Versatile Mage

Chapter 3086 - 3086 Light Dragon

3086 Light Dragon

“It is the will of nature that you must all die!” said Michael.

“What you call the will of nature may be a just test for growth. People turn lazy and arrogant after making remarkable achievements. Nature itself is complex and magnificent,” said Mo Fan.

There were places humans could not explore and realms that magic could not touch.

When they stopped moving forward and pursuing the unknown, death became fearful and inevitable.


Therefore, Mo Fan did not believe what Michael said, especially after he saw the Dark Plane and the Summoned Beast Plane. The balance and tranquility of Michael’s narrow thinking were killing the magic civilization!

“I’m the angel in charge of the world.”

“Okay, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense anymore! Put me down so that I can fight with you. I won’t stop until I chop your head off!” Mo Fan rolled his eyes. Talking about useless things with Michael was beyond his limit of patience.

Michael betrayed the divine oath, so he was stuck here. It was not much different from Mo Fan’s current situation. They did not have to end up like this.

Why couldn’t everyone just sit down and terminate the contract peacefully, and then kill each other calmly? In this way, there would not be so many complications!

“Do you think you are strong enough?” Michael smiled. His voice was full of mockery and contempt. “Don’t forget that I made you the Wicked God. If I let you become such a demon, I have absolute confidence that I can kill you!”

“Shalitha said the same thing in the same tone,” Mo Fan replied.

Michael stopped talking. Mo Fan could finally enjoy a moment of peace. However, he was worried.

The divine oath suppressed Michael, so he still needed time to break free from it. However, Ramiel still controlled most of the armed forces of the Holy City. Mu Ningxue was in a bad state.

A bright light suddenly flickered at the edge of Mo Fan’s field of vision and disappeared. Mo Fan had been focused on Mu Ningxue, so he did not pay much attention to what the light meant.

After a while, the bright light appeared again in the same place. It seemed to be directed at Mo Fan’s eyes as if it was seeking his attention.

Mo Fan turned to look and saw a figure standing under the ancient tower. It was a blind spot that Michael and Lemuel did not notice. The figure sent a signal to him with a strange light on the palm of his hand.

“Mu Bai?” Mo Fan was surprised.

‘How did he sneak into the “Sky Holy City”?’

The Holy City was reflected in the sky. It was a closed battlefield that belonged to Michael. People could only enter the “Sky Holy City” from the hexagram gate of the Holy Palace in the Holy City, which was on the ground.

Mu Bai spread his hands and showed Mo Fan what was in them.

Those were the bizarre Star Bugs from the Bug Valley of Helan Mountain. Mo Fan was familiar with their unique shape. The bugs could suck human souls regardless of their strength, thereby reducing their power. Mo Fan had tried many methods to break the divine oath. He found that only these bizarre Star Bugs could suck away the divine oath that had been engraved in his soul.

It seemed like Mu Bai had raised a group of bizarre Star Bugs. Mo Fan saw those Star Bugs flying around Mu Bai from a distance. They shone dazzlingly at him.

Mo Fan glanced at Michael.

Ramiel had already led the army of Holy City to attack Mu Ningxue, and only Michael and Holy Shadow Brooke were guarding Mo Fan.

Brooke was a master among the Holy Shadows, and his status was second only to Fahl.

Regardless of whether Michael, who was suppressed by the divine oath, could attack or not, Holy Shadow Brooke was a strong opponent on his own. If Mu Bai attacked them at this time, he would die.

Mo Fan shook his head, warning Mu to not act rashly.

Mu Bai understood and waited for another chance.

The holy brilliance of twelve wings descended on the Holy City on the ground like a waterfall of light pouring from the sky. The radiant halo baptized the messy Holy City repeatedly. The ancient buildings and statues seemed to come alive under such brilliance.

On the long spring pool, a golden Quartz Lion Sculpture shook off the debris of the ruins on its body and slowly walked out of the thick snow.

The golden Quartz Lion Sculpture walked toward Mu Ningxue. While it was on its way, countless golden rubble flew toward its body and formed a sturdy lion armor, making it look even more majestic.

The Light Dragon’s eyes on the Tower of Light in front of Mu Ningxue suddenly turned and glanced at her. The giant pupils locked on Mu Ningxue in hostility!

As the brilliance of the twelve wings of Ramiel became more powerful, an intense golden illumination shrouded the Tower of Light.


In the golden light, an ancient, powerful creature with a majestic and sacred aura let out a long cry. Then, a magnificent figure appeared in the Holy City on the ground.

The creature of light was so tall that the tallest buildings in Holy City could not even reach its feet. When it spread its wings, it could cover the span of several blocks. The golden scales on its body were like giant golden bricks.

Giant Light Dragon!

The Light Dragon that once appeared during the battle between Zhan Kong and Michael! It was Ramiel who summoned the Light Dragon.

At that time, Michael had just finished his parade. It was unlikely for him to summon this ancient holy creature after honoring the Holy City. Michael also relied on the power of others to fight against Zhan Kong.

Parade Angel would not receive any assistance in the process of honoring the Holy City. It was an important test for the Parade Angel to see if they were capable of becoming an archangel.

Michael was not as noble as he thought!

The Giant Light Dragon was also called the Golden Dragon. It was undoubtedly one of the most powerful ancient dragons in the world.

At this time, the Giant Light Dragon was angry and irritable. It only had eyes for Mu Ningxue.

As it walked forward, the Holy City on the ground shook violently. It walked to the vicinity of the Holy Palace. Its body was comparable to the giant Holy Palace.

The Giant Light Dragon raised its head, and endless burning flames rolled at its throat. There was no doubt that the surging force could easily transform a vast forest plain into charcoal!

It was the dragon flame. The flame of the Light Dragon.

It was the most terrifying destructive power of a dragon!


A roar echoed. The white aurora flashed across and rushed from the Golden Dragon’s flank to its throat. It was a demon tiger with pure white and flawless hair. It was preventing the powerful Golden Dragon from spewing its dragon flame.

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