Chapter 886 - Chapter 886: Gu Jue will live with another woman

Chapter 886 - Chapter 886: Gu Jue will live with another woman

Chapter 886: Gu Jue will live with another woman

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Chu baiqing squeezed out a smile. After hearing Gu Jue’s words, he felt as if someone had suddenly pushed him into an ice cave.

He said,”it’s alright, I can’t find any faults.””

It wasn’t like what he had said in the past,” what the hell is this? it’s so annoying…

Gu Jue didn’t say anything. He only removed the pillow from his head when he heard Chu baiqing walk into the bathroom and close the door.

He was unusually frustrated. When did he say he wanted to have a relationship?

He promised Qin Qing that he would go for dinner. At around five o ‘clock, Chu baiqing urged Gu Jue to go back together.

Qin Qing and the rest had always been living in the family housing area. The house had been renovated, but they had lived there for over 30 years.

They were not willing to move out. They were used to living here. Gu Jue did not care. It was fine as long as they were comfortable.

Chu baiqing bought Qin Qing’s favorite coconut pastry every time he came.

Qin Qing’s dishes were basically all Gu Jue and Chu baiqing’s favorite.

Gu Jue’s father was recuperating and was not at home, so the three of them were the only ones having dinner.

The doorbell rang while she was setting the bowls and chopsticks on one side. Gu Jue was lazing on the sofa and did not move.

Chu baiqing looked at him, put down his bowl, and went to open the door.

When he opened the door, he was surprised to see a quiet woman with a faint smile on her face. She nodded and greeted Chu baiqing, then asked,” is Auntie Qin here? I’m su Xinrong…”

Although he had never seen this woman before, the image of Gu Jue’s blind date flashed in his mind. He said that she was not bad and that he could not find any faults with her.

Chu Bai Qing didn’t have the habit of staring at people, especially women.

However, he had stared at su Xinrong for quite a while today and had actually forgotten to invite her in.

“Xinrong is here! Come in quickly, we’re about to eat, let’s eat together.”

Qin Qing said as she wiped her hands with her apron.

Chu Bai Qing came back to his senses and quickly stepped aside.

it’s okay, Auntie Qin. This is the information you wanted. 1’11 go back now.

Su Xinrong didn’t come in. She handed the folder in her hands to Chu baiqing, and her words were indeed directed at Qin Qing.

“Who would rush home without eating? come in quickly. Gu Jue is here too. This is Bai Qing, my other son. He grew up with Gu Jue.”

Qin Qing couldn’t help but drag su Xinrong into the conversation.

Chu baiqing gripped the door handle tightly. So, Auntie Qin had asked them to come back for dinner to create an opportunity for Gu Jue and this su Xinrong.

He felt that he was in the way and was not suitable.

Chu Bai Qing took out his phone and sent a message before he closed the door and walked in.

Instead of going to the living room, he went straight to the kitchen to serve the dishes.

When he placed the dishes on the table, Chu baiqing also placed his phone on the table.

He turned around and walked towards the washroom. When he passed by the living room, he heard Gu Jue say,” let’s eat together!

Chu Bai Qing’s lips were still curved into a gentle smile, but only he could feel the bitterness in his heart.

The thought of Gu Jue living with another woman in the future …

They couldn’t ‘cohabit’ like this anymore. Chu baiqing wanted to scream out in pain.

He dawdled in the bathroom for a while and then walked out.

Seeing that Gu Jue was holding his cell phone, it seemed that Jiang Dalu had already called.

“There’s an emergency surgery, you have to go!”

Gu Jue looked at Chu baiqing, his deep eyes filled with an indescribable gloominess.

“Auntie Qin, 1’11 be leaving first. There’s no other way in the emergency room.

Miss su, please enjoy your meal. I’ll treat you and Gu Jue to a meal next time..”

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