Chapter 2342 Tempest King Avatar, Use the Destiny Contract, Re-election

Chapter 2342  Tempest King Avatar, Use the Destiny Contract, Re-election

"T-Tempest King!" The Manifa Forefather narrowed his eyes. He was forced to fight the Tempest King again.

This time, he did not hold back anymore. He unleashed the power of an Ultimate Monarch and aimed to defeat the Tempest King in the shortest time possible.

Chu Kuangren watched from the side with his eyes shining.

He had activated the Limitless Transformation Technique, copying all the techniques of the forefather and his disciple! He did not even need to comprehend them. It was just like copy and paste, but he could be better than the original!

It was as good as cheating!

On top of that, it was just the first level of the technique.

Once he had successfully comprehended the second level, the Limitless Imitation, he could transform into anyone in the Infiniverse, like a dragon, god, even the Manifa Forefather, or the Buddha Emperor.

In addition to that, Chu Kuangren had a feeling that the Limitless Transformation still had space to grow. That thought surprised him, and it made him wonder if he was overthinking it. The cultivation technique, which was already crazy powerful, could still grow stronger?

How powerful would it become then?

What would level three be like?

Chu Kuangren dared not even imagine.

However, the feeling in his heart was real. He believed that one day in the future, he would be able to reach that new height.

In the meantime, the Tempest King and the Manifa Forefather continued fighting.

The Tempest King had used the Heaven-devouring Technique to boost her strength to an Ultimate Monarch Realm, rivaling the Manifa Forefather.

All kinds of earth-shattering cultivation techniques were cast in succession.

They were all her unique cultivation techniques.

"Cosmic Crumbling Yin Yang Strike!"

"Thundergale Heaven Breaker!"

"Tempest Overworld!"

The switch between Yin Yang, Thundergale, and the Universal Creation was smooth.

She used different techniques masterfully and had no problems switching in and out of them.

The Monarchs could not even tell which Great Dao she majored in.

"Monarch Avatar!"

Infuriated by the relentless attacks, the Manifa Forefather used the Daoist laws around him to summon a gigantic mountain behind him. It was his unique Monarch Avatar!

However, that was not the end as Daoist law energy rumbled and swept over the field.

His Monarch Domain was activated as well.

With the avatar and domain activated, two of the strongest techniques that a Monarch could possess, the Manifa Forefather's energy surged.

Even so, the Tempest King remained calm.

She raised her hand to gather her Daoist law and summoned her own Monarch Avatar.

It was the first time Chu Kuangren had seen her Monarch Avatar.

The Monarch looked determined.

In fact, not only him but a few more Monarchs looked delighted as well. They looked at the Tempest King, finding it strange.

"The Tempest King is related to the Master of Destiny."

"The Master of Destiny never deals in a losing trade. I wonder what he wants from the Tempest King."

"It's a huge opportunity being noticed by the Master of Destiny, but one misstep and it might be over for her."

The Monarchs thought to themselves.

One must lose something to gain something.

Making a deal with destiny would usually cost more than one could gain, but people always succumbed to temptation.

Unfortunately, the Monarchs had no idea that the Tempest King had never seen the Master of Destiny before, but she was his disciple.

"Tsk. There goes a few Monarch-level contracts." Chu Kuangren sighed.

However, he was totally fine with using the contracts to give the Tempest King a little boost.

Besides, the Divine Destiny Temple never dealt in a losing business.

Using a few Destiny Contracts to exchange for his disciple being one of the three Adjudicators who wielded the highest authority of the human race was quite the bargain.

"Enough! I want to stop the fight!"

The Manifa Forefather shouted all of a sudden.

The battle would last forever if they continued.

"I request a re-election. I want to appeal for myself," he said.

The others exchanged a curious look.

The Human Empress and Earthen Monarch furrowed their brows while they thought about it. They seemed to be measuring the gains and losses.

"Fine. Let's cast the votes again."

It was Chu Kuangren who spoke first.

Soon, the re-election began.

The Manifa Forefather gave an inspiring speech and promised to provide all kinds of benefits. In the end, he managed to get himself four extra votes.

Most of the Monarchs maintained their choices.

"Manifa Forefather, thirty-four votes," the Human Empress said after calculating the votes.

The Manifa Forefare was stunned. Did the calculation go wrong?

He had gotten thirty-two votes before, and now, with the four extra votes he got, he should have thirty-six votes.

How did it become thirty-four?

Where did the two other votes go?

"Tempest King, thirty-eight votes!"

The Human Empress found herself surprised.

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