Chapter 2341 The Scary Limitless Transformation Technique, Tempest King Fights Manifa Forefather

Chapter 2341  The Scary Limitless Transformation Technique, Tempest King Fights Manifa Forefather

After the fists locked and the Daoist laws clashed, Chu Kuangren and the Manifa Forefather were pushed back. "Even though he's only ascended to Monarch recently, his powers are not to be underestimated. He's young, but he possesses unimaginable power," the Manifa Forefather thought to himself. He was in awe of Chu Kuangren's powers, especially when Chu Kuangren used the Universal Genesis Pierce and Universal Violent Barrage back at him, putting him in an embarrassing spot.

Those two cultivation techniques were high-level techniques.

Other than himself, no one else in the Manifa Destiny Sect knew it.

However, Chu Kuangren, an outsider, used it on him, and it felt even more powerful than his. It was pure humiliation to the sect, an indirect way of calling the sect useless.

"For stealing my sect's technique, you shall die!" The Manifa Forefather grunted and channeled the ultimate technique of the sect again.

However, Chu Kuangren also extended his arm and clenched his fists, channeling the Universal Daoist law. He was using the same technique again!

The Manifa Forefather was shocked, and the other Monarchs were similarly surprised.

"Did Chu Kuangren infiltrate the Manifa Destiny Sect? Why can he use the forefather's cultivation techniques? What's going on?"

"Something strange is going on."

Everyone furrowed their brows.

However, the Human Empress, the Earthen Monarch, and other ancient Monarchs stared at Chu Kuangren in disbelief when they were struck with realization. The Manifa Forefather gulped nervously as he also had the same realization. After the Daoist laws clashed, the Manifa Forefather cast all kinds of cultivation techniques to verify his thoughts.

"Abstruse Sword Pierce!" "Heaven Earth Critical Art!"

"Skybreaker Genesis Transformation!"

All kinds of cultivation techniques were cast.

The Manifa Destiny Sect was named after its mastery of various cultivation techniques. The sect had a collection of countless cultivation techniques, and as its forefather, the Manifa Forefather was a master of all kinds of cultivation techniques while majoring in Universal Dao.

With his cultivation level, he could pick up any kind of cultivation technique with just a hint or some practice. It was not difficult for him to master it as well.

The plethora of cultivation techniques captured everyone's attention, but what shocked them was that no matter what the Manifa Forefather cast, Chu Kuangren could mirror it with a more powerful version.

It was mind-blowing!

"W-What is going on?"

"Oh my god…" "No! This is impossible! How is this possible?"

After a few exchanges, the Manifa Forefather bellowed and stared at Chu Kuangren in disbelief and awe.

"Limitless Transformation Technique! He's using the Limitless Transformation Technique!"

"Alright. That's enough!"

The Earthen Monarch and Human Empress finally intervened. After the two stopped fighting, the two Adjudicators looked at Chu Kuangren. They had never been so shocked before.

Chu Kuangren got it because he had fused three thousand Daoist laws and possessed the Human Ancestor's body. As for the others, even if they ascended to the Overlord Realm, they could never get it.

"Let the election continue," the Earthen Monarch said after he regained his composure.

"How are we going to proceed? The Tempest King and Manifa Forefather are tied at the moment."

"Why not let them fight?"

Someone suggested.

"It seems like a valid suggestion."

The Tempest King grinned. She looked at the forefather and teased, "You wanted a spar? Now is the chance! Bring it on!"

The Manifa Forefather hesitated.

He was not afraid of the Tempest King, but when he fought Chu Kuangren, he had cast a lot of techniques, and Chu Kuangren copied them all.

If he continued fighting the Tempest King, he would be forced to reveal even more.

Then, even his trump card would be exposed and possibly learned by Chu Kuangren.

The others knew what the forefather was concerned about as well.

They, too, believed the Limitless Transformation Technique was cheating.

"Who else will dare to reveal their techniques to Chu Kuangren now when he can copy everything with just a glance?" said one of the Monarchs.

"What's wrong? Are you afraid?" the Tempest King provoked. "Hmph. You think I'm scared of you?" the Manifa Forefather argued.

He was determined to become the Adjudicator!

"In that case, let's fight!"

The Tempest King raised her brow and started to gather the spiritual qi, earthen qi, and other types of qi from across hundreds of millions of meters of land.

It was the Heaven-devouring Technique!

Her aura rose sharply and boosted her to the Ultimate Monarch Realm, which surprised the others.

The Heaven-devouring Technique was not considered cheating compared to the Limitless Transformation Technique, but it was an amazing Ultimate-level technique when the Tempest King used it herself.

"She's stronger than before."

The Earthen Monarch praised the Tempest King.

After the battle with the Heavenly Sovereign, the Tempest King recovered rapidly and grew stronger than before.

Her potential and her talents far surpassed them all.

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