Chapter 2340 Are You Threatening Me? I'm Scared, Fight the Manifa Forefather

Chapter 2340  Are You Threatening Me? I'm Scared, Fight the Manifa Forefather

Chu Kuangren did not know how to describe the Limitless Transformation Technique.

When he completed his comprehension of the cultivation technique, he had nothing but praise and admiration for the Human Ancestor. If he could comment on the cultivation technique, he would say it was crazy!

The Limitless Transformation Technique had two levels. The first level was Limitless Cultivation. It allowed the user to completely copy any technique he or she saw and do it better than the original caster. That point alone made the cultivation technique crazy or even ridiculous. Others cultivated a single technique for ages, but the user of the Limitless Transformation Technique could copy it with just one glance and do it better. No one would be able to survive or even walk away with a sane mind.

The second level of the Limitless Transformation Technique was even crazier. The second level was Limitless Imitation. It allowed the user to transform into any living beings that he or she had seen before and possess their cultivation technique, divine abilities, and even memories. Once the technique was mastered, it allowed the user to create a Monarch out of nothing or even a being above the Monarch Realm.

However, cultivating the crazy technique required extremely harsh requirements, which was to fuse three thousand Daoist laws.

Only then could one perfectly use that cultivation technique.

Since the beginning of time, only less than a handful of people had managed to fuse three thousand Daoist laws.

The Human Ancestor was one of them, and Chu Kuangren was also one of them!

"No wonder no one had been able to comprehend the tablet for so many years! Fusing three thousand Daoist laws isn't easy at all!"

"This cultivation technique is made for me!" Chu Kuangren was beyond thrilled.

"Tempest King, thirty-one votes."

"Manifa Forefather, thirty-two votes."

"Buddha Emperor, nineteen votes."

"Heavenly Saint, nineteen votes."

The Human Empress announced the voting results from the scribe's record.

The Manifa Forefather grinned.

The Tempest King remained calm. The Buddha Emperor felt a great pity.

The Heavenly Saint looked fine, but there was a hint of fierceness in his eyes.

"It seems like the result is out," the Manifa Forefather said with a chuckle. He was also glad it was over because he had won by just one vote! He did not expect so many Monarchs to vote for Tempest King. It seemed the Human Empress and the Earthen Monarch had done their homework to make the Tempest King the Adjudicator.

"Human Empress, announce the result now," the Manifa Forefather said to the Human Empress.

"Why the rush? I still haven't voted," a cold voice said.

Chu Kuangren, who had just comprehended the Limitless Transformation Technique, came over.

The Monarchs were curious when they saw him.

"Did he do it? Is it over?"

"I don't know."

"Nothing happened, so I guess he failed."

"Tsk. No one has ever comprehended the tablet. It must be just a tablet to fool people."

"Chu Kuangren is voting. Who is he going to vote for?" One of the Monarchs asked the stupidest questions, causing another Monarch to roll his eyes. "Duh? Isn't it obvious?!" "I vote for Tempest King," Chu Kuangren said.

Who else would he vote for if not his disciple?

"Tempest King, thirty-two votes," the Human Empress said.

The smile on the Manifa Forefather froze. He stared at Chu Kuangren coldly and said, "Chu Kuangren, do you really want to go against the Manifa Destiny Sect?"

He even released his aura to intimidate Chu Kuangren.

He controlled his aura to only target Chu Kuangren, so it escaped some Monarchs' senses. Only a few sensed it, and they curled their lips into an interesting grin. "Are you threatening me? I'm scared."

Chu Kuangren feigned a scared look and then swapped it with a frosty expression. He released rampant sword intent that could shake the heaven.

"Old man, are you out of your mind? The grudge between me and the Manifa Destiny Sect is not news. "Besides, what makes you think you can use your seniority to oppress others and threaten me? If you have the nerves, do it!" Chu Kuangren filled the void with his aggressive Monarch sword intent without concealing it.

Everyone sensed it, and some of the Monarchs gasped in shock.

They never thought Chu Kuangren would choose to confront the Manifa Forefather face to face.

However, the Tempest King grinned. That was the Honorable Teacher she knew — straightforward and domineering.

His arrogance could never be controlled!

"You! You…" The Manifa Forefather was shaking and twitching. "What about me?" Chu Kuangren bellowed.

He then pointed his sword hand sign forward, gathering the sword qi around him into the indomitable Sword Twenty-three!

The sword qi from the slash flooded the heaven.

The Buddha Emperor and Heavenly Saint immediately drew distance from the Manifa Forefather.

The Buddha Emperor's mount, the giant condor, freaked out when it sensed the power in the slash. It flapped its wings and rapidly retreated.

The Manifa Forefather bellowed, "How unreasonable!"

He shouted and unleashed a palm strike that clashed with the sword qi.

It was Daoist law versus Daoist law!

The moment the two energies collided, the void collapsed.

An energy storm swept across the mountain, forcing the Monarchs to retreat.

"Damn! The Manifa Forefather is one of the oldest Monarch, and Chu Kuangren has attacked him!"

"He's crazy!"

"He's just out of his mind!"

"He fought the Doomsday Darkness when he just ascended into the Monarch Realm, and now he's fighting the Manifa Forefather. He has been fighting opponents beyond his level, and this is probably the first time I've seen someone so arrogant!"

The other Monarchs were in awe.

The Earthen Monarch glanced at the Human Empress. "Should we do something?"

The Human Empress shook her head. "Let's just observe first."

"Very well."

The Earthen Monarch wanted to find out how powerful Chu Kuangren was as well.

"Bang! Kaboom!"

The clash between Daoist laws caused the spiritual qi in the realm to boil and the Great Dao to tremble.

"Sword Twenty-four!"

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign again and used a stronger version of the sword technique.

The slash shook the entire realm.

"Universal Genesis Pierce!"

Infuriated, the Manifa Forefather channeled his Universal Daoist law energy.

The realm trembled fiercely, and a large amount of Daoist law energy gathered at his fingertip before shooting forward.

The clash between two extremely powerful techniques pushed both of them back.

However, Chu Kuangren did not want to stop. His aura rose sharply, and he released even more Daoist law energy that could shatter the realm.

He had beef with the Manifa Destiny Sect, and now the forefather had threatened him.

On top of that, the man even tried to disturb him when he was comprehending the tablet. He knew what was happening around him even when he was comprehending.

If not for Tempest King, he would've been disturbed.

How could such an old man be so rude?

As such, Chu Kuangren decided not to hold back.

"Limitless, Universal Genesis Pierce!" Chu Kuangren pointed his finger forward and channeled the Universal Daoist law around him.

He used the same technique as the Manifa Forefather!

The others were shocked when they saw it.

"What? Chu Kuangren can use the Manifa Destiny Sect's cultivation technique, too?"

"It seems he has quite the mastery as well!"

The Manifa Forefather may have blocked it, but he was similarly shocked. "Impossible! How do you know the Manifa Destiny Sect's cultivation technique? Where did you learn it?"

"Where did I learn it? You just showed it to me." Chu Kuangren grinned.

"Nonsense!" The Manifa Forefather grunted and channeled his Daoist law energy again.

He reached into the void and clenched his fist.

"Universal Violent Barrage!" Chu Kuangren rose to the air, reached into the void, and clenched his fist, channeling the same Daoist law energy. "Limitless, Universal Violent Barrage!"

With the same technique and Daoist law, Chu Kuangren was like a mirror that copied the Manifa Forefather's technique exactly! 

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