Chapter 2343 Tempest King Elected, Limitless Imitation, Someone Wanted To Breach The Contract

Chapter 2343  Tempest King Elected, Limitless Imitation, Someone Wanted To Breach The Contract


The Manifa Forefather was stunned.

How did the Tempest King gain six more votes?

He was confused.

The Human Empress and Earthen Monarch were similarly surprised.

"It seems like the result is clear," the Human Empress said with a smile.

The result was surprising because no one expected the Tempest King to win the election.

"I refuse to accept this!" the Manifa Forefather shouted.


Three different auras erupted at the same time and locked onto the forefather.

The first one was from Chu Kuangren.

He looked at the old man coldly and said, "Old man, what are you trying to do?"

The second and third auras were from the Human Empress and Earthen Monarch respectively.

The two of them also stared at the forefather coldly.

"Forefather, the human race election is not a game, and the result is out. Please don't cause a scene," the Human Empress said calmly, but there was a hint of frostiness in her eyes that sent chills down the forefather's spine.

Although the Earthen Monarch remained quiet, he released the strongest aura of the three. His aura pressured the forefather like there were a billion mountains on his shoulder, forcing the old man's body to shake.

The Manifa Forefather had just ended the battle with the Tempest King and had exhausted quite the energy.

With the three of them pressuring him, he could not voice his argument.

With that, the election result was finalized.

Chu Kuangren and the Human Empress pulled many strings to make the Tempest King the new and third Adjudicator, who would be the highest authority of the human race.

After the election, the Tempest King was still confused as to how she won the election.

"Human Empress, how did I get extra votes from the Monarchs? Did you and the Earthen Monarch promise them something?" the Tempest King asked curiously. The Human Empress shook her head. "We did nothing. Those Monarchs had gotten deals from the Manifa Forefather, the Buddha Emperor, and the Supreme Saint, so it wasn't easy trying to gain their votes. I don't know what caused them to change their mind during the re-election."

"Maybe they finally figured it out. Hehe."

Chu Kuangren, the mastermind, chuckled from the side.

As a sudden realization struck, the Tempest King looked at Chu Kuangren and asked, "Honorable Teacher, was it you?"

Chu Kuangren blinked and feigned ignorance. "I'm not that capable."

"That's alright. No matter what happened, the result is desirable." The Human Empress asked the Tempest King to stay to talk about the necessary steps and procedures for becoming the Adjudicator.

Months later, Chu Kuangren and the Tempest King finally returned to the Pan Gu Sect.

Inside a forest realm of the Pan Gu Sect, Chu Kuangren sat with his legs crossed and surrounded by Immortal Sparks.

His body was shifting form rapidly, from the Tempest King, Manifa Forefather, Human Empress, and more.

Each transformation felt authentic, and even the aura felt exactly the same.

After a while, he reverted to his original look. He opened his eyes and grinned. "I've finally mastered the second level of the Limitless Transformation Technique, the Limitless Imitation!"

It had been decades since he returned from Mount Tsuming.

He spent most of the time comprehending the Limitless Transformation Technique and finally mastered the Limitless Imitation.

From now on, he could become anyone he saw.

Suddenly, Chu Kuangren received a message from the fortune teller, the man he assigned to recover the debts. Someone had tried to breach the contract and refused to carry out the requirements, so the Master of Destiny's instructions were needed.

The one who breached the contract was a powerful Monarch.

"Oh? Interesting. Someone has the nerve to breach a Destiny Contract, huh? It seems like I have to go take care of this."

A hint of coldness flashed in Chu Kuangren's eyes.

Meanwhile, in the Celestial Divine Tribe, a Monarch was confronting a man in green robes.

"The fortune teller of the Six Eyes Tribe now runs errands for the Master of Destiny?"

"I am just carrying out my part. It's not that embarrassing."

The man in green was the fortune teller from Myriad Arms City.

"No wonder the Six Eyes Tribe wants you dead. If you become the most powerful fortune teller of this era, I'd feel bad for the Six Eyes Tribe."

The most powerful fortune teller of the Six Eyes Tribe was known as the Six Eyes Diviner, a title given only to the most adept in the Deduction Dao.

One must be able to deduce the future and past without flaw.

However, for some reason, the current Six Eyes Diviner was being chased by his own people and had now become an envoy of the Divine Destiny Temple.

Something strange must have happened.

"Tianshen Yan, I'd suggest you carry out your duty, or you will face severe consequences. You know how serious it is to mess with the Master of Destiny," the Six Eyes Diviner said.

Tianshen Yan was dauntless. He scoffed, "In that case, tell him to come to me himself. I'd like to see how powerful he really is."

The Six Eyes Diviner frowned.

He was curious why Tianshen Yan was so confident in defying the Master of Destiny.

"Breaching the Destiny Contract? You must have a lot of nerves to do that."

A frosty voice echoed across the realm.

A figure in white descended from the sky. His face was veiled by a layer of divine light, shielding his true face from others.

He was surrounded by Immortal Sparks that granted him a transcendental presence.

His presence shook the mountains and rivers and made the stars dim.

"Another Monarch."

Tianshen Yan looked at the person. He could not see the face, but the aura was profound and ever-shifting. He was not able to sense it precisely either.

"So you're the Master of Destiny?" Tianshen Yan asked.

The person was none other than Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren did not answer the question. Before he came, he had used the Limitless Transformation Technique to veil his presence and face.

He looked at Tianshen Yan and said, "Tianshen Yan, you owe the Temple of Destiny twelve Hongmeng Supreme Treasures. Are you sure you don't want to pay up?"

"What if I refuse?" Tianshen Yan scoffed.

Hongmeng Supreme Treasures were precious even to a Monarch.

It was difficult for him to have one or two, let alone twelve.

Therefore, he decided to act shamelessly.

"The contract states that if you cannot pay up, you will serve the temple for life. I suppose you don't want to carry out your duty as well?"

"I was born free. No shackles of freedom can hold me bondage!" Tianshen Yan bellowed arrogantly.

Chu Kuangren scoffed. "I've never seen someone sound so righteous in not paying a debt."

Then, he threw a palm strike forward, releasing a stream of Daoist law energy.

"Bring it on!" Tianshen Yan bellowed. The Celestial Divine Light shone in his hand and released a domineering aura in the area.

The light was shot at the Daoist law energy, and the void shattered upon collision.

"I'd like to see how powerful the Divine Destiny Temple is. Celestial Divine Dragon Flare!"

Tianshen Yan used his ultimate attack.

The Celestial Divine Light was compressed into a blazing flame that blasted forward.

It scorched everything in its path and left a trail of charred void.

"Universal Genesis Pierce."

Chu Kuangren pointed his finger forward, shooting out the Universal Dao energy.

When the two attacks clashed, the void collapsed.

"That's the Manifa Destiny Sect's cultivation technique!" Tianshen Yan's eyes widened.

As a Monarch, he was pretty knowledgeable. He had seen the Universal Genesis Pierce before.

"Dragon God Dominion!"

Then, Chu Kuangren raised his hand to release a surge of dragon qi. He was using the secret technique of the Dragon Tribe.

The dragon qi easily blasted Tianshen Yan away, leaving the man shocked.

"A Dragon Tribe cultivation technique!?"

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