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Chapter 1547 - 1547 She Was Actually Keeping A Secret

Chapter 1547 - 1547 She Was Actually Keeping A Secret

1547 She Was Actually Keeping A Secret

However, she did not say any of those thoughts out loud. She probably would never let him know this ever, that she had actually transmigrated from another world.

They were currently living well.

She should not harp on Long Yang’s feelings for her.

Their children were all grown up and it might not be long before she became a grandmother. What was the point of thinking about such useless thoughts?

Long Yang saw her turn silent. Even though she said nothing, he knew that she was actually keeping a secret she did not share with him.


He would not force it out of her if she was not willing to say anything.

Her appearance was heaven’s pity on him, and the best gift that had been bestowed on him.

He lowered his head and kissed her on the top of the head.

This girl probably would never know how much he loved her.

Even if she did not possess a face that launched a thousand ships, he would still love her deep into his soul.

Life would have no meaning without her.

He admitted he had become soft after going through life and death once. He had become so weak that he could not continue his life without her.

Lu Liangwei had no idea what was going through Long Yang’s mind. After gathering her thoughts, she returned to their original conversation. “I have to say that I still don’t entirely believe that Youyou harbors intentions toward Yaoyao.”

The mention of Beitang You made Long Yang angry again. “Even if he no longer harbored any intentions, he would not let go of the opportunity when Yaoyao is with him. Yaoyao is still young and might believe in his sweet talk.”

“Are you saying Yaoyao would fall into his trap?” Lu Liangwei had no idea whether to laugh or cry over this. “Youyou isn’t that kind of person.”

“Hmph. He’d better be well-behaved and not have inappropriate thoughts. Otherwise, I’ll personally head to the Yan Kingdom to destroy him!” Long Yang said with clenched teeth.

He was still reeling from Ji’er and Chu Qi getting together, and now, it was Yaoyao’s turn.

Long Yang suddenly felt that having daughters was quite worrying.

“Don’t be rash. Youyou isn’t that bad. It’s just that the Yan Kingdom is too far away. If Yaoyao married to the Yan Kingdom, it would not be easy for her to come home.” Lu Liangwei was more open-minded about this mainly because she trusted Youyou’s character.

However, Long Yang did not share the same sentiment. Besides himself and Long Yin, any man who got close to his daughters was not trustworthy.

It was fine with Lil Qi as Long Yang brought him up personally. At the end of the day, Lil Qi had saved Ji’er’s life. He found it a little difficult to accept it when they got together in the beginning, but he was able to get over it now.

However, what right did that rascal, Beitang You, have to kidnap Yaoyao?

Lu Liangwei thought this funny as she shook her head. “Are you overthinking this?”

“Weiwei, you don’t understand how bad a man can be. Beitang You would definitely use this opportunity to woo Yaoyao. I’m now worried about Yaoyao getting tricked by Beitang You because she is all alone,” Long Yang said with a frown.

“If you’re really worried about this, just send someone to bring Yaoyao home.” Lu Liangwei was not very worried about Beitang You, she was more concerned with Yaoyao being alone and getting into danger out there.

“I’d better head there personally,” Long Yang said as he found himself unable to sit around any longer.

Lu Liangwei said when she heard this, “That’s just as well. I’ll go with you. It’s a good opportunity for me to visit Yuan Xin. We haven’t seen each other for so many years.”

Long Yang frowned subtly when he heard this.

Even though Yuan Xin was a woman, the image of her spending all her time with Weiwei made him a little upset.

He gave this some thought and changed his mind. “I suddenly remember that I have some important matters to attend to and I can’t leave. How about if we sent Bao Yu and Huaiyuan to the Yan Kingdom to bring Yaoyao home?”

“You’re letting two children head there?” Lu Liangwei was stunned and found this inappropriate. “Why not get Yin’er to tag along? I’ll feel better about it.”

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