The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1079 - : You’ve Been Working For The Whole Day, Thank You

Chapter 1079: You’ve Been Working For The Whole Day, Thank You

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The term of address “young master” greeted everyone’s ears by surprise.

The appearance of Gu Sha Mercenaries’ executive heads was already baffling to everyone there but it was far from being the most absurd. What seemed even more unbelievable was that the four commanders of An Hun Group was actually calling a young man… young master?

Putting aside their intention behind the term of address for now, the four An Hun Group commanders were known to only listen to one person. Other than that, no one across the globe could dictate how they treated others.

Then why were the four commanders of An Hun Group… calling this young man “young master” today? Hmm…

The tycoons who were present were dumbfounded.

Hu Chaoqun who had pointed a finger at Si Yi shouting “who are you” just now was frozen. He was well aware of the four commanders from An Hun Group. They were the higher-ups of the organization!

Diane, Phantom Flame and Spectral Refiner who had made their appearances just now could not even compare to these four men—and not only were the latter here together, they had simultaneously greeted Si Yi, the young man who shoved his uncle to the floor, as… young master?

What could it mean?

It was not just the tycoons, Hu Chaoqun, Hu Batian and Hua Yun who were stunned, Alluring Demon and Maier were dumbstruck as well. Ms. Lu who was seated farther away did not know what was going on currently but anyone with a sane mind could guess as much.

The tycoons who were standing around were famous worldwide. How successful were they? Even Hu Batian with a company that was ranked within top 20 multinational companies in the world had to look up and pander to them!

Once these four men appeared, however, the big shots who even Hu Batian had to bow down to were instantly deferent, acting like mice meeting a tiger. Yet why did these four men, who the big shots were reverent to, were similarly reverent to Si Yi when they greeted him as “young master”?

Needless to say, Si Yi must be extraordinary in status!

Those who were around Ms. Lu were stunned as well.

At the same time, after the four commanders greeted Si Yi, they turned to Yun Jian, greeting her respectfully in unison, “Young madam!”

It made so many people there envious.

Whether it was Si Yi’s looks, his height, or his loving gaze on Yun Jian, all of that enchanted the women who were present. Moreover, the four commanders who obviously gained the reverence of the international tycoons spoke deferentially only to Si Yi; it only served to emphasize that Si Yi must be someone incredibly eligible!

People grew even more envious of Yun Jian.

They watched as the girl nod lightly. When the onlookers thought that she would be close to passing out from ecstasy, she nodded and told the four men, “Go on inside. You’ve worked hard for the day, thank you.”

Worked hard for the day?

Did it mean that Yun Jian ordered the four commanders of An Hun Group around for the entire day?

Oh my gosh!

The tycoons were shocked, straightening up unconsciously. It was natural that they did not assume Si Yi to be An Hun Group’s leader. After all, he seemed too young to be one. It was not that they did not find it possible, they dared not believe it!

They did not know why An Hun’s four commanders would address Si Yi as young master and why the four of them would willingly let Yun Jian order them around for the whole day. It simply did not make any sense!

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