You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 940 (The Indifferent Stride of Disowning Childrens)

Chapter 940 (The Indifferent Stride of Disowning Childrens)

'However, a month later, the disciples became enlightened.

Life is precious; jokes about it should not be made.

No one dared to test the medicine anymore. Sister went to experiment on animals. The most unfortunate one was the Peak Master's mount. Although not a high-level species, it was still an impressive creature.

The fierce aura that once made people shiver in fear turned the ferocious mount into a little lamb. The Peak Master was on the verge of despair, wishing the Sect Master could take Donghuang Li and him away.

Sister became obsessed with refining medicine. A day without refining made her whole body itchy, a sensation she experienced every day. I really worry that one day my sister will blow up the entire Jade Vein Peak.

Compared to my sister's achievements, I'm doing much better—just practising with others.

Unfortunately, there's no one to practise with now. My sister doesn't accompany me in refining. This makes me, Ye Shen, feel like I'm fighting myself with one hand.

I don't know what Ye Liu is doing. Is she facing the same situation as me?

This is the loneliness among experts, as the saying goes:

"Invincibility is lonely."

Whenever I think of the additional task daddy gave me, I get a headache.

Find a girlfriend and bring her home?

I, Ye Shen, don't have time for love. Cultivation is more important. If I find a girlfriend like my sister, wouldn't it be annoying?

Fortunately, it's still early; I won't consider a girlfriend for now. I am looking forward to the battle with my sister.

By then, I will represent the Broken Meridian Sect, and my sister will represent the Divine Scripture Academy. Let's see how well she has cultivated.

At this moment, I, Ye Shen, am already eager. I will challenge daddy in the future. I, Ye Shen, will surpass daddy and take on the responsibility of protecting the family.'

Ye Shen has great aspirations, and Donguang Li also has a great aspiration—to refine a super elixir that, when consumed, grants invincibility. It's just the beginning.

Far away at the Divine Scripture Academy, Ye Yan also has a great aspiration—to become a musician, a musician who plays the flute!

The Divine Scripture Academy is smaller than the Broken Meridian Sect, with a smaller territory. However, due to its size, entry requirements are more strict.

Some people struggle to get in.

In the Elysian Mountain Fief, the Divine Scripture Academy occupies three-fifths of the area. However, the Elysian Mountain Fief is even larger than the Voidless Empire!

It is the largest principality in the entire Sapphire Continent, with people coming from all over the continent daily to experience the glory of the Divine Scripture Academy.

Similarly, the Divine Scripture Academy is divided into inner and outer courts, with the inner court situated in the heart, surrounded by the outer court.


Even in the outer court, there are numerous branch schools, countless in number.

But in one of the branch schools, everyone was suffering, as they wished for death...

It had been several months since they had a good night's sleep. That damned Ye Yan, can't he stop playing the flute? Is he trying to blow us to death?

If it weren't for him having a powerful sister who guarantees our safety, we'd beat the crap out of him!

Yet, at this moment, Ye Yan was walking through the branch school with an indifferent stride, a black long flute hanging from his waist. Everyone clenched their fists, wishing they could throw a sack over him and beat him to a pulp!

However, seeing the girl behind him, everyone immediately dismissed this horrifying thought.

In fact, no one dared because these two were favoured by the dean and were said to be soon admitted under the dean's wing.

That's the supreme dean!

Who would dare to provoke them? These two were like little princes and princesses.

Yan'er walked with the heartless stride, and Ye Liu followed, as cold as frost.

"Sister, you must protect your brother. If anything happens to me, mommy will cry to death," Ye Yan earnestly said, grabbing Ye Liu's little hand.

Ye Liu squinted slightly, "Brother, mommy and daddy asked you to take care of me, protect me. But it turns out I have to protect you. If I weren't your sister, I..."

Ye Yan patted Ye Liu's head. This action terrified everyone; who dared to pat the head of the female demon? If it weren't for being her brother, they would probably be chopped to death.

"Liu'er, brother only has you as a sister. We share the same mother. If you don't take care of your brother, who will? Brother still needs to show off with you."

Ye Liu suddenly revealed a cute smile, which made Ye Yan shudder.


Damn it, Ye Yan felt he couldn't take it anymore. "Liu'er, change back quickly. I can't stand you like this."


"Can't I apologise? Little demon, how about I play a tune for you?"

Ye Liu immediately rolled her eyes. The fact that her brother could blow someone to death in a fight made everyone scared.

"Then, brother, practise with me, please, brother~" Ye Liu clung to Ye Yan's arm, acting coquettishly.

'How could I, Ye Yan, be your sparring partner? You're so young and fierce, and I'm your brother; I can't really beat you up. Every time, I let you hit me.'

People around saw Ye Liu acting coquettishly, finally feeling that Ye Liu seemed like a normal person. This was the attitude a girl should have—so adorable.

However, beneath this lovely smile hid a demon.

Ye Liu had already fought through the entire branch school and couldn't find anyone else, facing the same problem as Ye Shen.

The translation of the provided text from Chinese to English is as follows:

"So adorable~

However, beneath this adorable smile hides a demon.

Ye Liu has searched through the branches, unable to find anyone, encountering the same problem as Ye Shen.

"That… Liu'er, these days, your brother is not available, you know, this boy has a few days each month."

People around felt a bit dizzy upon hearing this, especially some girls who blushed upon hearing it.

This Ye Yan is really a little rascal, but such a cute little rascal, it's truly irresistible.

It must be said that Ye Yan has a tendency to be charming; at such a young age, he already knows how to throw flirtatious glances, and it seems he'll continue as he grows up.

"Brother~ you don't love your sister anymore~ Liu'er hates you~"

Ye Yan rolled his eyes; this Liu'er always used this trick, but he always fell for it.

She's his own sister, if he doesn't pamper her, who will?

"Liu'er, brother was wrong, don't be angry, okay?" Ye Yan quickly coaxed, with a helpless expression on his face.

Ye Liu felt happy; of course, she knew her brother loved her, after all, he was her real brother.

"I knew my brother was the best." Ye Liu stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

This made the boys around envy; it's a goddess's kiss, even though it's her brother, it still feels unpleasant, and they feel jealous!

Ye Yan rubbed his cheek and helplessly said, "Liu'er, no more kissing your brother in the future, really."

"No, I just like kissing my two brothers~" Ye Liu still smiled.

"I really worry for my future brother-in-law."

"Brother, you should worry about sister's future husband. She has a tendency for domestic violence."

Ye Yan rubbed his chin, indicating that it's very likely; his sister is quite fierce.

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