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Chapter 1548 - 1548 Her Heart Ached From The Anger

Chapter 1548 - 1548 Her Heart Ached From The Anger

1548 Her Heart Ached From The Anger

“Bao Yu and Huaiyuan are already thirteen. How are they considered still young? It’s a good opportunity for them to gather some outside experience and see the world,” Long Yang said without much concern. “If you’re really that worried, we’ll get Yin’er to go along. He is older now and should see more of the outside world. It would be good for him to inspect the people as well.”

Lu Liangwei did not object any longer when she heard her son would be tagging along.

She was quite confident about her son and did not worry about him.

Yin’er may only be fifteen but he handled matters quite like his father. He was mature and intelligent. She had never needed to worry about anything he did.

“Although, you would still need to check this with Chu Yi and Long Xuan. If they are worried, we should let it go and get Yin’er to head there on his own.”


She did not worry about her son like she did for her daughters.

After all, a woman traveling the world alone would not be as convenient as a man.

It was soon before Long Yang got Zhao Qian to summon Long Xuan and Chu Yi’s families to the Palace.

Long Xuan and Lin Qingyuan were supportive of Bao Yu and Huaiyuan heading to the Yan Kingdom together. Both children were happy about heading there.

However, Chu Yi and Zhu Yu were a little hesitant.

After all, Bao Yu was a girl and was not a boy like Huaiyuan. It would not be convenient for her to be traveling out there. Besides that, Bao Yu had never left home before and it was only normal for them to be worried.

However, Bao Yu was a very opinionated lady and she had long wanted to experience the outside world. Now that she was given the opportunity, she did not want to lose it. Before her parents could reject this, she quickly made the first move and said, “I’m willing to head to the Yan Kingdom.”

“Bao Yu!” Zhu Yu called out to her in a low voice with a look that disagreed with Bao Yu.

She and Chu Yi had only one daughter. How could they bear for their daughter to travel so far?

Bao Yu looked at her stubborn daughter, and had no choice but to turn to Lu Liangwei. “Miss, Bao Yu is still young and I can’t bear for her to leave…

Lu Liangwei was a mother as well and could understand how she felt. So, she said to Bao Yu, “Bao Yu, your mother would be worried about you. Maybe it’s best you don’t go. Why not wait for a few more years when you’re older before you travel.”

Bao Yu said with a frown, “Your Highness, I really want to experience the outside world…”

“Bao Yu, you’re still young right now. If you really want to take a look out there, you can wait a little longer when your father is free. He can accompany you.” Bao Yu frowned.

“What would be the point of that?” Bao Yu immediately retorted. “I have grown up under your care and relied on both of you for everything. Now that I’m older, I want to see the world for myself.”

This made Zhu Yu anxious and she got angry. “Are you acting so brazenly just because you think you’re ready to leave us?”

“You!” Zhu Yu’s heart ached from the anger. She knew this girl had always been obstinate, but it was always over minor issues. Now that Bao Yu wanted to experience the outside world regardless, even daring to go against her, it made Zhu Yu furious.

Lu Liangwei felt stuck in the middle as she watched Bao Yu and Zhu Yu argue.

Their children were all grown up and it was only natural that they wanted to see what it was like out there.

It was just like that girl, Yaoyao. They did not allow her to go off on her own, yet she ended up sneaking off.

However, Bao Yu was not her daughter, after all. She could not make the decision for them. Lu Liangwei had no choice but to look at the silent Chu Yi when she saw mother and daughter still arguing. “What do you think, Chu Yi?”

This reminded Zhu Yu that Chu Yi had not expressed his opinion, and she turned to look at him as well.

She had thought Chu Yi was on the same page as her, and would stop Bao Yu. After all, he doted on Bao Yu more than she did. However, she did not expect Chu Yi to look at Bao Yu to say, “Have you thought this through, my little girl? The outside world isn’t as wonderful as you think it is. It’s filled with danger and life-threatening risks. Moreover, this is going to be a far journey. You will have a hard time and it won’t be as comfortable as being at home. Besides that, you are a lady and it would be inconvenient for you to travel so far. The Crown Prince and Huaiyuan might not be able to take full care of you. Once you’re out there, you have to rely on yourself. You have to think this through properly.”

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