What If I Can’t Die.

Chapter 679 - Chapter 679 Automatic Cultivation System (1)

Chapter 679 Automatic Cultivation System (1)

After eating for a while, the other guards, Cao Wenhong, and the others had almost recovered. They were a little surprised to see Song Shi cooking.

They felt that this expert was very down-to-earth.

Chen Ziqi regained her strength and jumped in front of Song Shi. She smelled the fog floating out of the pot. “Wow, it smells so good.”

“It’s ready to eat.”

Song Shi scooped up the mutton soup with his Genuine Qi and took a sip to savor it carefully.

It was indeed different from real mutton soup.


Usually, he would not notice it when he consumed rough tea and plain rice, but now that he ate such a strong taste, there was a difference.

Of course, it should also be related to the increase in his strength and the increase in the number of laws he understood.

Feeling the food disintegrating in his body, Song Shi had an idea again.

He could still use the rules of his body’s absorption of energy to simulate a stronger stomach. He could even turn his stomach into a smelting Dharma treasure and quickly decompose and devour the energy in the food.

After simply adjusting the strength in his body and using his stomach as the foundation, Song Shi’s stomach immediately became like a furnace. As soon as the food entered, it was decomposed into the energy his body needed.

“This step now is more like creating cultivation techniques and Divine Powers. However, following the rules is my goal. When I can change the rules is my goal.”

Song Shi was not in a hurry. He first followed the rules and familiarized himself with them before controlling them. Finally, he could naturally crack the rules.

“Wow, it’s so delicious.”

Chen Ziqi couldn’t help but praise, “Young Master Song, your culinary skills are also so good.”

Her gaze was a little strange. Song Shi sensed it and said indifferently, “Eat quickly. We’ve wasted too much time here. Don’t cause trouble again later.”


Chen Ziqi began to focus on eating.

Song Shi stood up. He thought of another way to use the rules. That was to continue adjusting and try to combine the Dantian’s meridians with the fake spirit root so that it could circulate on its own. This way, he could cultivate for a long time and even improve while sleeping.

It was best to create a system that could cultivate on its own. It included absorbing Spiritual Qi, Qi Refinement, Soul Transformation, Body Tempering, and so on.

“That’s right. Why would I be so stupid as to cultivate? I just have to turn myself into a cultivation machine. Anyway, it’s not real.”

Song Shi reacted. He was not considering it properly. He had only considered cultivating step by step and had neglected the fact that he could also do automatic cultivation if he followed the prescribed order.

He constantly adjusted the power in his body and simulated it into various things that he needed. Then, he combined them into a cultivation system.

“It’s like a program.”

Song Shi’s expression was strange. “My body is hardware, and this system is software. As long as there’s energy, it can continue to operate.”

At this moment, everyone was almost done eating. Before setting off again, Cao Wenhong came over to ask him for instructions.

Song Shi said, “Do what you have to do. You don’t have to ask for my opinion on everything.”

“Yes, Senior.”

Cao Wenhong gave the order to set off and began to enter the mountain path.

Song Shi continued to study. He realized that just automatically absorbing and refining Spiritual Qi was not enough. He had to develop the body-tempering and spirit-tempering systems as well so that his essence, qi, and spirit would improve together without any restrictions.

With this, his ability became more and more like the system. He could continuously increase his strength in all aspects. Of course, for the time being, he could not increase his strength much in one go like the system and directly ignore the normal rules.

As he continued to fiddle, the functions in Song Shi’s body became more and more perfect. It was as if he had become a cultivation machine that crazily devoured Spiritual Qi.

His physical, mental, and Genuine Qi cultivation levels had increased greatly, and these were all things that he had to specially spend time and energy to do in the past. Now, everything was automatic.

“Ah, this is much easier than cultivating in the past. In the future, I will also have a system I created myself. Let’s call it the automatic cultivation system.”

Song Shi was in a good mood.

Although this system was built on his high realm and was not suitable for others, it was still quite powerful. It was something he had never thought of before.

Two days had passed by the time he followed the escort team over the mountains to Jiangnan province and arrived at Lu City, where the Cao family was located.

In the past two days, he had established an automatic cultivation system. He could cultivate at any time and anywhere. In a quiet state, his cultivation speed was the fastest, his activity was the slowest, and he would stop during battle.

He only needed to adjust this system to adapt to his new cultivation level according to his strength. The time he spent was much less than before.

Therefore, he did not meditate and cultivate along the way. After his fake spirit root was upgraded to the top-grade, through the rapid transformation of the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, his strength increased by a small realm again. His speed was more than a hundred times faster than other Connate realm cultivators.

After entering Lu City, Song Shi stopped the automatic cultivation system. There should be Connate Grandmasters in this city. If they could automatically absorb Spiritual Qi while walking, it would be too obvious.

The vegetation in Lu City looked much greener than in Cloud Sea City where the Chen family was located. The climate here was warmer, and the lives of ordinary people looked better.

“It’s considered marrying into a rich place.”

Song Shi thought to himself. At this moment, Cao Wenhong was angry at a servant. “What are Father and the others doing? Why didn’t they come to the city gate to welcome the bride? Aren’t they neglecting Ziqi?”

The latter lowered his head and said, “Third Young Master, something happened at home and disrupted our arrangements.”

“Something happened?”

Cao Wenhong frowned. He instinctively thought of the danger he had encountered on the way and asked in a deep voice, “What is it?”

“This… This is not a good place to talk about it.” The person said awkwardly.

However, Song Shi heard some whispers.

Their wedding procession was not small. As they walked, they attracted many people’s attention.

“Which family is holding this wedding?”

“The Cao family. Can’t you see the Third Young Master of the Cao family in front?”

“Ah, it’s the Cao family that has done something strange? I heard that a few people have died.”

“I’m afraid this marriage won’t be easy to arrange.”

The originally joyous team immediately fell silent. Cao Wenhong did not say anything else. He glanced at Song Shi and said, “Let’s go back first.”

Song Shi was deep in thought. Could it be that some factions did not want the Cao and Chen families to join forces and secretly cause trouble?

He did not say anything. Instead, he leisurely observed the shops and restaurants on both sides of the street, experiencing a different elegance.

After passing through a few streets, they arrived in front of a mansion. The name of the Cao family was written on the plaque. The stone lions on both sides and the door were still decorated with congratulations, but the guards were not happy at all.

“Third Young Master.”

The servant forced a smile and opened the door. In the end, there were many white cloths hanging in the room, as if he was doing a funeral.

Cao Wenhong’s expression darkened even more as he walked in. “What exactly happened?”

“Ever since Third Young Master went to fetch the bride, people have died for no reason for six consecutive days in the residence. In the beginning, there were servants and guards. In the past two days, even the two madams have died in a very miserable manner.”

As the servant spoke, he looked terrified.

Cao Wenhong was shocked. “Where’s my mother?”

“Eldest Madam is fine, but she was also frightened.” The servant hurriedly explained, “The ones who passed away were Fourth Madam and Sixth Madam.”

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