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Chapter 1550 - 1550 You’re Acting Like A Hooligan, Your Majesty

Chapter 1550 - 1550 You’re Acting Like A Hooligan, Your Majesty

1550 You’re Acting Like A Hooligan, Your Majesty

When Long Yin noticed something was not right between his parents, he smartly decided to leave as well.

“If there is nothing else, I will take my leave.”

When Lu Liangwei saw this, she quickly called out to him, “Yin’er, don’t leave yet. Accompany me to the garden for a walk…”

Long Yin glanced at his silent father and said cleverly, “I have to leave for the Yan Kingdom soon and I need to prepare for it. It’s best that Father accompanies you instead.”

“That’s right, you need to pack for the Yan Kingdom. I should help you with it.” Lu Liangwei’s eyes lit up as she stepped forward and looked pitifully at her son.


Long Yin paused momentarily as he could not bear to leave his mother behind to suffer the brunt of his father’s anger. He had no choice but to say, “In that case, Mother can…”

“Long Yin!” Long Yang finally said something. He slammed the cup of tea in his hand heavily onto the table with a loud bang.

Long Yin had to shut up.

“Aren’t you supposed to pack? What are you waiting for?” Long Yang voiced out once more.

Long Yin looked at his mother helplessly and left.

Lu Liangwei clenched her handkerchief. Every one of them ran away faster than a rabbit. They had turned their backs on her, leaving her to face Long Yang alone. The memory of what she had just said made her head go numb.

It was at this time when Long Yang’s voice rang out casually from behind her. “You want to have your way with me?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

“Of course, not. Do I look like someone who does that?” Lu Liangwei turned to look at him with the most charming smile.

Long Yang suddenly pulled open the corner of his robe and looked at her deeply, saying pointedly, “I can satisfy you with that.”

Lu Liangwei’s face turned red as she quickly turned to look away. She twisted the handkerchief in her hand and said with angry embarrassment, “You’re acting like a hooligan, Your Majesty!”

“Don’t dare to do anything now, do you?” Long Yang sniggered and suddenly pulled her by the arm.

She gave an exclamation and fell onto his lap.

“Go on and have your way.” Long Yang moved in close to her and whispered into her ear.

Lu Liangwel felt like she was sitting on needles and wanted to cry. She glared at him with clenched teeth. “This isn’t what I meant about having my way.” She felt so embarrassed. How could he act like such a hooligan at this age?

“How would you have your way then?” Long Yang asked with his eyes narrowed. His palm grabbed onto her waist and he was quite intimidating.

An idea came to Lu Liangwei. “Alright, I’ll do what I want, but you aren’t allowed to get mad.”

“Here it comes.” Lu Liangwei positioned herself properly while sitting and as Long Yang watched her expectantly, she reached out and quickly rubbed him all about on his handsome face.

Long Yang, “…”

While his face turned dark from this, Lu Liangwei quickly got up and retreated quite a few steps back.

“Come here, Weiwei.” When Long Yang realized what she just did, he waved her over to him while trying to suppress the burning desire within him.

“I don’t want to.” Lu Liangwei rejected him bluntly.

“If you don’t come over here, we’ll immediately leave for the hot springs in Tianzhu Mountain.” Long Yang threatened.

Lu Liangwei was most afraid of going to the hot springs with him. She always felt that her life was hung by a thread when she was at the hot springs.

It reminded her of a time long ago when Long Yang brought her to the hot springs. She was still affected by it psychologically.

However, he was still upset about what she had said before and if they headed there, she would probably lose half her life. So, she decided to go all out as she said determinedly, “Let’s go. Do you think I’m scared?”

A smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. “I see that you especially love going to the hot springs with me. I share the same sentiment as well.”

Lu Liangwei felt a chill in her heart as she suspected she had just been tricked by him.

However, Yin’er was about to leave for the Yan Kingdom and someone had to manage the imperial court, which meant that His Majesty would not have the time to visit Tianzhu Mountain.

She was relieved at this thought.

Moreover, His Majesty was getting older and he has held back quite a lot for the past two years. It might be that he no longer had as much stamina as before and she might just be scaring herself now.

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