Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 756 - 756 He Held Her Wrist

Chapter 756: He Held Her Wrist

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She felt unjustly accused of being unwell.

Moreover, if Jingsheng really felt that she was not feeling well, why didn’t he give her the finale slot?

Just as Luqi was about to say this, Junjie urged Jiang Xun to prepare quickly, not giving Luqi a chance to continue speaking.

Jingsheng went to look for Qiyao.

“You’re the finale?” Qiyao asked with a smile.

“Yes.” He wanted to say, if you want to see me earlier, then I’ll change to the second slot.

He did not care about the order of going on.

Qiyao knew what he was going to sing.

Jingsheng had already sung it for her.

He claimed to be asking for her opinion, but she didn’t have any professional opinion. She could only hear whether it sounded good or not.

After listening to it, Qiyao felt that it was very nice.

She was looking forward to his performance on stage.

“Then I’ll quickly go to the audience and sit down. I’ll wait for both your performances!” Qiyao said.

“Do you want to watch the entire live show, or do you want to leave after watching our performance?” Jingsheng asked.

Qiyao didn’t tell him that she was coming.

“Of course, I want to watch the whole thing,” Qiyao said. “I specially cleared my time today and didn’t take on any work just to see you guys. After your performances, aren’t you guys going to be giving comments? I want to see that too.”

When he heard Qiyao say that she did not have work today, Jingsheng said, “Then come backstage after the show. Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Let’s go have a meal.”

“Alright,” Qiyao nodded.

Jingsheng then smiled.

Qiyao blushed at his smile and felt a little uneasy. She looked up at him and then averted her gaze. “Well, I’ll go out first.” “Okay.” Jingsheng nodded a little foolishly.

Qiyao turned around and was about to leave when he held her wrist. “Wait.”

Who knew that this time, they would encounter such a tough opponent like Junjie.

“Who knew that Ji Junjie said that he was asking if you were going to work with

Feng Videos again because of this finale- He had made it clear that unless he

was not around, you can forget about getting any resources from Feng Videos. But before I could answer, Zhang Qiyao arrived.”

Hearing Qiyao’s name, Luqi’s expression changed slightly. She subconsciously turned to look at Jingsheng, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed and his head raised to adjust his state of mind.

Although Jingsheng’s eyes were closed, he felt as if someone was looking at him.

Jingsheng suddenly opened his eyes and actually accurately found the direction of the gaze.

He looked over and saw Luqi and Shixian.

Luqi quickly turned around and stopped looking at him the moment he opened his eyes, almost being discovered by Jingsheng.

Luqi’s heart was still beating fast.

Was Jingsheng that vigilant?

She only glanced at him and did not say anything.

Moreover, Jingsheng was not close to her, so how could he know that she was looking at him?

Fortunately, Luqi turned around in time and heard Shixian say, “When Zhang Qiyao came, Ji Junjie asked her if she could be a mentor. When I heard that, I knew something was wrong. He was basically suggesting that Zhang Qiyao should replace you. I definitely couldn’t agree to that, So I could only give up on the idea of fighting for you.”

“But this way, we ended up at a disadvantage, and Ji Junjie had the upper hand. He didn’t even want to give you the original position of the first act and directly let you be second. You saw Ji Junjie’s attitude just now. He was very determined and there was no room for negotiation. He probably decided not to even let you be the first to appear when we mentioned that you wanted to be the finale,” Shixian said in a low voice.

Luqi gritted her teeth and her mood became particularly bad.

Originally, she wanted to be the finale and show off her status.

However, if it didn’t work, it was fine to keep the first slot.

However, she did not expect Junjie to not give her the chance at all. He had really caught her off guard.

Even Jingsheng was lying through his teeth, insisting that she was not feeling well.

Where did she feel unwell?

Luqi gritted her teeth.

“We underestimated Ji Junjie’s attitude this time,” Shixian said in a low voice. “Looking at Ji Junjie’s attitude, we can’t use our previous methods on him anymore. For this season’s program, you should just participate obediently and don’t cause any more trouble. If something goes wrong, Ji Junjie will probably be even more ruthless than today..”

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