The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1082 - This Is A Small Token From Me

Chapter 1082: This Is A Small Token From Me

Hu Batian shook his head the moment his thoughts carried him there.

No, no way… It was impossible. How old was this young girl? How could she possibly be Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss?

Moreover, the current Gu Sha boss had taken over the organization by killing the ex-boss two to three years ago. If this young lady was Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss, how old was she when she seized the organization? 13? 14?

Goodness, kids that age had just gone into middle school! Some might even still be in elementary school! How was it possible?

Hence, Hu Batian shook his head to shake away this absurd idea.

As for Hua Yun, she was looking worse than pale—like she had seen a ghost. She boasted back then about how the armament tycoon who dealt with Gu Sha Mercenaries and An Hun Group had attended her and Hu Chaoqun’s wedding. She had preened so much just because of that but now?

Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian’s wedding was graced by Gu Sha Mercenaries’ two elders and three heads of its executive departments, as well as An Hun Group’s four commanders! Even Alluring Demon, the CEO of Dime And Prime Company, one of the top ten multinational companies in the world, and Maier, the CEO of Hachi Company, came!

Let’s not mention the other tycoons scattered across the venue. Those people could crush Hu Batian single-handedly as well!

Hua Yun felt like a clown for what she had said and done to Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian previously. Once she thought of it, she paled further.

“Let’s go.”

Yun Jian threw Hu Batian a meaningful glare without looking up too much. There was a murderous hint at the corner of her eyes but it vanished swiftly. She looked up to meet eyes with Si Yi and linked arms with him to leave.

After the group of tycoons who came earlier, those who came in after that seemed much weaker in status and rank. In spite of it, it was enough to stir a commotion among Ms. Lu and the likes.

Zhang Zhifan, Xu Zetian, Duan Lei, and even Han Biao, the mafia boss of the previous top gang in Zhe Province that had now gone under Yun Jian, were all here.

These were people Ms. Lu and others knew about but had never qualified to get acquainted with. Although they were not as successful as those tycoons earlier, their status intimidated Ms. Lu and the folks just the same.

Ms. Lu and group were actually clueless about the identity of Snake.Lizard, Tiger.Leopard and the others, not that they dared to make a guess of it. After all, they were already unqualified to get to know people like Zhang Zhifan and Xu Zetian.

If Yun Jian had not been the middleperson, Snake.Lizard and the rest were people Ms. Lu and others would never even meet. They might not even have an idea of the tycoons’ presences their whole life.

The wedding ceremony still went on according to village custom but it varied greatly from the usual village wedding in terms of scale and class because Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian got married in a hotel today.

Hu Batian, Hu Chaoqun and Hua Yun did not leave on the spot but braced themselves and got seated. They were already here. If they left without having the meal, Hu Batian would be too embarrassed to show himself in the business field if word got out about it!

The wedding ceremony today leaned toward the western procession. By the time all of it ended, it was already around 6:30pm and the guests were more or less done with the feast.

The big shots had come directly, not sending any wedding gift to Qin Yirou prior to this. It was Snake.Lizard who initiated it, prompting the tycoons to rush up and give Qin Yirou some wedding money in front of Yun Jian and the other guests.

“Mrs. Ge, this is a small token from me.” Snake.Lizard pulled out a red packet from her pants pocket—the packet looked thin. Standing in front of Qin Yirou who was in the center of the wedding venue, she passed the red packet to the latter.

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