You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 941 (Born Directly at the Finish Line)

Chapter 941 (Born Directly at the Finish Line)

In the current scenario, the transformation of Ye Yan and Ye Liu is evident, reflecting the genuine sibling bond they should share. This emotional connection between true siblings is what should exist.

Reiterating, the arrangement made by Ye Hua seems to be correct.

"Who knows what sister is doing now, and that ice lump," murmured Ye Yan. Ye Liu, beside him, once again adopted a cold demeanour, reserving her playful side exclusively for her elder brother.

Indeed, Ye Liu never displayed her affectionate side in front of Ye Shen; it was reserved solely for her true brother, Ye Yan.

"Sister must be teasing Ye Shen," remarked Ye Liu casually, pulling Ye Yan towards the cultivation room with a hint of impatience.

Ye Yan sighed, "Ye Shen is really pitiful. Fortunately, daddy was clever enough to team me up with you, otherwise, I would have been tricked by her."

"Now you realise that your sister is good, right? You used to ignore me before," teased Ye Liu.

"Ah, my dear Liu'er, why didn't I pay attention to you before? It's you who never played with your brother and always stuck with Ye Shen," Ye Yan said, feigning innocence.

Ye Liu revealed a slight smile, "Brother, Liu'er knows she was wrong. I'll spend more time with you in the future."

Ye Yan embraced his sister's shoulder, "That's my good sister. Come, let me practise with you. But remember, no hitting on the face."

"Sure, no face hitting this time. I know you're trying to pick up girls," Ye Liu teased.

"Hehe, don't tell mommy and daddy about that; it's our little secret," Ye Yan whispered.

"I know."

The siblings, under the gaze of others, proceeded towards the cultivation room, eliciting sighs from the onlookers. They observed a moment of silence for the practice room, knowing it was about to collapse soon, as it did almost every month. The peculiarities of the two siblings were apparent.

As Ye Yan and Ye Liu entered the training ground, the crowd, especially those who had faced Ye Liu's discipline, pretended not to notice. Ye Yan continued walking indifferently, while Ye Liu reverted to her normal expression, reserving her playful and cute demeanour.

Both headed towards their dedicated cultivation room. Ye Yan pushed open the heavy iron door, revealing the sound of intense training. Another child of similar age was vigorously throwing punches, his face covered in sweat.

"It's him again," Ye Yan whispered.

"Hmm," Ye Liu responded calmly.

The boy inside, who was punching the wooden stake, turned to look at Ye Yan and Ye Liu. Of course, he knew them; they were about to become the closed-door disciples of the future headmaster. No one dared to provoke them. It could be said that they could walk sideways in the Divine Scripture Academy.

But he couldn't accept it!

Why could they become Overlord disciples, and he couldn't? He slept later, woke up earlier, and worked harder than them. Ye Yan played the flute to flirt with female students every day, and Ye Liu bullied people everywhere. Why would the headmaster accept them as closed-door disciples? It's truly blind!

Lin Cheng, determined not to lose to them, vowed that everyone would regret it later! The killers who murdered his family wouldn't escape!

"Maybe we should wait until he finishes practising; he looks pretty miserable," Ye Yan whispered. He also knew that Lin Cheng was quite poor... exceptionally poor. He could barely afford anything other than steamed buns each day.

Ye Liu did not object; on the contrary, she admired diligent individuals. Though Lin Cheng was a bit poor, he was known for his hard work. It was said that a teacher in the inner courtyard planned to accept him as a disciple, and he would likely achieve great things in the future.

Unfortunately, Ye Liu was born at the finish line. There was no way around it, given that she had such a remarkable father. Coming out of her mother's womb meant she was destined for greatness.

Since they decided to wait, the two siblings sat next to each other, chatting quietly without disturbing others practising.

Although the practice was just hitting a wooden stake, Lin Cheng's punches were getting heavier with each one. Surprisingly, they sat on the side, watching and laughing at him!

Such humiliation would be repaid twofold in the future!



With Lin Cheng's furious punch, the wooden stake was directly broken. A strange atmosphere lingered in the empty practice room.

Ye Yan felt like he should applaud and praise him. So, Ye Yan started clapping.

However, for Lin Cheng, this applause was an even greater humiliation. They were still making fun of him!

Lin Cheng had had enough! Suddenly pointing at Ye Yan, he declared, "I want to fight you!"

Ye Yan, who was clapping, was puzzled for a moment. Then he looked at his sister beside him, "What did he just say?"

"He wants to fight you one-on-one," Ye Liu said casually, not taking it seriously. This was simply seeking death.

Not knowing his own limits, Ye Yan also found it strange. Why would someone challenge him when others avoided him?

Aware of his own strength, Ye Yan kindly advised, "Let's not fight. You've been practising for so long; take a good rest."

"Do you disdain fighting with me? Do you look down on me?" Lin Cheng shouted in a low voice.

"Brother, you should go," Ye Liu said indifferently. Since he wants it, let him have it once; he won't bother us again in the future.

Helpless, Ye Yan stood up and walked down, standing not far from Lin Cheng.

Lin Cheng's small fists were clenched tightly, and his small chest heaved up and down as if he were angry.

Ye Yan also felt it but didn't understand why this little guy was so angry. Could it be that he secretly loved his sister? It was a possibility, but Liu might not like this type.

"I'll just go easy on him," Ye Yan said.

"Ye Yan, don't underestimate me! You have to take me seriously!" Lin Cheng shouted with a green voice.

Ye Yan smiled bitterly, "When did I underestimate you? You must have misunderstood something."

"There is no misunderstanding between us! Come on! Today, I will defeat you!" Lin Cheng slightly tilted his body, and his centre of gravity lowered between his legs. His left fist aimed at Ye Yan's forehead, and his right fist was placed at his abdomen.

This was considered the simplest martial arts technique in the Divine Scripture Academy, and Ye Yan knew it well. It was so simple that he had already learned it because of its simplicity.

However, Ye Yan didn't understand why Lin Cheng harboured such animosity toward him.

Was this the legendary baseless resentment against the wealthy?

That would be quite unfair. Ye Yan was a polite man and never looked down on anyone for any reason.

But if some people insisted on being stubborn, they might earn his disdain.

"Then come at me," Ye Yan stood there, genuinely uninterested. He was just an ordinary person, without any qi. He could poke him to death with just one finger.

'Well, let's pretend to be serious, or he'll say I look down on him, again.'

Lin Cheng saw through it, filled with anger to the extreme. His body shook, and he roared.

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