The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1080 - You Idiot, Shut Up!

Chapter 1080: You Idiot, Shut Up!

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While the tycoons remained baffled, Ya Dang who stood at the end among the quad rubbed his head and chuckled at Yun Jian. “Not at all, it’s no hard work. How is it hard work? Heh!”

One of the four An Hun Group commanders, Ya Dang, said that to Yun Jian? He sounded utterly servile too?

“Head in,” Yun Jian smiled and said with a nod.

“Let’s go, let’s go. Hurry up, young madam has spoken.” Ya Dang struck a cool pose and took a step back before he acted like he was chasing ducks, spreading his arms and slapping the behind of Snow Eagle and Mo Sen who were the nearest to him, then slinging his arms around their shoulders with a grin and pushing them inside.

What Ya Dang had done—slapping Snow Eagle and Mo Sen’s buttocks—made the two men glower a little while Lin Wei who was standing to the side made his way in alone. The latter managed and trained An Hun Group’s secret agents and assassins. He was incredibly skilled himself or else the secret agents and assassins he trained in the organization would never bow down to him.

The best secret agent ranked in the world chart back then, Slaying God, was trained by Lin Wei. From being weaker than him to easily defeating him, Slaying God started turning stronger and capable when she learned from Lin Wei.

The man was not only skilled, he was cold in nature. A man of few words was basically describing him.

While Ya Dang was skilled, he was no rival against Lin Wei who spent all of his day with secret agents and assassins. Moreover, Lin Wei was impartial. Ya Dang knew that if he had ever tapped the man’s behind, the man would grab him and give him a good beating on the spot.

Snow Eagle and Mo Sen, on the other hand, did not react much physically when their buttocks were hit in public.

After the three commanders were led into the venue by a jolly Ya Dang, Alluring Demon flung Maier’s hand that had been gripping her wrist off. It was only then she went to Yun Jian and told the girl, “Sister Jian, I’ll be heading in first too.”

Upon receiving Yun Jian’s silent assent, the woman went in with an alluring sway of her hips.

The tycoons behind her fought each other to rush to grovel to her. As for Maier whose hand was flung away by Alluring Demon, he chortled weakly but spread his long legs to go after the woman still.

Hu Batian who fell from Si Yi’s push was helped up by Hu Chaoqun and Hua Yun.

“Uncle, did she hire all these people here today…” Hu Chaoqun was not just short, bald and fat, he was also stupid.

When he saw the group making their way inside merrily, he instantly remembered that his uncle had said Diane, Phantom Flame and Spectral Refiner were possibly hired by Yun Jian to put up a façade when they first made an appearance. In this case… would the group of people just now be hired by Yun Jian as well? All of that just for show.

“You idiot! Shut up!” It would be unfair to call Hu Batian a fool when he could survive to this day. He slapped Hu Chaoqun and growled at him furiously.

Unfortunately, what Hu Chaoqun said was heard by Yun Jian and Si Yi.

Hu Batian was not as stupid as Hu Chaoqun.

If it had just been Diane, Phantom Flame and Spectral Refiner—the three heads of Gu Sha Mercenaries’ executive departments, who were here, perhaps Yun Jian had spent a little fortune and hired them.

Those who came after that, any one of them, were people Yun Jian would not be able to hire no matter how much money she had!

As Hu Batian thought about it, he saw a pair of man and woman coming in through the door. The man was tall and muscular while the woman was slim and sexy.

“Gu…” Hu Batian could only manage to utter one word while blood was drained off of his face.

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