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Chapter 344 God Zephyros (3)

Chapter 344 God Zephyros (3)

”Good job!” Then, Darth’s voice rang in Isaac’s ears. He saw a blur of green whooshing through the air with an arrow placed on the bowstring and arm pulled back.

Darth closed his left eye and removed his hand from the arrow. The arrow flew across the air. However, The Avatar smashed the arrow with his shield and took a quick leap forward, his sword raised up.

Isaac lifted his head and saw the gigantic figure of the Avatar shadowing over him. The sword began descending. Then, out of nowhere, the grainy ground began turning soft!

”Eh?” The Avatar let out a voice of surprise. He looked down and saw his feet sinking!

Near the enormous granite door. The last remaining Spellcasters were chanting a spell. Their canes were glowing in a musky color of green.

The ground below the Avatar turned swampy, which was the moment everyone had waited for. The Avatar of God Zephyros was concentrated on trying to free his legs and didn’t manage to see hundreds of arrows whooshing toward him.

Bam! Whack! Thwack!

The remaining Players unleashed their attacks. The room was colored by flashes of spectral-like lights. The attacks managed to land successfully, and the Avatar was pushed back by a step, but that also allowed him to escape the swamp ground.

[-3000 HP!]

The Players stopped attacking and were amazed to see the extent of damage they managed to do. None of them had seen an attack of over 1000 HP, let alone 3000!Pa nda

Novel Isaac stopped firing and saw his chamber empty. He retreated for the time being and waited for his short cooldown to end.

Then, a loud screech came from the Avatar. His blood vessels protruded, and the sword began radiating a chilly, light bluish color.

The Avatar moved his sword behind and took a wide-slashing stance, ”Hurting me was a big mistake!”

The Players paled and did whatever they could to block the incoming attack.

”Haaaah!” The Avatar of God Zephyros swung the sword around him before stopping for a split second and continuing with a chop.



The room changed colors. The dimly lit room shaded with a yellowish hue became hell. A radiant color of blue began spreading, and everyone touched by the color died instantly!

King Jonathan placed himself in front of his subordinates and made an X-sign with his arms, ”Golden Wall!”

A beautiful golden-colored wall with hexagon symbols appeared in front of him. Behind him, his subordinates took cover and hoped that the shield would hold on with all their heart!

Queen Diana was surrounded by other Core Members of Black Arrow. Each one of them had a grim facade. Then, Darth placed himself in front of them and planted one of his arrows on the rocky ground.

”Full Layer!”

In front of Darth, the arrow began glowing before multiplying!

Soon, a wall made of thousands of arrows stood proudly. Every member of Black Arrow took cover and prepared for the impact.

Some distance away, Darkside pulled out a shred of paper. He jiggled it around his hands before placing it on the ground.

The men with tattered rags appeared around him.

”I didn’t think I would have to use this so soon…” Darth mumbled under his breath. Then, he unsheathed his dagger, made a tiny cut on his pinky, and let the drops of blood drip down to the piece of paper.

Once the blood landed on the paper, it began changing colors. It turned into a dense red color. Then, the paper seeped into the ground, and from there, a dome circled around them, trapping Darkside and the men with tattered rags inside.

Soon, the blue color reached the Players. There were many who couldn’t defend themselves and were killed almost instantly.

One of them was Isaac. The color of blue touched his clothes and began turning him into ashes!

He was trying to take his clothes off, but the color covered him entirely in only a second. Then, when his body was about to turn into pixels, his body reappeared, and the color blue was somehow destroyed!

[White Death Used!]

There was a certain someone that noticed his survival. Oxwell never entered the room and was hiding behind the open granite doors. His eyes were red out of envy after seeing Isaac surviving the deadly attack like it was no problem!

He wasn’t the only one. Kizone had retreated furthest away from everyone. He was the last remaining player on his expedition team. The cute Medic died in the first minute, and the Archaeologist died shortly after her.

Only the player with Unique Class, Samurai, managed to survive the first attacks but couldn’t persist against the previous attack.

By coincidence, he managed to see Isaac surviving without any problem. He gritted his teeth and thought, how could such skill be allowed?!

It didn’t make any sense to him or Oxwell. They had crazy theories of Wraith being Arthur’s son, even though it was widely known that he didn’t have children.

But, their jealousy was clouding their mind.


The ground shook after the Avatar took another step. He scanned the remaining Players and took a note of the most dangerous ones, Isaac included.

Then, he moved his sword in front and leaped forth!

Ten minutes later.

The number of players had reduced by a scary amount. Only Players with either black, green, or golden armor were left. Then, there was Isaac, who was among the players on the front line of the fight.

The cracked large mirrors on the layered ceiling danced in the flickering light while statues and carved images looked down upon the broken floor of the dusty hall.

Then, the Avatar emerged from the shadows and hammered his sword down. The players below him couldn’t see him and were killed by the flying debris.


Another bullet landed on his head. The Avatar screamed with anger, and like hundreds of times before, he wanted to rip the white-haired youth’s head off!

However, he couldn’t reach him. Isaac was lying flat on the ground with his weapon in front. The Black Arrow and Golden Crown kept the Avatar busy while he provided them long-ranged support.

It worked perfectly, and soon, the Avatar’s HP was reduced even more!

[HP: 999/10000]

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