Chapter 865 - 865 Out

865 Out

The West Village was where he used to live.

After the Lin Family Garden was built, he stayed there most of the time.

However, occasionally, there would be patients, and they would be sent to where he used to live.

Lin xujie didn’t say anything and directly took the child from Lin yuelan’s hands roughly.

The reason why he was tough was that Chen Xiaoqing did not want to give the child to him.

However, Lin xujie was already furious with Chen Xiaoqing. Of course, he would not be polite and snatch the child from her hands.

Who asked this child to be a bargaining chip to threaten Lin yuelan?

The play seemed to have come to an end.

No one would have thought that after all the ruckus caused by Lin Laosan’s family and Chen Xiaoqing’s kneeling, they would not get anything from Lin yuelan.

Even Lin yuelan’s promise of a house and money had vanished into thin air because of the ruckus they had caused.

This back-and-forth seemed to have become a joke.

Lin Laosan was dumbfounded as he watched Lin yuelan’s back walk through the gate of Lin family garden. He also watched this strong man take the child from Chen Xiaoqing’s hands.

Everyone understood.

Lin Laosan understood.

After the appearance of the Imperial edict, they could no longer do anything to Lin yuelan.

No matter how unfilial Lin yuelan was, and no matter if she was of marriageable age, all of this no longer restricted her.

From then on, Lin yuelan really cut off all ties with the Lin family.

They couldn’t use the word ‘filial’ to annoy and suppress Lin yuelan from time to time.

From now on, no matter how rich Lin yuelan was, it would have nothing to do with them.

The atmosphere at this moment suddenly became silent and oppressive!

Some people pitied Lin Laosan’s family, but they pitied Lin Sanniu and his wife even more.

Of course, there were people who were gloating.

“Heavens, why are you so blind?” Suddenly, a shrill cry rang out, ” why doesn’t such an unfilial person be struck by lightning? Heavens, you’re blind!”

The wealth that was so close to her hands was gone just like that.

She was very unwilling to accept this!

Suddenly, a black shadow landed in front of li Cuihua. This person had a murderous aura. He held a big knife in his hand as if he was ready to attack at any time.

He said to li Cuihua in a hoarse voice, ” if you continue to be unreasonable, don’t blame us for not being polite!”

Then, his knife shook and a few white threads fell to the ground.

Without a doubt, these white threads were the white hairs on li cuihua’s sideburns.

This time, li Cuihua screamed in fear, her face extremely pale. “Someone is trying to kill me!”

They had real sabers in their hands!

These country bumpkins had never seen such a powerful aura before. It was like the aura of someone killing on the battlefield.

Li Cuihua, who had lost a few strands of her white hair, was not the only one who was shocked. The others were also dumbfounded. There were even a few who peed in their pants, such as Lin Daniu and his extremely proud Lin Dazong.

The Man in Black looked at the other villagers and said sternly, ” my master just wants to spend the new year in peace these days! Therefore, we don’t wish for such an unreasonable matter to happen again. Come to the entrance of the Lin family Garden and make a scene, or else we brothers will definitely not be polite!

“Master doesn’t want us to kill people in the Lin family Village, but if you go too far, it’s normal for you to lose an arm or a leg.

“So, I hope you’ll understand this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he and the other Men in Black flew away and disappeared.

It was as if these people had never appeared.

In fact, the fact that some of the timid villagers were trembling in fear proved that these Men in Black who came and went without a trace had really appeared.

The officer who had been watching from behind had his mouth wide open.

He only had one feeling in his heart. ‘These Men in Black were so strong! They were definitely not ordinary guards!’

Was he going to report this situation or not?

He was extremely conflicted!

However, no matter how conflicted he was, he did not waste his time.

He had seen a great show. When he returned, he would have a good story to tell.

This time, it was a real warning. Everyone in the Lin family Village, including Lin Laosan’s family, knew their place and didn’t dare to annoy Lin yuelan anymore.

Lin Family Garden

As soon as Lin yuelan went in, the servants immediately swarmed over with solemn expressions.

They called out in a heavy, angry, and concerned tone, ” master, are you alright? ”

Meeting such shameless and selfish parents, anyone would be heartbroken and in great pain.

They naturally thought that Lin yuelan was also feeling bad.

Lin yuelan shook her head and laughed, ” what’s with all of you? Don’t worry, I’m fine. Parents like that aren’t worth me being sad over, are they?”

The servant thought for a moment and said, ” that’s true!”

Immediately, the heavy atmosphere became lively again.

After that, the servants began to chatter again, ” master, did you know that such an imperial edict would be issued today? that’s why you told Lin Sanniu yesterday that you would give him the house and money. Was that on purpose? ”

“Exactly, master. We’re all very curious about this. You know, when we heard that you were going to give them such a big and beautiful house yesterday, we were so sad.”

“Master, just tell us!”

Although they knew of their master’s capabilities, they were still very curious about how their master knew the news beforehand.

Lin yuelan gave a mysterious smile!

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