The Schoolgirl Secret Agent

Chapter 1081 - A Terrorizing Thought—Could She Be…

Chapter 1081: A Terrorizing Thought—Could She Be…

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Hu Batian could be considered an international tycoon as well since he had a global social standing. He had been to numerous spots the international tycoons usually gathered, so he could recognize some of them.

As for the man and woman who came in through the door now, the man had a sturdy build, towering close to 2 meter, while the woman was sensual with a tantalizing figure.

Hu Batian was nearly shocked frozen when he saw the two of them.

These two people… these two were Gu… Gu Sha Mercenaries’ elders—Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard!

Why were they here?

Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard’s status were like Snow Eagle and the other three men. They were in charge of running Gu Sha Mercenaries. It was just that the two of them were not called commanders but elders in Gu Sha. That did not take away the fact that the two elders shared the same status in Gu Sha as the four commanders in An Hun.

“Uncle, and they’re?” Hu Chaoqun was just slapped by Hu Batian but he was not angered. The cogs in his mind worked as he came up to the elder man to ask, feeling a vague sense of foreboding at the same time.

When Hua Yun saw Hu Batian staring at the pair who entered with a shocked gaze once more, she had mixed feelings about the situation. She had brought her husband, Hu Chaoqun, here today to boast and was confident to be victorious when her husband’s uncle, Hu Batian, came along.

Since she found out about Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian’s wedding, Hua Yun had been anticipating this day, looking forward to attend the event with her influential and wealthy husband to triumph Qin Yirou in terms of status. She also wanted to show Ge Junjian that she had found a man many times better than he was; as for him, he was nothing!

It was until this moment that Hua Yun understood how foolish it was for her to come with her husband and uncle today. Somebody, answer her! How did Qin Yirou’s daughter—the daughter of the poor village woman her ex-husband was about to marry—know so many international tycoons?

The people she knew were so influential that any one of them could squash Hu Batian, the uncle she was so proud of!

Blood drained off of Hua Yun’s face.

“Shut up!” Hu Batian nearly lost his mind from how much of a fool his nephew was. He threw Hu Chaoqun another slap to try to get him to shut up completely.

With that slap, Hu Chaoqun clamped his mouth shut obediently.

When Hu Batian had slapped Hu Chaoqun earlier, Hua Yun had yet to react to it. She finally caught up to the event this time and immediately fussed over her husband, feeling his face with feigned distress. “Darling, are you okay? Oh dear, i-it’s all red now…”

Just as she spoke, she espied the uncle she respected so much hurrying to Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard like a bootlicker.

“W-what brings you two here?” Hu Batian asked carefully with a bowed head.

When the others heard him, they looked over and were surprised at the sight.

Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard had only glimpsed at Hu Batian before they moved forward to Yun Jian.

“Sister Jian.” Like several others before them, these two stood in front of Yun Jian and greeted her politely.

“Mn, go on inside.” Yun Jian nodded naturally.

Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard headed in as told.

While some guests might have no idea who these tycoons were, Hu Batian was so emotional he could die—he knew who they were! It would have been fine if there were only a handful of these tycoons but why were all of them greeting Yun Jian as “Sister Jian”?

Those from Gu Sha Mercenaries, especially. Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard were Gu Sha’s elders and would only be that respectful to the boss of the mercenaries.

A terrorizing thought surfaced in Hu Batian’s mind suddenly and his eyes bulged. Could she be…

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