What If I Can’t Die.

Chapter 678 - Chapter 678: Black Wind Sect (1)

Chapter 678: Black Wind Sect (1)

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However, this was also normal. On the surface, the various large families were glamorous and it was not convenient for them to do such shameful things. It was most convenient to support one of them.

“Get lost. Go back and tell your old things at home that it’s fine to deal with the Cao family, but don’t threaten Chen Ziqi and the Chen family. Otherwise, I’ll take action.”

Song Shi said coldly. His words could actually be considered as protecting Chen Ziqi on the surface.

“We will definitely tell the family head.”

The descendants of the aristocratic families and many bandits turned around and fled. Soon, they disappeared, leaving behind a group of people who had yet to recover from their shock.


“Thank you for saving us, Senior.”

Cao Wenhong quickly thanked him, feeling a little excited. He did not expect to benefit from this disaster and be able to strengthen such a powerhouse.

To be able to kill a Grandmaster so easily, this person was very likely a Grandmaster in teleportation.

Chen Ziqi thanked him as well, feeling a little nervous. It was mainly because Song Shi had changed too much. At the same time, she was very glad that if not for her kindness, she would have probably fallen into hell today.

Song Shi ignored Cao Wenhong and walked towards Chen Ziqi. “I haven’t thanked you for saving my dog life last year.”

Chen Ziqi could not help but laugh when she heard this. Her lively nature was stimulated as she smiled and said, “Young Master, you must be joking. If your life is a dog’s life, we’re even worse than dogs.”

The others laughed as well. The tense atmosphere from before disappeared.

Song Shi chuckled. His life was indeed worthless. He could even call it a dog’s life.

Chen Ziqi smiled playfully. “Why were you so miserable back then? You were almost bullied by a dog.”

Cao Wenhong pulled Chen Ziqi’s smile. How could she expose his shortcomings?

“Isn’t it normal for a tiger to be bullied by dogs?”

Song Shi did not mind and said calmly, “You protected me for a year, and I’ll protect you for another year. You can just marry into the Cao family in peace.

After a year, we don’t owe each other anything.”

“That’s good! With a great expert like you around, let’s see if your in-laws still dare to bully me.”

Chen Ziqi’s eyes lit up. She was the apple of her eye at home. If she went to the Cao family, she would be a bullied wife. She was really a little worried, but in the end, she actually encountered such a thing.

“I don’t think anyone will bully you.”

Song Shi glanced at Cao Wenhong. “You’ve found a good wife. Let’s continue.” “Yes, Senior.”

Cao Wenhong nodded respectfully. “May I know how I should address Senior?”

“My surname is Song.”

Chen Ziqi rolled her eyes at Cao Wenhong. “What senior? He’s so young. You have to call him Young Master.”

“Up to you. If there’s no danger from now on, I won’t take action.”

Song Shi did not care about how he addressed them. His gaze landed on the corpses of the Black Lotus Stockade’s leader and Ma Wei. After some thought, he walked over and the two of them touched the corpses.

He had obtained a martial arts manual from the head of the Black Lotus

Stockade, a few bottles of medicinal pills, a stack of banknotes, gold leaves, silver fragments, and so on. He had also obtained some money and a sword from Ma Wei.

He put all of these away himself. He had no intention of sharing them with others, so no one would have any objections.

He took a look at the martial arts secret manual. It was a martial art called the Black Wind Claw and was considered a claw technique.

Chen Ziqi saw this from the side and said, “This is the martial art of the Black Wind Sect. It’s sinister and vicious.”

“How powerful is Black Wind Sect?”

Song Shi had been herding cows for the past year and did not know anything about the cultivation world.

“A demonic sect is much more powerful than ordinary martial arts families like us. It’s a first-rate sect. It’s said that there’s a grandmaster guarding it.”

Chen Ziqi introduced, feeling rather worried. “I hope this guy isn’t an important figure in the Black Wind Sect.”

“If he was important, he wouldn’t have come to be a bandit.”

Song Shi pursed his lips and casually flipped through it a few times before throwing it to Chen Ziqi. “If you’re interested, you can take it.”

Seeing that Song Shi did not care, Chen Ziqi was surprised. “This can be considered a first-rate martial arts technique. Are you just going to give it to

“Take it if you want.”

Song Shi picked up Ma Wei’s sword and looked at it a few times before shaking his head.

This thing could only be considered a mortal weapon. Without the enhancement of spiritual runes, it could not even be considered a Dharma artifact.

He stood up. “Since I’ve already killed, it’s fine to kill more. I’ll go hunt some wild animals to try.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared. A minute later, he returned with a few fat pheasants and a goat.

Chen Ziqi, who was studying the Black Wind Claw, hurriedly instructed the servant, “Hurry up and start a fire for Young Master Song.”

Two guards immediately started a fire. Song Shi asked, “Do you have any condiments?”

“I have it here.”

A guard replied politely, “I usually like to go out and hunt some wild animals to eat.”


Song Shi nodded and began to deal with the prey.

He did not use any water. The Genuine Qi in his hand turned into a sharp blade and with a few swipes, the pheasant’s fur was removed and the goat was similar. The guards who were not drugged felt envious.

The others were already circulating their energy to recover. Those who were looking at the Black Wind Claw also put away the cultivation technique manual and began to recover.

“We’re missing a pot.” Song Shi muttered.

The guards looked at each other. They did not take the pot.

Song Shi looked around and his gaze landed on the weapons that the bandits had dropped. He walked over to pick them up and removed the wooden block, leaving only the metal part. Then, he formed a seal and the Spiritual Qi nearby gathered. With a puff, a hot fireball appeared.

The guards were dumbfounded. They had never seen anyone who could create a fireball with their bare hands.

“Divine Power. This is definitely a Divine Power that only a Grandmaster can master.”

“Isn’t it normal for Young Master to be a Grandmaster?”

“Don’t be so ignorant.”

The few of them discussed excitedly, even more excited than Song Shi himself.

Song Shi watched as the weapon melted into liquid under the flames. On the surface, he was refining a pot, but in fact, he was still observing the changes in the rules.

He had already found a breakthrough in the spirit root, which involved Laws. He had a chance in other aspects that involved Laws.

“The Law of Fire… How can I crack this?”

Song Shi released Genuine Qi from his hand and pulled open the melted liquid, forming a pot that formed a hanging ear on both sides.

After doing this, he remembered that this Fireball Technique was formed by combining the Dharmic art and Spiritual Qi evolved from the Law of Fire. The strength of the Dharmic art was related to his cultivation level. The increase was limited, but he could increase the Spiritual Qi.

For example, if he combined the effect of the spirit root with the Dharmic art, its power would naturally increase greatly.

Thinking of this method, he changed his hand seals again. The surrounding

Spiritual Qi gathered crazily and the fireball suddenly expanded. In the blink of an eye, it was more than the size of his head. The power contained in it multiplied and emitted waves of heat waves.

He waved his hand and dispersed it. He turned around and saw the surprised gazes of the guards. He threw the pot over and it landed steadily on the ground.

“Boil some water and make some mutton soup.” Song Shi threw a portion of the mutton into the pot.

“Alright, Young Master, wait a moment.”

The guards divided up the work. Two of them set up pots and two went to fetch water. The stream water was flowing, so there would no longer be any antidote.

Song Shi did it himself. First, he removed the smell of mutton. Then, he stewed meat and roasted meat to eat.

Seeing that the guards were drooling, Song Shi said, “If you want to eat, roast it yourself. ”

“Thank you, Young Master Song.”

The few of them immediately took action, their mouths filled with oil..

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