were famous for reporting highly relevant information, it wasn't difficult to get this information. As long as one subscribed to newspapers, one could receive news of what was happening with a delay of a few days at most.

Thus, even those unconnected with the powers in the North Sea had a way of knowing what was going on, and anxious conversations were taking place all over the world.

That was true for the Central Continent, the Divine Continent, underwater societies, and land beasts worldwide.

Even powerful and talented elves couldn't help but focus on the information coming and going.

War was coming. In a few days or months, the entire reality known to the living beings of this world would change in one way or another!


While the Spiritual World was experiencing its dilemma, the situation in the Mechanic Empire, in The Adamant Land, was quite different.

On that day, the forces of the empire began to gather in the state's largest cities, answering a call from the Emperor himself.

The call was clear and simple. The universal wormhole that would take them to the Spiritual World was ready! It was time for them to go to that world!

Amid the movement of the troops going to that world, two of the Gods who were about to leave for the planet Minos commanded the unification of the troops of warriors between levels 80 and 99.

"We're finally going to attack a new world." One of them said as he watched many men in special armor boarding various spaceships.

The other, fully dressed in the special suits common to this state that hid most of his body, laughed and said. "How long has it been since we behaved like this? 10,000 years? Sigh, it's hard to find good worlds to attack. Fortunately, Iktun found this small world.

Now we can prosper for another generation and raise the status of our civilization!"

"I look forward to the war." The other God commented. "Will Your Majesty do us the honor of fighting our enemies?"

"I am not sure. His Majesty intends to take many of his level 100 robots with him, so there may not be much left for us... In any case, we need to think about what we'll gain. With the Spiritual World in our hands, we can produce a few more level 100 robots and raise more Gods in our group!" The other said, feeling this would finally close the gap between them and their enemies, Irpoll.

Irpoll was a significant enemy that they had failed to subdue to the point where they had to seek help from allies to save themselves. The Mechanic Empire had never forgotten this, and their old Gods still wanted Irpoll for themselves.

`If we absorb the essence of this world, we will no longer be ordinary Gods.` This guy thought to himself, `Not only will we be more numerous, we'll also be stronger!` freewebnovel(.)com

While these two level 100 experts were talking, several calls came in from their headquarters, indicating where the empire's soldiers should go.

The commander's voice rang out in one of the already crowded spaceships. "Crew, prepare for departure. Secure your positions. We're leaving in 15 seconds." Another voice sounded. "The journey to the Spiritual World through the universal wormhole will take 15 weeks. Be ready to fight as soon as we reach the enemy planet."

The troops cheered, finally on the verge of dominating the world they had long planned to invade.

The Spiritual World could become one of the three greatest victories in the history of the Mechanic Empire, so everyone there was excited!

Amidst this, the Mechanic Emperor descended from the Temple of the Gods with his troops.

"Chaos, you've done a good job finishing the universal wormhole." He said as he came face to face with his empire's God of Space.

"Your Majesty flatters me. I only used the minimum of my abilities. When we reach the Spiritual World, I will show you what I'm really capable of." Chaos said in a neutral tone but full of confidence.

The Mechanic Emperor smiled from beneath his mask. "Come on. We're still a few weeks away from facing the forces of this world."

So the Mechanic Emperor's group left his state, heading for the Spiritual World with more than 50,000 warriors between levels 80 and 89 and 16 Gods, 8 of them robots and 8 biological beings native to The Adamant Land.

"Minos, we'll meet in person soon." Thought the empire leader as he boarded his spaceship with the other 15 Gods.


Meanwhile, in the Spatial Kingdom of Minos, in the Spiritual World...


Suddenly, a distinctive sound emerged from the depths of Minos' body, signaling the moment he and the people around him had been waiting for.

When he reached level 92, it would be time for all those who would participate in the war of the worlds in any way to leave this space and return to the Central Continent.

Just then, Minos made his breakthrough, reaching level 92 after months of seclusion since he last left the Spatial Kingdom!

Now, there wasn't much time left for the war to begin!

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