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Chapter 3085 - 3085 Virus of the World

3085 Virus of the World

However, Ramiel was a person with a clear definition of self.

Ramiel had always been a ruler and had transferred all major decision-making powers to Michael.

In Ramiel’s opinion, Michael was the best leader of the Holy City in this era, and his thinking could lead Holy City to a more glorious state. Michael did not let him down. He became the Sixteen-Winged Angel. He lived up to his reputation!

The mighty Ramiel was willing to follow in the footsteps of Michael. A powerful archangel with avant-garde, radical ideas. A highly respected ruler of the Holy City who united the Holy City and had one goal.


As a leader, Michael was aggressive.

In other words, Holy City would also become aggressive under him.

Mo Fan could tell that Mu Ningxue was in a weakened state, but Ramiel had too many powerful organizations in the Holy City. Once the powerhouses in Holy City took action, it would be difficult for Mu Ningxue to escape the sanctions of Holy City!

Mo Fan was most worried about this. Ramiel’s power came from the powerful organizations in Holy City, and it was even more terrifying than Michael’s, who was alone!

“The world is like one huge living thing.”

“Every living thing gets sick. The viruses hidden in the body breed, grow, and gradually harm living things. Some damages can be cured, but others can never be healed. The Forbidden Curse is the latter.”

“Of course, I don’t think monsters like you are as easy to deal with as viruses. It is more appropriate to describe you as cancer cells. You divide and grow endlessly. No medicine can restrain you, and the defense system of the living thing can’t withstand you. Ultimately, you will destroy everything, cause the living thing to have no immunity, and turn those viruses into deadly diseases!”

“The world is vulnerable to your expansion.”

Michael did not care whether Mo Fan listened to him. He just said whatever he wanted to say.

“What are you, then, and what is the Holy City? What is the difference between you and us?” Mo Fan sneered.

“We are all the same. Ramiel, Rafael, Uri, and I can be called cancer cells or monsters. The only difference between you and us is that we were born to hunt and kill the same kind. Monsters and cancer cells like you are so powerful that nothing can control and restrain you, so the world has created monsters like us. Our purpose is to kill other monsters to prevent the number of monsters from reaching a number that would threaten the balance of the world,” said Michael.

He called himself a monster. Holy City was also a monster city. It was a city for hunting other monsters!

Michael’s perception rendered Mo Fan speechless. Mo Fan did not know how to communicate with this numbskull.

In the end, it did not matter if he was innocent. When a person’s strength exceeded a certain limit, he became a sinful creature in their eyes.

This was the ultimate reason why many great people had been killed.

Once a creature was born, it was endowed with an obsession that it must become stronger, otherwise, nature would kill the weak.

But if the same people underwent numerous hardships and finally reached the top, nature wanted to destroy them because they had gone against its laws.

The Parade Angels were angels who ruled over the world.

Michael had used an appropriate metaphor. When they took off their shiny wings and sacred armor, they were nothing more than a group of monsters. Their existence was to eliminate other monsters who did not belong to the Holy City.

“Many ordinary people are unsophisticated and docile because they lack the strength to do evil. Their fists can’t kill people because that might mean further danger. If they were given sharp weapons and thick armor, they will kill more people than villains.”

“Besides, people change. No matter how pure and kind-hearted a person is, they will still be influenced by the outside world.”

“It is impossible to control a person’s nature, but we can control their power. When people are mad or out of control, we must ensure that malicious destruction remains minimal and recoverable.”

“Mu Ningxue is not allowed to slaughter the Holy City for the sake of one person!”

Why could he not let Mo Fan go?

Michael firmly believed that if he let Mo Fan go this time, he and Mu Ningxue would stand against Holy City and everyone else.

At that time, what could the Holy City do? Could they let them live or kill them?

She did it for her lover…

Michael could not help but find that funny. People had many emotions and desires. But would they dare try to subvert the ruling class of Holy City like Mu Ningxue if they were a bit unsatisfied?

The country wanted to destroy a villain. The villain happened to be related to someone who retaliated against the said country just because they wanted to eradicate the villain.

That country was the Holy City. The ruling class did make mistakes, and so did the ones who fought the ruling class to dismantle them. However, which side would bring a more severe consequence?

If the Holy City was gone, who would eradicate those viruses? If the country itself was destroyed, how would the people survive?

Without the ruling class, the order of all classes would be a mess. The rich would enslave the poor at will, and the hostile poor would kill those who strove to gain wealth. Each class would have contradictions, and they would fight among themselves. Gradually they would lose their humanity to anger, jealousy, greed, and hunger, and become beasts.

Mo Fan killed Shalitha because he made a mistake.

Mu Ningxue subverted Holy City because Holy City made a mistake.

In this battle, Michael would not let Mo Fan and Mu Ningxue go, even if he had to sacrifice the people of Holy City. They should not live in this world.

Letting them go would only lead to more exceptions that would eventually put Holy City at risk!

“Michael, you have reached the highest realm. You should know that this universe is not just the world before your eyes. In this place, you want to set the rules you think are correct and be a master of a game where everyone obeys you. However, not everyone is willing to play this game with you, and not everyone is like you. You have transcended a realm, but refuse to go further.”

“It is indeed necessary to prune some overgrown branches that feed on the tree for it to grow taller. However, if you only want this world to be a small potted plant in your house, without sunlight and rain, with medicines to keep insects away, and a sealed environment to save it from the world, then it will only wither and die,” Mo Fan said to Michael.

Was Michael’s idea of maintaining balance the correct way of doing things?

Everyone was already in the realm of the Forbidden Curse. To a certain extent, they could tear the space apart and enter other vast and powerful planes, which were near this small earth.

One day, Michael’s little house would be damaged. The bright sunlight would shine in, and the cold wind would blow again. Could the small potted plant of the idealized world of Holy City withstand it?

A small insect would probably destroy the potted plant. After all, this small potted plant had never been attacked by insects and did not have an immune system to resist them.

People grew, and the world needed to grow too. Fear and evasion would only help so much in maintaining an illusionary peace. It would only be able to withstand all threats if the small potted plant was allowed to grow into a towering tree!

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