What If I Can’t Die.

Chapter 677 - Chapter 677: One-hit Kill (1)

Chapter 677: One-hit Kill (1)

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Song Shi finally understood that Ma Wei was a really despicable person.

Most of them had drunk the stream water just now. At this moment, they had all become weak and had already fainted.

Only five or six guards were left standing. Song Shi was also standing, but no one felt that a servant holding a cow was capable.

The sky gradually brightened, but everyone still felt that it was dark.

They stared at the group of people who walked out. These guys were all wearing zodiac masks and night clothes, so their appearances could not be seen clearly.


Guard Liu said in a low voice, “Everyone, you deliberately ambushed us. Are you preparing to offend my Cao family?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

The person wearing the monkey mask mocked, “We haven’t left Yunhai

Province yet. Who cares about your Cao family?”

“Cut the crap. The sky will be bright soon. Let’s deal with the unimportant people first.’

The person with the dragon mask had a cold gaze. With a wave of his hand, a group of masked people surged out from behind him and attacked the weak person with a saber.

“Take us away first!”

Cao Wenhong gave the order to retreat and said, “Hold on until the effect of this drug wears off.”

If it was poison, it would more or less have some taste or cause the person who drank it first to be poisoned to death and discover it in advance.

On the other hand, the effects of the drug were slower and more people were deceived.

Therefore, as the effects of the drug faded, their strength would continuously recover, giving them a chance to escape or counterattack.

The problem was that the enemy would not give them this chance.

Before they could retreat far under the protection of the guards, whoosh!

Arrows suddenly shot out one after another. The guards were shocked and waved their weapons to deflect the arrows. However, there were too many arrows and soon, someone was injured.

Cao Wenhong’s face turned pale. He did not expect there to be men in black here. The number of men in black had already exceeded 30, giving them a huge advantage.

As for Song Shi, because he was standing, he attracted a few men in black and was prepared to cut him down before dealing with the others.

“You don’t have to leave. Come to me. I’ll protect you.”

Song Shi suddenly spoke, and his words made the man in black look vigilant.

The others who were sending off the bride looked at Song Shi with widened eyes. They did not understand where Song Shi got the confidence to say such things.

“You… Could it be that you’re an expert arranged by the Chen family?”

From the beginning, Guard Liu felt that this person was a little unique. At this moment, he asked uncertainly.

Song Shi shook his head. “Come over quickly. We’re all together. There’s no need to separate.”

Cao Wenhong frowned. “Who exactly are you?”

Chen Ziqi felt that Song Shi was familiar, but she could not remember who he was.

Song Shi was helpless and used his actions to prove himself.

He crossed hundreds of feet in one step and appeared in front of Chen Ziqi, saying, “Now, you can’t recognize me, right?”

“You are?”

Chen Ziqi looked at Song Shi, who was actually as handsome as jade, and found it difficult to associate him with the servant who took care of the cows.

“Hehe, it’s normal that you can’t remember. I’m indeed quite different from the beggar a year ago.”

Song Shi did not mind.


Chen Ziqi thought of something and said in surprise, “That little beggar is you? You… you’re actually so powerful.”

She saw Song Shi cross such a long distance in a flash. Even the Connate Grandmasters at home probably could not do it. It shocked her so much that she forgot that she was in danger.

Was this really the beggar who had almost been kicked to death by Ma Wei?

Song Shi smiled in tacit agreement.

Among the masked men, the guy wearing the horse mask was also shocked. If Chen Ziqi hadn’t mentioned this, he would have forgotten that he had kicked this person before.

At the thought of this, he glanced at the distance that this person had crossed just now and took a step back guiltily to hide behind the others.

All the men in black and masked men were frightened by Song Shi’s tens of meters with a single step and stopped in their tracks.

Song Shi looked back. “If you don’t want to die, leave. I’m not interested in killing you.”

The dragon-masked man narrowed his eyes and sized up Song Shi. “You have such strength at such a young age. You don’t seem to be from the Chen family, right? Why are you getting involved in this mess?”

Song Shi glanced at the latter. “Why? Do you think you’re qualified to attack just because you’re at the Connate realm?”

He had a disdainful expression. In his eyes, this Connate cultivator was the trashiest and was not a threat at all.


Cao Wenhong exclaimed, “You really think highly of me. You actually sent a Connate Grandmaster to ambush us!”

The dragon-masked man sneered, “Do you really think you’re a nobody? We just don’t want to see the Cao family and the Chen family join forces.”

“Aren’t you going to scram?”

Song Shi asked in return. It seemed that the move he had shown just now was not enough to intimidate this guy.

“There are more than ten Postnatal experts here, more than twenty strong bows, and I’m here. So what if you’re a Connate Grandmaster? It’s not like I haven’t killed them before.’

The dragon-masked man snorted and killing intent flashed in his eyes. “Attack. Kill all the men and leave the women alive.”

These words made Chen Ziqi’s face turn pale. If they could not stop it, she had to commit suicide today. Otherwise, she would definitely suffer a fate worse than death.

Song Shi frowned. Seeing that the dragon-masked man had taken the initiative to charge at him, looking like it was prepared to test his strength, he flicked his finger.

A powerful Genuine Qi turned into a sharp edge and instantly struck out. It landed on the latter’s body and broke through his protective Genuine Qi. With a bang, it pierced through his body, shattering the clothes behind him and sending him flying with a scream.

Even if the latter sensed it, he could not dodge. He was sent flying more than ten meters by the extremely powerful Genuine Qi. He lay on the ground and pointed at Song Shi. He spat out blood and died with his head tilted.

He was killed in one strike!

It was a complete instant kill.

Especially since the person who was instantly killed was a Connate Grandmaster.

Their eyes widened in fear as they stared blankly at this result.

In the next moment, all the men in black turned around and ran.

The masked men also wanted to escape. Song Shi raised his hand and pointed at one of them. “He can’t leave. Otherwise, all of you will die.”

The masked men hurriedly stopped and looked at the person pointed at by Song Shi. As the two people beside him retreated, they revealed a panicked Ma Wei.

He was so frightened that he knelt down with a plop. “Don’t kill me!”

“You can’t leave until you kill him.” Song Shi said coldly with no room for negotiation.

The other masked men looked at each other.

It was impossible to kill this mysterious person, but killing Ma Wei was too easy for them.

They immediately grew bold and attacked Ma Wei at the same time. All kinds of weapons were mobilized and Ma Wei was killed in the blink of an eye.

Ma Wei died with grievances. He never thought that he would die like this. Song Shi looked at these people. “Tell me what happened this time. Who is he?”

“He’s the leader of the Black Lotus Ridge. We’re a family near Cloud Sea City. We supported him to occupy the mountain and become king. We plundered the surrounding resources and demanded tolls. The Chen family and the Cao family wanted to open this path, so we were naturally unwilling. Therefore, in order to stop the Chen family and the Cao family from joining forces, we wanted to destroy this marriage.” Someone immediately said honestly.

“Interesting. I was wondering why there was a crippled Connate cultivator.”

Song Shi was enlightened. He did not expect the leader to be the bandit leader, nor did he know that this leader was supported by a nearby family..

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