Chapter 864 - 864 Out

864 Out

When Chen Xiaoqing knelt, everyone knew her goal.

Not only did she want Lin yuelan to save this child, but she also wanted Lin yuelan to take him in.

With Lin yuelan’s family business, it was not a big deal to take in a child.

However, because of this child’s identity, taking him in was equivalent to inviting a wolf into the house. Moreover, there wasn’t just one wolf, but a whole pack of them.

Therefore, anyone could take this child in, except for Lin yuelan.

Therefore, when Doctor Zhang was chatting with Lin Deshan in his room and heard the report from his servant, he immediately walked out angrily.

Doctor Zhang turned to Chen Xiaoqing and said, ” I’ll take care of this child for the time being. I’ll send him back after I’ve treated him.”

Chen Xiaoqing opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

Doctor Zhang stopped her. “don’t worry! I won’t charge you a single copper! But I’ll say this, don’t even think about keeping this child in Lin’s family garden.

“You’re Lan ‘Er’s mother but you have never sided with her. In contrast, you kept forcing her to do things against her will. What a good mother.

“However, it’s a good thing that Lan ‘Er has me, her Grandmaster, and old master Lin to care for her! If you people continue to force Lan ‘Er, then don’t blame me for being merciless. In the future, if anyone has a headache or fever, don’t come to me again.

“You’ve already treated my grand-disciple like that. I don’t have the magnanimity to let it go!”

The first part of the sentence was directed at Chen Xiaoqing and the rest, but the last part was obviously directed at the villagers.

The couple, Chen Xiaoqing and Lin Sanniu, were completely at a loss for what to do with this sudden turn of events.

They did not expect that such a person would suddenly appear out of nowhere!

Chen Xiaoqing used the child’s illness as an excuse to force Lin yuelan to adopt Lin Darong.

After all, the reason they did this was because of Lin yuelan’s medical skills and her money.

However, Doctor Zhang, who had charged out, was also a doctor with brilliant medical skills. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to teach a disciple like Lin yuelan.

Therefore, Doctor Zhang’s words left Chen Xiaoqing at a loss.

She looked at Lin yuelan helplessly, and the pleading in her eyes was obvious. She begged Lin yuelan to take in her son. It was a pity that Lin yuelan no longer had any sympathy for her. In fact, Lin Yuelan’s other siblings were also glaring at Lin Yuelan with selfishness, cruelty, and greed.

Lin yuelan did not seem to notice Chen Xiaoqing’s eyes. She said to Doctor Zhang, ” Grandmaster, I’ll have to trouble you then!”

She then instructed the Butler, “Uncle Fu, you stay here and listen to Grandmaster’s instructions!

“Yes, master!” The Butler replied respectfully.

After doing this, Lin yuelan planned to leave and ignore everything.

She had only interacted with them a few times, and all she saw was their envy, jealousy, greed, and even hatred for her.

She didn’t understand. She used to love and protect her siblings. She gave them all the food she had.

Now, they didn’t care about her previous sacrifices and resented her instead. So where did their resentment come from?

Regardless, no matter where their resentment came from, Lin yuelan didn’t have a good impression of them because they wouldn’t be grateful.

They were still young and had been bewitched by the adults.

Or they had inherited the Lin family’s selfishness, heartlessness, and cold-bloodedness.

Therefore, Lin yuelan didn’t even consider educating them or turning their minds around.

They were too poisoned by Lin Laosan’s family.

Therefore, Lin yuelan didn’t want to find trouble for herself by raising a few ungrateful and greedy wolves.

Looking at Lin yuelan’s back, Chen Xiaoqing’s heart suddenly buzzed. She seemed to feel that she was really going to lose her eldest daughter completely, and there was no room for redemption.

Doctor Zhang glanced at the child in Chen Xiaoqing’s hands and snorted. He said to Lin Xujie, “Guard Jie, take the child to the West of the village.”

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