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Chapter 1549 - 1549 It Has Been So Many Years And I Have Disappointed Second Miss Lu

Chapter 1549 - 1549 It Has Been So Many Years And I Have Disappointed Second Miss Lu

1549 It Has Been So Many Years And I Have Disappointed Second Miss Lu

Bao Yu’s eyes brightened when she heard her father’s words. “Father, do you agree to me going to the Yan Kingdom?”

Chu Yi smiled helplessly. “Even if we didn’t agree to it, would you listen to us?”

Bao Yu hugged his arm and stuck out her tongue, promising, “Father, all I want is to have a look at what the world is like out there. I promise I’ll listen to both of you about everything else besides this.”

Chu Yi rubbed her head. “Alright. Remember not to create any trouble once you’re out there. All you need to do is to protect yourself.”

“Don’t worry, Father. I didn’t learn martial arts skills from you all these years for nothing. Even though I might not be good enough as you, it’s still enough for me to protect myself,” Bao Yu said confidently.


There was nothing else for Chu Yi to say when he saw this.

When Zhu Yu saw both father and daughter make the decision without including her, her heart ached even more from the anger.

She pinched Chu Yi viciously. “Why did you agree to this blindly? Do you think it’s something as simple as a day out?”

When Chu Yi saw her getting angry, he quickly hugged her and cajoled, “What is there to be angry about? Our child is all grown up and she would leave us one day. You can’t keep her by your side our entire lives. She won’t be happy if you did that. Since she wants to see the world, we should let her go. Once she sees the world and knows what it is like, she would stop thinking about it.”

Zhu Yu opened her mouth to say something when she heard that, but did not have a retort for that.

Chu Yi quickly gave Bao Yu a look.

Bao Yu quickly went to her mother when she saw the look and hugged her mother on the arm as she promised, “Mother, if you let me go this time, I would never marry and stay at home to take good care of you and Father.”

Zhu Yu looked at her, stunned, when she heard this. She could no longer feel angry. “What are you talking about, child? Which young lady doesn’t get married?”

Chu Yi got worried as well.

He only had one daughter and even though he did not want her to get married, listening to her make that promise made him feel worried.

“I can get an adopted son-in-law. That way, I don’t need to marry into another family,” Bao Yu said with a smile.

Chu Yi and Zhu Yu were greatly relieved.

“What are you talking about, you silly girl?” Zhu Yu poked her on the head.

Lu Liangwei felt happy to see this family have a close relationship despite the arguing.

“It’s nice that Bao Yu have thoughts on how her life should be. Marrying into another family isn’t all that great. If you get an adopted son-in-law, you won’t need to suffer looks from others and can even have your way with your husband. That is a good plan.” She could not help praising.

Lu Liangwei, “…” She had completely forgotten His Majesty was sitting next to her and had let slip what she really thought about this.

She looked at Lin Qingyuan in a bid for survival. “By the way, didn’t you invite me to enjoy the hot spring at our temporary imperial residence at Tianzhu Mountain? Come on, we can leave right now.” With that, she quickly stood up.

However, Long Yang swept a murderous glance at Lin Qingyuan and she quickly hid behind Long Xuan in fear. In her own bid for survival, she said, “I don’t think so. I don’t remember inviting you at all. Besides, I have no plans to visit Tianzhu Mountain. You must have remembered wrong.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She stared straight at Lin Qingyuan making a sudden retreat. What a disloyal friend.

Lin Qingyuan shrunk back and pulled Long Xuan’s hand as she said, “Since Yuan’er will be accompanying the Crown Prince to the Yan Kingdom, we should make an early return to help him pack up.”

“Good idea.” Long Xuan knew his Royal Uncle would probably want to ‘teach a lesson’ to his Aunt, so he took the opportunity to take Lin Qingyuan home.

Chu Yi and Zhu Yu followed quickly as they left with Bao Yu.

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