Chapter 885 - Chapter 885: – loving heart-usually-one forgets everything after a night’s sleep (9)

Chapter 885 - Chapter 885: – loving heart-usually-one forgets everything after a night’s sleep (9)

Chapter 885: – loving heart-usually-one forgets everything after a night’s sleep (9)

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Even though he wasn’t drunk, the alcohol was just an aftereffect. Chu baiqing was already feeling dizzy from being held in place by Gu Jue.

In fact, what Gu Jue did not know was that every time he hugged her, it was a kind of torture for him.

It was because being hugged by the person she liked and not being able to do anything was really torturous.

Chu baiqing struggled a few times, but Gu Jue didn’t let go and continued to hold on to her.

“So annoying, this illness is not over, is it?”

Gu Jue cursed in frustration. During this period of time, this inexplicable illness had really driven him crazy.

Gu Jue let go of Chu baiqing and ran into the bathroom.

The next day.

Chu baiqing received a call from Qin Qing early in the morning, telling them to go back to the family courtyard for dinner.

Qin Qing wanted to call Gu Jue to ask him to go back for dinner, but he definitely wouldn’t.

However, if he went back, Gu Jue would definitely follow him.

Hence, Qin Qing would always call him.

Gu Jue was still asleep. When he went to bed last night, Chu baiqing was already asleep.

Chu baiqing didn’t have a surgery today, and he didn’t want to go to the hospital.

He thought of going to his third brother’s place to take a look, since he hadn’t seen Mumu for a long time.

Chu baiqing was about to get off the bed when Gu Jue grabbed his arm.

“What are you doing? I thought there was no surgery today?”

Gu Jue was still drowsy. He looked at Chu baiqing with his sleepy eyes.

Chu baiqing liked Gu Jue’s current state the most. His hair was in a mess, his face was a little childish, and he spoke in a simple and honest manner. He was not as hot-tempered as he usually was.

“Go and cook some porridge. My stomach doesn’t feel too well.” Chu Bai Qing’s voice was soft and hoarse because he just woke up.

who asked you to drink so much? but it’s true. You and I have always been so loving. How can you not drink too much?”

Gu Jue released his hand and buried his head under the pillow.

“Is fresh shrimp congee okay?” Chu baiqing ignored Gu Jue. He got down from the bed and looked at Gu Jue, his perfectly sculpted back as he asked.

Chu baiqing didn’t know how to cook, but he could cook porridge and fried eggs. It was simple.

“Up to you. The woman last night, was she the one in your Department? The one who’s always cleaning your office?”

Gu Jue was still buried in his pillow, but Chu baiqing could hear his question clearly.

He thought that Gu Jue would forget about ke min hugging him after he fell asleep.

He was a person who would forget everything after sleeping.

However, he still remembered this. He had never had any impression of women.

He would also remember that ke min always cleaned his office for him.

Ke min was a lively person and did her work quickly. The nurse’s work was heavy, but she never complained that she was tired. Every day, she would be full of energy and smile.

“Mm, yes!” Chu baiqing placed his hand on the bathroom door. He hesitated for a moment before asking,” how’s the blind date you met yesterday?”

Chu baiqing didn’t want to ask this. When Gu Jue called her mother last night, he already knew. He said it was okay.

That was already a very high evaluation, which meant that he was very good.

“It’s alright, I can’t find any problems with it.”

He did not even remember the woman’s name, but he could not find anything that he was not satisfied with. This was quite unbelievable.

Of course, he couldn’t find any faults. After all, Qin Qing had carefully selected this based on the flaws of Gu Jue’s blind dates.

“That’s good. Auntie Qin also wants you to get married soon..”

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